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Thursday 15th December 2011
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jewman22 said:
Iam interested in a early 90s Griffith or Chimaera, but have no idea what forms I need to get before I try to import one. Does any one have any info on this or if someone is selling one in ontario
Thanks Guys
I do know of a couple out west - and have seen one for sale in Ontario, but understand it is likely gone. Buying site unseen from the UK would be a bad idea, as some have serious outrigger issues (a friend and fellow Pistonhead member has brought back some cars, he looked at MANY cars for each good one he found).

The importation process is not that hard in reality, and if you go to the Canadain customs site it will answer many of your questions. The car must be 15 years old or older to the month of manufacture. Also, very important, understand who will insure a right hand drive car, and what it costs. I had a right hand drive Land Rover that my normal insurance company would not touch (even though I have been with them since the early 1980s).

All in all if done right, you can get an awesome car for reasonable money. If you have someone to help source one over seas great - if not you could send me over on vacation, oops, I meant on a buying trip for you ;-)