XKR Insurance and General Items

XKR Insurance and General Items



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Monday 17th March 2003
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Re the note on Insurance, XKR was quite a bit more expensive than my Chimeara, 900 compared to 500 then again it's newer and worth quite a bit more.


On the subject of XKR's has anyone fitted an aftermarket exhaust to bring some life into the XKR, it doesn't have to be like the TVR but it just seems a little too quite. Has anyone tried improving the steering feel as well?

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Tuesday 18th March 2003
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JD, I had the same situation with my insurance increasing from a 2001 Chim 450 to a 1998 XKR although the value of the XKR is about the same as the Tiv.

They're both Group 20, the XKR is supposed to be more difficult to steal than the TVR and the Tiv is slightly faster to 60 but there is still an insurance uplift.....defies logic!