"Nomad only" Alpine roadtrip

"Nomad only" Alpine roadtrip



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Thursday 19th July 2018
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Just trying to reach as many owners as possible, you might have seen it already on FB. It looks like we have five cars already, it would be great to have one or two more:

Our Grand Tour is finished. We visited every EU country in the Nomad (Iceland too cold, Cyprus too far 😉). From Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, through lakes of Lithuania, to old towns of Malta.
We had a blast! And we would love to share some of it with you.
Together with Drive Alpine, we would like to organise Nomad only Alpine roadtrip. Four days of some of the best roads and offroads in Europe. It will make your year - I guarantee you that.
It's not a business, we just had such amazing time with Roger there, that we would love to go back! And what's better than having fun with two Nomads? Having fun in six or seven Nomads 😁
There are no dates yet, it's just a concept for now. We would definitely need 4 days, likely start would be Geneva. Around the end of September would be ideal time - it's still nice and warm, all the bikers and caravans are gone, we have all the roads to ourselves.
Option 1 would be to drive there, possible stops on the way : Black Forest, Nurburgring, even OktoberFest in Munich (which is phenomenal if you have never been). That makes it longer, you would need more time off, likely cheaper and more fun.
Option 2 - sending all the Nomads together on a lorry, flying to Geneva and picking them up there. Faster and easier, less fun, likely more expensive.
We would have photo and videographer and support van for all your kit. Which means easy cruising and maximising the fun plus amazing memories.

As I said - at the moment it's just a concept. Nothing is set in stone, also no cost is established yet. It all depends on numbers/options/your interest.
We are very happy to organise it.
Let us know your thoughts in comments or feel free to send me a message.


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Saturday 21st July 2018
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I'm in, but I guess you knew that already!

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