Garage alarm recommendation please.

Garage alarm recommendation please.



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Tuesday 28th May 2013
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Hi there, I sell the Alert Pal at These will send a picture to your mobile phone if activated and I have many customers who have used them as Garage and Shed alarms.


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Tuesday 28th May 2013
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LoonR1 said:
Here's a whacky idea. Why not get a house alarm and cover the garage with it too. There'll be more than the value of a bike on your home.
^^This - Don't go for a £99.99 B&Q ste, but a decent system. I would go for a 'wired' system for your house, but with a 'wireless' option so that you can add a wireless movement detector to the garage.

If you are mainly concerned about night time and have power in your garage, then get yourself a baby monitor. They even do one with night vision video feed now. That will alert you to noises in your garage if it's next to the bed at night, plus as the intruder won't be alerted, you have..... options.... on how to deal.

Cheaper still - farmer's alarm mine. If the noise of the 12G blank going off doesn't give the intruder a heart attack on the spot, it'll certainly wake you and scare them off.