classic Le Mans what are you driving?

classic Le Mans what are you driving?



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Tuesday 10th July
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Am I the only one who had to abandon my car at a chateau outside of Le Mans (fortunately with an English classic loving owner) and return as a foot passenger carrying several kilos of magneto (and part of the carb fuel line) then? Having seen precisely no racing for the whole weekend and stuck in France an extra day to find a hire car! Guess so... At least the car looked nice broken down (there were worse places...)


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Tuesday 10th July
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Here until Friday, just got the dash pod apart to sort out backlights so I know how much fuel I"be got and how fast I"m going wink

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Tuesday 10th July
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Geo22 said:
What a fantastic weekend. We made it back in one piece, mostly...
960ish miles in the end with no major problems. Lost the oil cap somewhere along the way but didn't seem to make a difference. Also had a rear tyre deform so the tread was like a wave side to side across the tyre! Never seen this before and produced some massive vibrations, popped the spare on and all was good.

I had a great time got there Wed so had a free day Thursday to clean the car - it ran perfectly down there and to and from the track acting at a minicab for some of the other members of Norfolk Mountain Rescue Club (well it is a Carlton ;-) )

Even had chance to clean the engine bay a little

And just after this picture on the way home it rewarded me with a massive misfire and reduce performance (50mph max up hill and 80 mph max down hill - anything more than a whisper of throttle cause the engine to miss horribly)

But in it's defence it did get me home

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