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Wednesday 6th December 2017
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julian64 said:
greenrat said:
but my 6'2", 17 stone frame fitted fine,
Have you tried an XKSS. I will suggest you might struggle at that size.

I'm 6ft and a lot less than 17 stone and the XKSS fits like a fairly tight glove.

For instance any reversing or changing gear requires use of the horn to make room for my knees.

Let alone how you'd fit three people in. smile

I can tell you from having driven both that they are chalk and cheese in terms of driving. A sopwith pup and a submarine would be a closer comparison smile
Your point is well taken, Julian, and I have reluctantly conceded that I need more elbow (and belly) room. Also having whiled away a couple of years pondering the whole subject of replicas, I've concluded that as I wouldn't ever be able to do either of the originals justice, what's the point of trying.

So, contrary to all my previous musings, I am delighted to say that I have in fact ordered, and am about to take delivery of, a beautiful Ronart W152 S6 in kit form. This will give me the "spirit" of the early sixties, in a body that is essentially the same size as an XJ6, without the restrictions of conforming to a predetermined format.

So I am currently up to my elbows in engine parts as I remodel the heart and running gear of an XJ6 S3 4.2 into something worthy of a new body. Triple Jenvey Heritage throttle bodies are inbound, so it should look the business AND be suitably rapid (if I don't stuff up the fettling).

2018 looks as if it will be interesting. Wish me luck!