2019 Revival : First time, vfm hospitality?

2019 Revival : First time, vfm hospitality?



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Thursday 10th January
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I just hit the big five-oh and this year I am planning to treat myself to a visit to the Goodwood Revival, coming over from the USA. I've read a few threads on here and coming originally from the UK I know the drill re weather etc. Also been messing around with classic cars for over 30 years.
I want to enjoy the experience and don't mind splashing out a bit and not worrying about the pennies. I'll probably be joined by a good friend too.
I see there are several extra hospitality options to upgrade the experience. Anyone done any of these and can recommend or not if they are worth the splurge?
I enjoy the more saloon/sports car type racing than the out and out racing sports cars as an FYI. I understand the car park is worth a walk around too. Two days minimum or best go the 3?
I've been to concours in the US like Amelia Island and Hilton Head and also several historic race events.
Advise getting tickets now?
Thank you for any pearls of wisdom.


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Thursday 10th January
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Start here https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&...

I do all three days, Friday looking around and Saturday/Sunday to watch the racing.

I would certainly recommend a grandstand seat for at least one day, although we do two (see other thread). If you use Friday to look round (it's practice/quali' until the last event of the day which is in effect he first race of the weekend and not to be missed) you could then splash out on a Roving Grandstand on Saturday and March Enclosure on Sunday? Some of the races are duplicated on both days e.g. the St Mary's Trophy and the Barry Sheen (motor bikes). My son and his wife did the "lunch at the Kennels" option a few years back and they enjoyed that but to me that would just take me away from the circuit for a few hours which is daft. (The Kennels/Goodwood House is not at the race circuit.)

Dress accordingly but remember it's not fancy dress, people in Elvis costumes and 1960s Sgt Pepper outfits look daft. hehe

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Thursday 10th January
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Did the Mess hospitality for a day a few years ago, bit pricey but made a great day.


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Friday 11th January
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If you are coming over from the USA then 3 days is a must, as said above Friday for seeing all the stands and classic car park (plus the race at the end of the day) Saturday and Sunday for the racing, take the time to go all the way around the circuit (tractor train service and walking) I tend to end up at Lavant corner as there is a big screen and it's far less crowded, watch out for the 'air display' closures of multiple areas at various times of the day (air display is a very lose term now sadly) sensible period atire for everyone or you will feel out of place, and decide if you want to take food in or will go for hospitality (will depend on budget/ all food there is normally good quality) if if you have a separate covered hospitality area it can be a great thing if it rains. It is an event that every classic car fan should attend at least once, it's very crowded now (the members meeting is much more like the revival of old) but you will go back with some outstanding memories


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Friday 11th January
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As all of above. Do it for three days and get the best hospitality you can bear to pay for. You will have a base, a good ticket and pretty good food away from the masses.

It gets busy, sometimes unbearably near the paddock. You will need a hotel (hard now) for Friday and Saturday at least. Fantastic racing, lots to see plus trade stands and the pre-66 car park. You just need a jacket and tie, tweed cap and comfortable waterproof (can rain) shoes. A walk around the circuit (there are tractors to give lifts) is essential.

I go to Amelia and Pebble every year which are fabulous but for no more than a day - Goodwood is a lot more and the racing is very, very close and tough with generally 'stunt double' cars so it's no holds barred. THE event.