RE: Polaris RZR one-make Rallycross series launched

RE: Polaris RZR one-make Rallycross series launched

Wednesday 6th December 2017

Polaris RZR one-make Rallycross series launched

Red Bull and Polaris team up for a Rallycross support series with those mad RZR buggies

Well this sounds like a giggle. Anybody who watches Global Rallycross with any regularity can't fail to be impressed; ballistically fast cars (with manufacturer support) being driven by fantastic drivers on exciting tracks around the world. But how to really get the fans geed up for the main event, in case they weren't keen enough already?

Buggies, obviously. Or utility terrain vehicles, if our online definition search for 'UTV' is correct. Yep, there will be a one-make Polaris RZR support series alongside Global Rallycross next year, the very first of its kind. The idea is to get younger drivers into Rallycross, CEO of the sport Colin Dyne saying, "They [Polaris] are a high performance, dynamic brand that will bring more racing excitement to our fans, and will further expand our unique presence in the world of racing."

There are few details yet on the buggies that are going to be used, next month being the official deadline for more information to be released. The Polaris website is a crammed full of choice though, with RZRs from 45 to 168hp available. Naturally we'll assume that the quicker models are going to be used, and the buggies seen on the Polaris Twitter feed look pretty serious. Not to mention fun.

That's about it for now then, the news exciting if not especially detailed. Still, the prospect of a bunch of young hotshoes racing buggies around Rallycross tracks sounds like excellent to us - expect more in 2018!



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Wednesday 6th December 2017
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Rage Buggies.. with Honda fireblade power have been supporting the British Rallycross series as a one make champ for a good few years now......


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Wednesday 6th December 2017
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whats more you can also use these in hill rallies and comp safaris which are cheap to enter and very competitive. So pretty versatile entry into motorsport.