Thursday 7th February 2002

Ferrari 575M

Successor to 550 Maranello



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Friday 8th February 2002
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ahem, bitchin... yet again I pledge to buy a ferrari someday, and if today was the day that I had the dough, I'd cough it up for a 575M, unless I had enough for a murcielago. tough cookies ferrari.


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Friday 8th February 2002
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Ferrari 575M, Murcielago, hmmm, Pagani Zonda S won the EVO-s contest for the "Car of the year". It's difficult to decide on other's opinions (£ problem) but i like it. Brings something new and it is a confirm that solid positions don't exest forever (read Ferrari, Lambo, Maserati). Brutal over powered (AMG) sports car. What do yuou think ?


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Friday 8th February 2002
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I think Paganini has the right idea using latest materials (carbon fibre) to keep things as light as possible. At the end of the day a lighter car is always going to be more fun to drive than a bloated old school dinosaur supercar. It's a good idea using a proven high power engine from another manufacturer - assuring reliability and freeing up resources to concentrate on sorting the car properly. TVR take note. It's just a shame the Paganini looks like a five year olds remote controlled car - spoils the whole thing. With a little less 80's styling and a touch of contempory coolness it might shift more units. This is where Ferrari has the market sewn up. The styling is as good as it gets - a balance of impact and restraint.