Maxims that Have influenced Your Life

Maxims that Have influenced Your Life



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I don't know why this particular topic has pulled me from my bed to this forum to post in an excruciating period of insomnia but here you have it.

Whilst growing up and perhaps onon, people have told me their pearls of wisdom, and in so doing have perhaps unwittingly imparted a mindset that would otherwise be unencumbered.

As a young lad my late dad would say " Spend a third, Invest a third and save a third". Truthfully I've never paid a jot to this although I have passed it on to my boys. It resonates and I think about it, but truthfully never followed the maxim.

Growing up, I was lucky and fortuitous that I lived in a comfortable neighbourhood, I had a car wash round at the age of 13/14yrs old and one of my customers had an Aston DBSV8, He founded a very well known outdoor clothing company and subsequently sold it for a handsome sum.

One day , whilst washing his Aston he said "Mike- you'll never make money working for somebody else"

The lovely guy, Peter, delivered on his principles and I couldn't have wished it to a nicer man.

My old friend Ted, who grew up post war and who is now 82yr old, told me recently that his mother said "Don't you ever kiss a girl and bring her home or you'll be in trouble"

Ted, bless him, recognises that it was of course a euphemism but nonethe less it stopped him cracking his virginity until he was late teens.

My ex, told me that I always aimed for the stars with a shilling in my there a problem in that?

On my office wall I have pinned a quote from the film "Wolf on Wall Street" which to this day keeps me motivated "The Only Thing Standing Between You And Your Goal Is The Bulls*** Story You Keep Telling Yourself As To Why You Can’t Achieve It."

The father of a really good childhood friend once said "If ever you're in argument with a women- don't slam the door when you leave- always click it quietly with a "click" - they don't know how to handle (sic) that one; perhaps a little dark, but I do get it.

Over to you..