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Wednesday 3rd October 2012
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Hi all
Just wondering if anybody knows of a good repair shop around the Woking are in Surrey?
I came off a blind steep lip on a curb, ripped the rubber block off at the front corner just behind the wheel arch (what's it for?? - one on each corner) and once the rubber block pinged out the car landed and managed to eat a large lump out of the driver's side door sill. I hasten to add that this all happened at less than a snail's pace but I still could not believe the damage!
Would I be better sourcing the part myself in order to save costs? (fleabay, etc...)


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Thursday 4th October 2012
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the blocks are the jacking points


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Saturday 13th October 2012
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As said above, they're the jacking points. You can buy them relatively cheaply from the dealers (around £9 I think), and they're easy to fit, as I replaced one of mine which was damaged. If your door sill/trim is also damaged, they're quite easy to replace, and you can get those from the dealers (or probably eBay) too smile