Wildcat Heads



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Monday 14th April 2003
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I've been looking at buying a set of these for use on a built Rover V8. Does anybody have any actual experience with them? Cost? Quality and things like that. I'd love to know.


v8 jago

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Thursday 17th April 2003
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Are them big posh heads that cost around 3000 ??


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Saturday 19th April 2003
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I enquired about a pair of these about 2 weeks ago, there's a website www.roverv8engine.co.uk which is a bit out of date but the basics are 2180 quid a pair which includes everything from the fireface up (roller rockers , valves, springs etc for all the cylinder head you'll ever need. Although you will need to fit a set of carbs or throttle bodies as the std rove rinlet manifold won't fit. He was quoting some pretty big numbers on the phone ie 480Bhp from 4.6Ltrs but they ain't cheap!


boosted ls1

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Saturday 19th April 2003
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They're produced by Ian Richardson of Wildcat Engineering. He's based in Wales. They are a quality item and very similar to Buick Grand Nat turbo heads with high ports etc. Rover should have done them years ago. They are expensive and you will need his intake manifold as well. If you need a link or phone number feel free to pm me.


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Saturday 19th April 2003
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my grandad had a pair of wildcat heads on his wall.

shot them in india back in the days of the raj, or something.

Mark adams

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Monday 21st April 2003
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V8 Developments have done a lot of work on these heads recently, and they are much better than they were (not difficult!). I have to be careful what I say, but you are welcome to call if you want more info (I have dyno'd four motors on these heads).

Personally I wouldn't currently recommend them for anything other than a full out race motor, and even then with major reservations. However things will be better soon!