Starmist Green fleck size



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Thursday 7th December 2017
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I am finally at the stage of getting paint for a Fibreon vented bonnet for the Griff, I can get the colour match surprising easily ( code TVR 177 is available from DuPont and Debeers suppliers here in Australia) but the fleck size is another matter. The pearl in the colour is either very coarse (DeBeers) or extra coarse (DuPont)..however both are still too fine.

Can anyone help with any ideas...I'm happy to consider buying paint in the UK however fear still shippage (flammable goods?) to Sydney will be silly money.



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Thursday 7th December 2017
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OK, reckon you can either send 'potatomuncher' on here a PM and ask his opinion. (Ex-factory paint shop guy). Or, send an email/phone Surface & Design in Blackpool.

Either options should provide a definitive MHO.



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Saturday 9th December 2017
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Pretty sure the 'starmist' paints were an optional extra, costing more.

They had extra mica in the paint.