Calling Jaguar Owners in N.E. USA

Calling Jaguar Owners in N.E. USA


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Wednesday 20th August 2003
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'Out of the Woodwork'

is a car show for all British & European Sports Cars and is hosted annually by the TVR Car Club of North America. The show is held in central New Jersey, this year on Sunday October 12th. This is unique opportunity to meet up with both fellow British car nuts and US-based PistonHeaders so whether you own a TVR, Lotus, Morgan, MG, Triumph, Mini, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce etc, or even one of those fancy Italian things(!), Woodwork is the show for you. Further information and booking details can be found by downloading this file (youโ€™ll need Adobe Acrobat reader โ€“

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