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Thursday 25th April 2002
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Well, today I drove her kinda properly, not too much welly as she is having a cam belt service next month and I want to make sure she is ok before giving her too much stick.
I must say with the exception of winning the lottery and buying something reallly expensive I cant see me bettering this one. Value for money is absolutely astounding. The car is virtually mint in every way and will be more than mint in about two months when Ive done a couple of minor odds 'n' ends.
It goes like stink and is so, so easy to drive.
The power steering is light enough but gives excellent feedback. The power goes down smooth and even and she'll step out nice and progressively , not too viscious.
One of my mates sat in it today and his words were "you can smell and feel the quality". Hand stitched alcantara roof, 1/4 inch thick solid veneer. full hide trim and the gold clock.

So monday she's in for the air con pump and new track rod ends and then i'm gonna be at whatever meets I can get to, to show off.
Sorry if I bored you, but just one last thing. People said "dont buy it", "expensive to repair", "looks like a Cortina". Well let me tell you I dont give a monkeys. I know that with the exception of 20 other people in the world (maybe less if a couple have been written off or gone by the wayside) I can pretty much guarantee I can say "bet you havent got one" and be right.
I love it.


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Thursday 25th April 2002
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Glad you're enjoying the motor, hope to see you and the car at one of the bashes later in the year.
Whats the exhaust note like on it mike? I've never heard a 'modern' maser myself, as I've said before if it has an exhaust note like a 250f I'd get one straight away


happy motoring