Maserati Ghibli problem

Maserati Ghibli problem



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Saturday 28th January 2017
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Owning a Ghibli I know what the OP is on about - he's not conveyed the issue very well for others to understand.

It is not tyre squeal, its not crabbing - I know all 4 wheel drive cars do it at slow speed, the Lamborghini Gallardo is terrible for it when turning in a tight spaces - so much so they recommend to use an alternative Jaguar oil in the diff which apparently lessens the effect. However with the Ghibli it is extremely noticeable and alarming. If you had a passenger in the car they would certainly think there is something wrong with your car and you would find it embarrassing. From cold, when you turn the car on near to full lock on go forward the actual car will stop as if you have come up against a curb, if you continue to go forward you will hear an extremely loud clunking and kicking back through the steering wheel and throughout the car. The noise and feel is so prominent you would think the steering rack has failed or something is severely wrong with the car.

For anyone who has put a 4 wheel drive such as a Navara with both diffs locked in 4 wheel drive then attempted to turn hard you have the diffs fighting one another - this is the exact feeling he has experienced but believe it or not the feeling is much worse. After driving many different cars through working in the motor industry for 40 years I have never experienced anything like it with the Maserati - it is that bad a feeling.

Yet when you speak to Maserati and all other owners on forums - it is a perfectly normal characteristic of the car. Maserati say they have numerous phonecalls of owners alarmed that something has gone wrong with their car and need to book it in to be inspected. I can certainly understand why the OP felt it unsettling when he first experienced it. It does not happen all the time, it is worse when it is cold, or the tyre pressures are low. Whether it is bad enough to make you want to sell the car is possibly doubtful. However it does make you question why after Maserati apparently have done millions of miles testing the Ghibli prior to launch thought it should be acceptable for the consumer to experience it - it is not a pleasant experience. I always park the car pointing in the direction I will drive off in the morning as to avoid the issue. If I have time I will do a video for others to understand what the OP is experiencing. Atleast OP you can know that - yes this is perfectly normal for the Ghibli.


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Wednesday 8th February 2017
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I am in a 2016 Ghibli at the moment and have noticed this also - it sounds/feels like the treadblocks are being sheared off under full lock... would definitely think its a fault absent this thread.

Seperately... the over-run noise of the V6 Ghibli eek Its shockingly loud (and enjoyable)


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Saturday 18th February 2017
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Exactly right OJV10.

Some uninformed people being very rude in this thread!

My business partner has the 2016 diesel.
I borrowed it last week for first time and thought something was badly wrong. You feel a harsh kicking through the steering wheel.
Asked him said he had complained about it but they said it was normal to do with the tyres.

The tyres don't look especially wide or low profile to me, sounds like rubbish!

I reckon there is something wrong with the steering geometry.

And its not like its a race car or something, it is a road car.

I think it is really poor that they would sell these with such a glaring fault.


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Saturday 25th February 2017
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Saw my mate last night as we were having a friendly poker game and he came round in his 2016 diesel model to let me have a nose. I was suitably impressed and over cards we were all chatting on what he thought of the car so far. He seems happy overall but did mention the main problem he'd had was a steering issue. He described how he had been getting this really, really annoying noise, took it up with the main dealer and after some investigation work it was steering rack related.
They wanted to replace "some" parts, but he pushed and pushed and in the end they changed the steering rack, (I think?)

I've only just seen this thread and wondered if my mates problem could be relevant?


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Monday 27th February 2017
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Mate of mine has a Ghibli diesel that he's using at the moment, exactly the same. He got told the tyres were low on tread...

I've told him he's not unique.

One of the new Mercs apparently does this too.


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Wednesday 4th March
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Recently got my first Maserati! Beautiful car and dont understand why its not as popular as mercedes or BMW as I have had both but this is the best
I have the same problem with front tyres. I think its also due to the car being rear wheel drive and front tyres loose grip on wet and cold surfaces. It rarely happens in front wheel drives


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Wednesday 4th March
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Driving around on full lock almost all the time, this would be a problem for me that would make me avoid this particular model


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Thursday 5th March
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It’s the Ackerman effect, Porsches all suffer from it, they actually hop on parking speed turning, Lexus IS300h do it too


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Saturday 25th April
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Hi Guys,
having worked at Hr Owen Maserati i have seen and dealt with pretty much every single issue on these ghiblis.

If its a groan from lock to lock at a standstill, that will be a powersteering issue.
at first we were instructed from the factory to sample the fluid, if swarf fragments were visible, a fluid flush and retest was taken out.
If this didnt rectify the issue, we would carry out a COMPLETE powersteering overhaul. Cost Maserati just over £5k a car. So this was the rack, every single flexi line,hard line, the reservoir and the pump.

If its skipping from the front when driving, as some have pointed out, it is normal to an extent.
first things to check are the tyres. if they require changing, change them.
If still heavily skipping, we had to get the vehicle on a hunter alignment and see how far out of spec the camber and toe was. If ridiculously out we would correct.
However we did have a few issues where we couldnt get them in. We would then measure ride height. A common issue among all Maseratis was spring sag. Fresh springs fitted and alignment adjusted. The customer would then take the car or leave the car with us at the dealer, and return a few days later after the suspension had settled. A final alignment and tweek and this would rectify the majority of the skip

Hope this helps


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Friday 8th May
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Hi. Mine did it, but summer tyres aren't designed to be flexible sub-7c. I bought a set of alloys off ebay, fitted them with Winter tyres and the noise disappeared. Likewise, on Summer tyres in the recent 15-20c weather, there's no skipping.