Can you fit a Brompton into a 997... sorted

Can you fit a Brompton into a 997... sorted



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Tuesday 9th July 2013
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it's a long story, I do own up to owning a Brompton (as well as a "proper" road bike) smile but would obviously never ride it in the Lycra smile

Being the father of 2 kids, some family cycling beckons at a charity event this weekend - normally I would take my hybrid, rather than road bike as i can attach tow-bar etc. to it - however, some scrote stole it last month frown so I'm down to 2 bikes.

So, anyways - it's sunny - I find myself wondering can I fit 2 kids and 3 bikes in my 997 C4S Cab, rather than taking the wife's car. The Brompton folds small and should fit in the front boot right? kids in the back; kids bikes on passenger seat (on a towel to protect seats) and that should be lovley

Well, it works - with some minor adjustment - saddle and seat post on the Brompton needs to come out (easy spanner job) - I have the long seat-post, may be ok with a standard one, loosen off the handlebars with an allen key (red box) and fold them down and bobs your long lost uncle

Sorted for some weekend, family roof down fun.

(no room for the wife though... ah well wink).


I would advise putting a towel or something over the top of the Brompton in the boot, just incase you scratch the inside of the bonnet when you're faffing with it (like I did.. oops).


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Wednesday 10th July 2013
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Also fits neatly under the bonnet of a 993 (with the S Bars)

That's the main reason I bought one


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Wednesday 10th July 2013
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I've seen a guy dismantle and cram a Foes DH bike into the nose of a 996 (I guess the wheels however went behind the front seats).