Giulia stalling and limp mode issues.

Giulia stalling and limp mode issues.



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Evening all.

I own an Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.2L Diesel (2017) and recently I've been experiencing some issues. My dashboard and check engine will light up, disabling ESC, stop & start, collision assist and the car will appear to stall when pulling off at lights or in traffic. It has been starting back up and drove as normal (bar being stuck in N mode due to check engine light being on), however yesterday it stalled and went into limp mode, I couldn't shift up gear into 2nd whatsoever.

Plugged in my diagnostic reader and got the code: P0544, exhaust gas temperature sensor, circuit bank 1, sensor 1. Now I'm hoping to get this sorted on Monday but I'm just wondering if that could cause these issues? I've read about the battery causing such problems but I had a brand new one fitted 3 months ago. Also, I recently read that the 2017 models were being recalled over issues with the fuel pump and wondered if this could be a cause?

Forgive me because my knowledge surrounding the mechanical side of cars is average.

Thanks in advance for any input.