RE: Stiff Upper Lip for Morgan

RE: Stiff Upper Lip for Morgan

Monday 31st March 2003

Stiff Upper Lip for Morgan

Busy FIA GT programme ahead despite Le Mans snub

Morgan have reacted to the news that they haven't been invited to compete at Le Mans this year. No reasons were given for the decision and it will be a disappointment to the many thousands of British fans who trek to Le Mans each year.

Morgan Works Team manager, David Dowse said: "This is a bitter blow, particularly as we are so far advanced with the project, and we’ve made great progress with developing the car. We were sure that our efforts last year, and the fantastic support we received from the fans, would secure us a place in 2004. No doubt the organisers have their reasons, but it is very difficult to understand why a genuine manufacturer like Morgan, with a fully homologated production car, should be excluded. We feel very sorry for our supporters, but I know they would wish us to carry on in true Morgan spirit, and we flatly refuse to give up."

Morgan report that their sponsors have been extremely understanding, and most have already agreed to support a revised plan that will see the Aero 8 racing instead in the FIA GT races in Europe, including a 24 hr race at Spa, Belgium in July.

"If we can secure sufficient support in these difficult times, we will go on to race internationally, possibly in Japan, Australia, and the USA. It is our clear intention to build an undeniable case for an entry at Le Mans next year, and we believe the best way to do this is on the race track. The new programme will also give more fans the opportunity to come to see us, " Dowse concluded.



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Monday 31st March 2003
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The ACO truly has peculiar methods. Morgan should go to Spa, as they said, because for GT cars (rather than sports prototypes) it is the best race in the world.


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Monday 31st March 2003
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This has to be good news for Morgan and Martin Short. With Short on board this package may suprise a few people!



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Monday 31st March 2003
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Le Mans = French
Morgan = British

Probably took them 5 nano-seconds to decide NOT to allow Morgan.

I heard that a local woman was refused service in a French shop the other day - because she was British.


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Tuesday 1st April 2003
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Does nobody recall what happened in the Late 50's when Morgan were laughed of le man by the French, and told to go Home.

The following year they returned to prove they were entitled to enter. The went on to win the 2lt class averaging 90mph.
Perhaps the french just don't want a battle! However to Morgan this will meanWAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!