2020 Plus Four test drive

2020 Plus Four test drive



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Friday 11th September 2020
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Thought i'd post up my thoughts after a 3-4 day excursion in the new 2020 Plus Four.
I had booked this back in June this year and had our route planned shortly afterwards to take in the Brecon Beacons, mid Wales up to Snowdonia then back to Malvern via Pembrokeshire.
On arrival the loan cars were lined up and all looked fantastic, although the Heron Grey to me was the pick of the bunch and we were delighted when confirmed that would be ours for the trip.
I have had previous experience of Plus 4's (1963 dhc) but realistically aside from the looks these are a world apart and all the better for it. Initial impressions were of massively improved quality, fit and finish and handily useful extra cabin space, all good so far.
A quick demo of the hood operation, seat adjustment etc and we were off.
Wow!..just fantastic, the ride quality, body control and steering are on another level whilst still retaining loads of character and charm, we took it easy as we headed out towards mid Wales until the roads cleared and then as things got quicker the Morgan seemed to resemble a Caterham or possibly a more involving and dare i say it quicker BMW Z3M of which i've driven extensively. We were both absolutely loving it and stunned by the performance and fun it provided top marks Morgan!
The only down side is the hood operation and whilst water tight seems to let in a lot of wind around neck level, heated seats and a scarf would sort this but perhaps a mod is on the way for later cars?
Overall it totally exceeded expectations and they were already high , now just need to decide to go for it!