Is Beaulieu worth a visit these days?

Is Beaulieu worth a visit these days?



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Saturday 12th June
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I would recommend Haynes International Motor Museum, Yeovil.

Or when travel allows, the Lowman Museum in the Hague.

sean ie3

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Saturday 12th June
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Loved Beaulieu, an overdose for me as a kid, the Haynes was not as impressive but I enjoyed the red room and Duesenburg. Off to the Hague sounds good, I'd give the Lowman a visit. : )

Wacky Racer

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Saturday 12th June
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Went several times in the early seventies, when Lord Montague used to wander about greeting punters, then around twenty years ago, it hadn't changed much, still very enjoyable.

Another vote for the superb Sammy Miller museum nearby, if you are into classic bikes.


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Saturday 12th June
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A wander into the village is a worthwhile exercise as well. Have a sit down, have a coffee and a cake, get stared at by a donkey, it’s great.

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Supercilious Sid

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Tuesday 15th June
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As others have said, going when there is an event on is the best way to get the most on. Always fun travelling on the A326 and seeing whatever marque is meeting that day travelling in large numbers, in the opposite direction.

Mr Tidy

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Tuesday 6th July
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Mr Tidy said:
I went there in 2018 - hadn't visited since the 1970s - and had a great day out.
Maybe I should have said I my visit was a dedicated Z4 owners' event which probably helped as I met some owners I had only encountered on a forum before.

And Sammy Miller's just down the road is also well worth a trip if you like motorbikes.