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4.5 Litre

#EngineYearRegColorOwnerBoughtSoldChassis NoCommentsPicture
14.51997R*** NNWFlat blackdjstevec 2011 Never hopefully xxxxxxxxxxxxx2072 3 year rebuild. Chassis, engine, gearbox, brakes, steering rack all refurbished, respray to black with a few mods
24.5 LW2002BD02 UYNRolex Pearl Bluetvrfan007 Oct 10NA01457Formerly dirty_boy's (Previously D8 CPG)
34.5l1998R565 PPHStarmist GreenFusion1 Nov 06NEVERNo idealast owned by K1CERB - Kieth, love the car a credit to you cheers
44.51998DIG 4501RaspberryDonnyMac May 07NA12323411 bhp care of TrackCar, Religiously maintained by APM Automotive
54.52001PJ 4500Moonraker BlackMr Cerbera Aug 05This'll be my last carWhiteBlack Beauty: Goodridge brake hoses, ProTech adjustables, Joo Whirlwind 'n' remap, ACT cooling pipes, Sports Silencers, Leven galore
64.5 LW2000V458 FOBPearl Rossa Redgreenm Now Mine Paddy3101 Jul 12NeverlaterSprts Ex and Whirlwind rolling road remap 400 hp
74.51998C9RBEGiallo Fly YellowitsallyellowDec 05N/AUnkownMy first TVR!
84.51997R888 CERViper BlueJon Barrett May 07N/ALaterThe only car I have ever owned that turns heads and makes people smile everytime I take her out
94.51999S686 GHU (prev. ELZ 7277Space Halycon Pearlpjac67 Feb 2008n/a (hopefully!) 12525 Just had rebuild
104.51998L 7VR JOysterbrakedustNov 07 NA - - Previously S969YON. My First TVR
114.51998P17 TVRMendip BluehumsingJun 02 NA - - Longest I've ever owned a car, nuff said?
124.52000BNZ 666Moonraker BlackmorebeanzDec 04NANANA
134.51998S27 SMROyster GoldGrahamnOct 04n/an/aJust had rebuild and upgrade to RR August 2008. Body off Chassis Restore in Apr/May 2009
144.51998R92 EANSunset PearlCrosswise05/05/08n/an/aPreviously BIG 8608 and A16 BCE
154.51998S88 CERHalcyon AtlantisESSONov 2005Still Mine!DunnoFantastic car_everything works
164.51998TVR 8X Crystal Verde (BMW Glacier Green) VPowerFeb 2008JULY 2011012088Previous One owner(ex Kent RO) - New Gaz Golds & ACT S/S Exhaust fitted. Austec visit now 413BHP!
174.5199811 2EROImperial BlueBossCerbera14 Feb 1998n/a01148Bought new on Valentine's Day. Prophetic. wink
184.51998S88 PDCSilverOnzloukMar 08N/A002044What a car! previously owned by Mars, Cyclone1
194.598R266 JSFLexus BlueAlderley2000N/ASDLCB12A3WB001144?
204.599T404 TSFGreenalinton2006N/AN/ANone
214.599T** SGPimperial blue pearlT8RUSapril 12th 2003noChassis? yes it has onelove it
224.51997P378 CPGMasalaPabtvrSept 08noChassisFirst TVR
234.51999T*** JTRFern GreenThe_EdgeFeb 07Not on yer nellieCheck!RedRose upgrades completed. Looking at induction next
244.51999T8 TVRAston Martin TungstenJensenaJuly 06 - TBA Best Car I've ever had. Re-mapped, Induction kit, 406hp, SP Exhaust, Gaz Golds - I love it :-)
254.51999T590 RSFYellowFex2005May 07Nevern/an/a
264.51998G8 TNTHalcyon HebridesOptimax SnifferMay 2007n/aRefurb next yearHeadlight / Tail light conversion, Nitrons, Spiders, SP Exhaust, Whirlwind Induction, 405bhp
274.5 RR2001C3 BERSilver/PortlandC3BER2005TBATBAHell of a car to drive
284.51998SES 747starmist antique turquoisejimmy_pjune 08keeper so far1036Christened 'bumpy car' by my 2.5 year old son, still his 1st choice for travel though!
294.52000V8 CYUSilver StardustFarmyardPantsJan 06n/ayes411 HP wink
304.5LW RR2000V8 CBYFerrari Grigio AlloygreenyJune 08no plans...430 HP courtesy of Austec
314.5 LW RR1999L10 RAWLotus Azeure Bluedean_ratpacJuly 05Chassis off, and complete rebuild 2003...Red Rose spec 2005, Zenon light updgrade, rebuilt suspension, 335mm AP grooved brake upgrade, short induction (Whirlwind), remap 425HP, Strengthened chassis at the rear, removed roll bar, full act exhaust (bigbore), stainless steel coolant, uprated bushes, silcone seal kit, new loom
324.52003**03 ZKYRed Bull BlueRed Bull 1 2008 NANANA
334.52000Sweden rulesViper gts blueHBMarch 2008Never 001211 will be supercharged
344.51999V8 LMPParis BluePreviously owned by [member]Tyre Smoke
354.5LW2000N4RFFSapphire Blackbig_treacleFeb 2006No way Engine rebuilt 2008 - I love my car ;D
364.51999T190 ABKStarmist BlueCerb999Apr 08My soulDunno402 bhp + Intrax= hehe
374.5 LW2001Y200 MPHCrystal TopazBest Cerb in the World (IMHO) wink Previously owned by jeremyc and [member]maverick.
384.5 RR LW2002EN02 ***crystal topazeye1212006not likelygood so farruns OK with Emerald:414.5bhp(TCS)
394.5 RR LW2002C5RBYBMW Orient Blue/TVR PurpleLost BoysFrom newOnly for a great deal of moneyYesvery shiny very very quick superbly serviced by Racing Green
414.51996C16 RBARaspberryitiejim Jan 2009 N/ASolid and recently repainted with POR-15 20th car made, engine rebuild (4.5) Feb 2010 4.5
424.51999T172 ABKAmaranth Pearlescent purpleCopilot October 06 N/AN/AI grin like a child everytime i drive it
434.51998RAW TVViper BlueRAW CERBPurchased October 02 NANAI'm hooked - Baby!
454.51999B705 TVR (S169 REC)Jaguar Ice Blue MetallicDave_MDec 07NA002598Induction kit etc, 419.4 bhp
464.52000V45 GLFSilverPotnoodleUKFeb 09NADon't know yetFirst TVR & it makes me smile
474.51998268 LLGBluemalc_grn2005--Body off rebuild in 2008
484.51998MUT 453Imperial BlueLee Mutimer2006Still Mine!-Previously S999ROG, originally S230KLP - Love to talk to previous owners Steve Rogers or Rob Creer. Now tuned by Joo @ Trackcarsolutions, he liberated 417bhp. A great exhaust from SP completes the picture and Sports & Specialist Car Co keep it running sweetly - thanks Steve.
494.52002******Night Star MistDave 5002007not for sale--
504.5 RR2002MW52 XYZCooper GreenYellow GriffFeb '09 Jul '13001574Now sold. Original factory Red Rose. Originally California Sage Green, resprayed Cooper Green in Sep '07.
514.5 LW2003NASilverchris willyNANANANA
524.5 LW2001X2 TVRCrystal TopazA1RAKmarch 09NA1455First TVR i've far so good. now fitted with a votech supercharger dynoed at 535bhp just love it11.
534.5 RR2001Y410 NOYBlack redroseunknownNANANANA
544.51998G779 TVRGreen starmistMr TankNANANABest one i've owned
554.51999M500 DJKHighland PurpleNefariousOct 07NANAKeeps getting better and better!
564.5 LW2000X221 FGOEmerald Greenmbrown5April 09NANA
57 4.5 1998S994JCKImperial Blue PearlRufus Roughcut09/09NAYes Body off restoration 2020
58 4.5 RR 1998S492 RLFBlue MagnetiqueHigh52kojak10/07NANA Proper car
594.51998K16 MCEBluePhil DickyAugust 2009No Chancen/aused most days an awesome everyday car
604.71998F14 FFYRosso RedGruffaloOct 2009No Chancen/aused most days an awesome everyday car
614.51998R666KDWDiablo PurplePoledriverMarch 2010No Chancen/aJust awesome!
624.51998R17DDSHalcyon Midas PearlriddsApril 2005No Chance?????Weekend and track toy
634.51988A8LVG previously S416HLG and S7PBCImperial blue pearlMadScientistJuly 2004No Chancen/aOwned 7 years Love this car
644.52000X741 NGJSilverPursyluv12/09Sold 10/2/11
654.52001Y446UOWSapphire Blackskellz02/12ha ha no chancefirst car not got bred of
664.52001**51***Purple IllusionZarkingfardwarks09/10think it might be a keepermore grunt than a rutting Spermwhale
674.5RR2001Y841NOYPearl BlackRedRoseChic12/10Never!n/a Original Factory Red Rose - What a car!
684.51998DIG 4501Raspberrysteviejasp 07/10Date Sold hahaDonnyMacs old car
694.5 LW2002FN02 ZZAChameleon GreenPetrolEd05/10Ya gotta be kiddin'?
704.51998s671 KBAmaclaren orangeSPONGY 2/11NEVER--
714.51998R180WBKAvus Blue Pearldajm108/10Not yetDe-cat sports Exhaust - Simply Stunning
724.51998S756 AFSRosso RedWurgleJan 2015Car featured and represented TVR Cerbera on TV Men and Motors' Top 100 Cars
734.52001X741NGJSilver StarmistjackwibbleFeb 2011Whirlwind induction full Jules re map 399.7 bhp poetry in motion
744.51998H12 MJF (Formerly R4SVB & N55TVR)Halcyon Heather MetallicMJF93October 2019No plans on sellingGreat POR'd, waxoyled etcVery sorted car thanks to previous owners, I have been enjoying it and keeping on top of bits as they arise
754.51998S700 TVRRosso PearlcosmicsnotMarch 2009NA
764.5RR2001CE51RBEJamaica Blueaide May 2011NANAcloud9
774.51997E4okeLamborghini Diablo PurpleGerradiukAugust 2011A Keeper!A GT car 1 of 10 (now 8
784.51998S875RUHUKKid35 May 2011NANA
794.5LW2001 X721FPOBlack Sapphirejaydom03/11NANAan everyday dream!
804.51999 T615 VVWBlueIts a beast02/05NANAputs a smile on my face very time
814.5 "LW"2001C6ERAAlfa Nuvola BlueC6ERA 3/12 NA NA My third TVR, second Cerb, freshly Dinitrol'd, a keeper
824.51999T64 SSXRolex Bluejamieduff1981 1/13 NA NA No niggles at present! Yipee
834.51997L666CRBCandy Apple RedWarwick67 NA NA Going in the TVR CC Speed Championship
844.51998S966 JJTImperial BlueRochester TVR 07/13 Never N/A Loving it!
854.52002NAGrigio TitanoNilsP 07/14 Never!!! Waxoyled twice a year Sports exhaust and soon a short induction and remap from Joolz
864.5 RR2000W55 EALSpectraflair BlueJabbah Oct 11NANA430 bhp
874.5 RR2001V* NCH (was Y417CLA)White / Purple / Gold paint, Cream/Purple interiortheFrog 07/14N/A0011963 Way adjustable Ohlins,440bhp Austec Engine,ACT manifolds and carbon trumpet kit,Polybushed, Silverstone Performance Exhaust, Short induction, Carbon prop, Close ratio Qualife box internals, Silverstone 17" wheels and more
884.5 RR1999T***ABKJaguar Sherwood Green PearlnuddyRapN/AN/ATBA Austec Red Rose Upgrade, Intrax Dampers, Short induction, Switchable MBE mapping, ACT exhaust and decat, Boss Racing rebuild, £2.5k sound system upgrade and badass 18" rims
894.51998In Norway, was S479AGR, S6NNA, DJZ1834, N50ADY, MBJ96D, E11OUD Sunset Yellow PearlegilkvNov 2015N/Axxxxxxxxxxxxx2153 Quad headlamps
904.52000J5 WDKRosso Red PearlwazadazaFeb 2016Never!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Short Induction, remap, Ohlins, Sports Exhaust
914.52000W888TVRClassic Green
924.52001Canadian plateReflex Charcoaltotally standard
934.51999HI TVRHalcyon Space PearlTIIVRS2018It’ll have to kill me first Silver - Body Off 2019 Tuscan Lights, Spiders, Nitrons, Sports Exhaust (Decat)
944.5LW2001CER81ETahiti BlueMattPlaneCrank2019I'll be keeping itxxxxxxxxxxxxx1212Mostly standard lowish mileage car previously X227 EKL
954.51999E5 CAB (was T943 LAU)Azurite BlueRobscim 2005N/A
964.51999S578LLTSilverGriso 1998N/A01933Very origional car ready for some TLC

II97II4.5 1999 V437FOT Estoril Blue cream interior owned since 2021 very low miles, great chassis