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Tuesday 13th August 2019
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davek_964 said:
No, nearly said as much myself yesterday. 360s bottomed around ~£40k in ~2012 / 2013. I was surprised by the earlier post saying somebody could have bought one for £30k - should have bought it if that was the case!
I bought a 360 manual in 2013 I think for £32500 , 29000 miles on the clock , needed a few things doing to it though to get it up to full health , nothing major just thing like brakes all round etc .


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Wednesday 14th August 2019
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during the financial crisis and for a while afterwards 360s were def mid 30s …..I can remember going to look at a 328 and the trader had one. as for 430s.....mid to low 50s I think was @ the low point ..

apart from the classics , I just think from 360 onwards there are too many about for prices to sustainable.

there was also a long thread running " when will 458s reach 100k"...….and looking at prices that's not going to be long at all - if we are not there already for a private sale.

I'm quite looking forward to winter tbh, as I might well buy another toy as prices are certainly very soft.