evo: F430 v Gallardo v 650S v R8 V10

evo: F430 v Gallardo v 650S v R8 V10



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Sunday 10th March
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The current evo (issue 320) has a used test of F430 v Gallardo 5.2 v 650S v R8 Mk1 V10, compared as part of a mid-engined themed issue. All in coupe form, all paddleshift save the Audi.

After accepting that there aren't really any losers in this test of dream cars, they go on to say
"the best car in pretty much every objective sense is the 650S, the fastest, sharpest handling, most complete and most contemporary supercar in our quartet", singling the steering and damping out for special mention. They also give a shout out to the Audi for being the closest on all-round driving ability, having a better rep for reliability, and being amazing value at £50k+ rather than the £75k+ of the others.

The overriding theme though is that supercar ownership has become a lot more accessible, the cars have been built in higher volume so prices are lower, there are more specialists to care for them, and they're more robust and more useable than ever. Which I 100% agree with, it's a great opportunity for the lucky enthusiast.

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Sunday 10th March
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I ran a gen 1 manual Gallardo and a F430 together for 6 years,

Overall i thought the F430 a better car ,felt like a greenhouse compared to the Gallardo 's letter box vision.

Never got on with the paddle shift but i never used it much unlike my nipper who did a lot more miles than i did and played the paddle's

like a instrument especially on the down shifts,

The Ferrari felt more grown up somehow where the Lambo made you feel 12 years old even at my age nerd

If my garage was on fire and was asked which one would i save first it would have to be the F430 ,asked my nipper the

same question and i was expecting him to say the Gallardo but was surprised when he said the same.


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Sunday 10th March
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I got my Evo through yesterday and started off on this very article.Enjoyed it think the 430 has aged so well just looks like a timeless classic the 650s bang for buck.has to be the best value supercar out there at moment with some on AT under 75k but the other 3 for noise beat it hands down in my opinion.


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Sunday 10th March
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Probably harsh on the older cars to compare them to a 2015 onwards 650s, the 430 and Gallardo in particular were built on a decade older platform so they wouldn’t measure up on any meaningful metrics. The McLaren looks astonishing value at £80k-90k have it looked after by V Engineering or Thorney but keep a bork fund of £5kpa just in case.


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Sunday 10th March
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Yes and if you live no where near Thorney or “V” engineering buy a bloody Ford ,,


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Tuesday 19th March
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I do live near Thorney and I have just bought a 650s. Might need to buy a copy of Evo this month. Not bought a car mag for years.