3.0 V6 alloy rocker covers and cylinder heads

3.0 V6 alloy rocker covers and cylinder heads



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Wednesday 29th July
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Many years ago I bought alloy rocker covers. Only to find out today that they do not match my Essex V6.

Seems from SA.

Anyone interesed?


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Friday 31st July
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So the Alloy Rocker Covers are for the UK Essex V6 and you want to get rid/sell them.

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Saturday 1st August
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I was looking at alloy covers recently, with an aim to get some period correct ones like this:

If anyone has any knocking about let me know!

There are ones with ‘Essex V6’ on, but they are taller and cock up the plumbing, plus I can remember the engine type so a label reminding me isn’t needed.