An IVA question...

An IVA question...



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Thursday 23rd May
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Just supposing you had a kit car which successfully went through the IVA process about 4 years ago and was all correctly registered with the DVLA. Then there was a serious engine failure which meant the engine was replaced with a unit of the same type and capacity.

Does that mean the IVA has to be done again or can the new engine number just be updated on the V5C?

I'm sure there will be opinions but I would like to know exactly what the regulations state or if anyone has personal experience of the same situation.

Thanks for any help.


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Thursday 23rd May
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The car is already registered so doesn't need registering again.

The point of the IVA is to register a new car. Or a car that's been modified enough to not classify as the original car any more.

As far as the DVLA are concerned, once a kit (be it an Ultima or a Sylva Jester) is registered through an IVA, it may as well be a ford focus. It's got an identity so unless it's modified enough to class as "not that car anymore", then it's the same.

My first pembleton was IVAd with the donors 2CV engine. About half way through my ownership I changed the engine to a Moto guzzi engine. I sent off the V5 with changes listed, photos of the engine, showing the engine number, along with a dating certificate issued my the Moto guzzi club GB for the engine. The dating cert is required for emissions classification.

A few weeks later I got my V5C back with the engine number and CC capacity changed.

There was no change in emissions classification because the engine was old enough.

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Friday 24th May
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I went through this within the last year and my experience was similar to Ambleton.

In my case i replaced the engine with something similar but slightly bigger and newer. I got a local garage to view the engine and provide written confirmation of the change which the DVLA accepted.

Interestingly the emissions listed on the V5 were unchanged which i was surprised at - but i'm not complaining smile