NEC Resto Show 2224 March - Parking charge up again.

NEC Resto Show 2224 March - Parking charge up again.



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Tuesday 12th March 2019
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I was about to book my ticket when I found out that NEC parking has gone up again.
It's now £16:00.
I feel this is a rip-off price and will not pay. So I've not booked my ticket.
I'm wondering if others have the same thoughts.


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Tuesday 12th March 2019
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They are taking the piss now agreed and they have been doing so for some time.

Have you looked at what it costs to park in resorts world next door for a few hours??

On a side note, disney world Florida is the same now, $25 per day and if you have a 2 week pass the parking charges soon mount up, they really take the piss, UK always seem to follow the yanks on ridiculousness. smile


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Friday 15th March 2019
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Up from £12 - so a 33% increase. HOW they justify that I have no idea. Probably to pay fr the 1000 or so hi-viz-wearing powerclones who have a walkie-talkie on both shoulder and point you to the next clone 50-yards away who points you to the next clone 50 yards away ...


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Monday 18th March 2019
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In our naivety I never knew the cost of parking, we get a free pass as we have a car on display

We have some friends and family coming to this. I must ore warn them of the cost

Talk and day light robbery!!


Steve Dean

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Monday 25th March 2019
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I totally agree with previous comments. Several people noticed that if you purchased your parking ticket from one of the machines within the NEC it asked which exhibition (there were 3 taking place) you had attended and the parking charge for the Restoration Show was higher. This caused some angry exchanges with staff.

Several trade exhibitors told me that visitor numbers were low on the Friday and they were not happy bunnies. You have to wonder if the cost of entry (£23) plus parking (£16), travel costs, etc, etc, are causing people to not visit.

The cost of visiting these shows is rising to the point whereby I will not visit most of them next year.


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Tuesday 2nd April 2019
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If you pre book your parking ticket it’s £12. And show entry £20

I travel by train with my nephew who holds a West Midland train pass only cost me a quid. Happy days.

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