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Pre 80s Adventure

Pre 80s Adventure



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Sunday 23rd September 2012
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Hi All
Just thaught i would put up a report on the day as it was absolutly fantastic and a big thank you to Geoff and his team for a Great Day.
We left Canterbury at 5,45 am hood down side skirts off and flying jacket on and what a fantastic way to enjoy the 3000s.
We where the other side of the Betty bridge as Dawn broke the roads where clear and with a brief stop at Whatford Gap for a mug of coffee from the flask we headed on up coming off the motorway at J26 at 9.10 however Bonnies map reading is terable a bit like my spelling??? and we ended up in Nottingham so a little detour?? but still arrived at 9.45 ish.
Plan was to clean and polish car when we arrived but there was far better things to see and Great people to meet chat to and super cars to gloat over and enjoy.
Thanks to all for coming out to play as play we did sorry if i forget names but what they say about the TVR world being like one big family.
well today went to prove that being the case.
Lottie was delighted to get the third for the Concourse so thank you to everyone who voted for lottie she is sitting in her living room (Garage) with a big wet grin on her face.
Well the trip home as you all Know was a Pop group trip (WET WET WET)with the traffic and rain it took us neary 5 hours getting home.
5 hours in a drive through car wash in a 3000s ?????????????????????.
And to all the skeptics out there we where as dry and cosy as a bug in a rug all i had was a small drip on the drivers top corner and a duster pushed in the gap and all we had was soggy duster when we got back yes that un original windscreen strip really does work a treat.
However the only problem was when the light faded and I put the lights on in the rain 10 minuetes and no lights pulled in and a blown fuse so a new one in and the same again after 10 minuetes side lights where fine but as soon as the main lights went on pop so we headed on with side lights until we had to stop at services for fuel then out with the WD40 AND ATTACKED ALL THE OBVIOUS CULPRITS and hey presto it worked so a little project ahead to waterproof the offenders.
Well must get to bed but thanks again to everyone and role on next year God Willing.
Andrew Lottie and Bonnie

PS Please post your reports as its always great to hear how everyone got on and nice to know everyone got home safe as todays weather really was a day of 2 halfs


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Monday 24th September 2012
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Pics Andy, pics, very curious !

btw have seen/read some on a junction box for the 'forward' electrics, i'll try to dig it up (probably a luncheon box with rubber sides for the wires....)