RE: Geely Group Motorsport created

RE: Geely Group Motorsport created

Tuesday 20th March

Geely Group Motorsport created

Polestar motorsport activities to cease has Geely brings all motorsport in house

'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday' is an adage almost as old as the automobile itself. Motorsport is cool and the average punter enjoys vicariously bathing in that glory, so success on the stage, track or strip helps shift road cars. It's a strategy that remains valid, at least Geely certainly seems to think so, today announcing the launch of Geely Group Motorsport.

"We have created this group in order to take the next step forward for the Geely Group regarding motorsport operations, enabling us to focus resources and expertise, plan more efficiently and to maximise the outcome of our efforts," explained Victor Yang, Geely VP of Communications.

The team will be led by Alexander Murdzevski Schedvin, who was Head of Motorsport at Polestar, and it will have two bases: Hangzhou in China, and Gothenburg. Cyan Racing, the team behind the Volvo WTCC triumphs, will continue as a partner for Geely Group Motorsport.

Speaking of touring cars, bad news: there will be no Polestar WTCC racing in 2018. All Polestar motorsport activity will now be brought under the Geely Group Motorsport umbrella. So you may have seen the last of Rebel Blue S60s on the world's race tracks. Because, let's face it, combustion engined racing cars don't fit well with the Polestar message, and increasingly hold less relevance to the Volvo ethos. Some sort of EV motorsport endeavour would seem like the most logical avenue for Polestar and Geely, perhaps in Formula E. If it's good enough for Jaguar, Mercedes and Audi, after all, then it's probably good enough for Polestar... More news as it's available.



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Tuesday 20th March
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Geely are starting to collect some interesting pies that they can dip into under their umbrella. The thing i'm most excited about is seeing what happens after the powertrain drip down to Lotus. If it means that Geely Motorsport have both Polestar and Lotus engineers to call upon for their racing stuff it could be an interesting proving ground for the first hybrid stuff to start rolling out of Hethel in a few years time.


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Tuesday 20th March
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It is odd that a PistonHeads article on Geely and racing didn't even mention Geely's acquisition of Lotus. Clearly this expansion of their motorsports beyond Volvo is the result of having Lotus in their corporation.


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Tuesday 20th March
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WTF? An editorial bod deletes my comment because I pointed out the literal in the long sub head...and then leaves the error in? You crazy guys.
The ‘has’ should still be ‘as’.


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Wednesday 21st March
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Ahh, must be a brand repositioning. Geely Motorsports takes over, well, the motorsports. Polestar to be the classy, upmarket brand. You know, gentlemans clubs, bucket chairs, a stage with what looks like a number of chrome plated ceiling strengthening pillars to which the tastefully attired female entertainment assemble around and use for some sort of fitness regime... Polestars!