Bramley Garage Surrey

Bramley Garage Surrey



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Saturday 26th December 2015
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From what i read on here and experience Bramleys and Top555 are two of the uks best!
Bramleys is like a antique shop lol.


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Monday 11th January 2016
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I popped in there on Saturday to take a look around, and they have some truely amazing and varied cars in there. The place was really clean and they left me to take a look around without any hassling.


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Monday 11th January 2016
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They are far better than most, very nice to deal with and fair pricing too.


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Sunday 7th April
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Quite a few years later, has anyone got any up to date feedback on this garage? All seems good from what I've read so far


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Monday 8th April
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Live nearby and it's been a long-time fixture in Bramley. Never bought from them but have had a couple of near misses over the years that didn't materialise for one reason or another. Always seem reasonable to deal with. Didn't particularly want to play ball when looking for a deal during lockdown but they generally have a high calibre portfolio of cars.

Looks like 2 companies associated with the business, first one dormant:

Second one loss making in latest published accounts (~£300k):


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Wednesday 10th April
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Yes bought off them last year. Found them very decent, approachable and accommodating. Wrote to me a couple of months (yes, a letter!) later to enquire if everything was ok and wish me well.

ratrod 2

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Thursday 11th April
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Bought my first car from them in 2007 , one of many,

They called me on the 1st day of my holiday at 2am which was 9am UK time to let me know the car i had been interested in has come into stock ,

Bad timing on my behalf, Despite me offering to give them a returnable deposit just in case i wasn't happy with the car they insisted that it wasn't necessary

and they will reserve the car for me until i return from my holidays some 13 days later,

I was a little nervous as i didn't want to lose it but they insisted again that there was no need to leave a deposit and this will give them time to

valet and service the car,

Happy ending as the car was as described and they did every thing they said they would do.

I find them lovely people to deal with and left me wondering how many garages would have done that for someone they haven't done business

with before , at the time i thought what a refreshing change after not been treated not so well by other leading so called prestige garage.