Karting help - near Reading

Karting help - near Reading



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Friday 17th March
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So, we did our first 'Elite' night. 4 x 10min sessions, qauli, grid, reverse grids and random. It's our first time in the Elite group and it was a mix of people who go karting a lot, perhaps every week as well as weekends and perhaps people like us who go every month or so. Essentially, the quickest drivers.

Our karts were turned up to setting 4 (shown on a display between your legs) and were much faster. This sounds good, and it was, but it makes them totally different to drive. Their acceleration is much stronger meaning coming out of corners requires smooth throttle input, not just 'nail it'. If you do nail it it just puts you into the barrier. The speed that you enter tighter corners is higher and so you have to be careful of this and really adopt skilled braking into the corner mindset. In the tight hairpin at the top you are really launching the kart into it. Even the big sweeping bends were more challenging and it was easy to understeer into the barrier.

It's far more tiring than the std 2 x 15 min sessions as you have to work much harder to control the karts (more fitness needed). This wasn't helped by only 5 min breaks between sessions.

TBH I struggled with it for the first few sessions, just adjusting to the ... well everything! The last session was much improved but we were all 2.5-3.0 seconds faster than in the karts on level 4 power.

The boost button didn't get used in the first 2 sessions as I my brain was so full trying to cope with everything I barely got time to think about it!

It will definitely take time to master but now we're been to level 4 power a std level 3 power kart on the 2 x 15 min sessions we do will be a bit slow I think


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Saturday 18th March
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I didn't realise they had a setting which was turned up for member only events... is it only Elite members that get the full fat level 4?


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Saturday 18th March
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Yes, and then only on club night, which is Thursday at Farnborough.