CloverLoti EliseHad it less than a month and fitted Alpine iPod head unit, ITG induction kit, Larini Club Sport and an Ali radiator
P80WDN Elise S1
MATT SPY Esprit 25th Anniversary EditionTerrible car in every way, dated, expensive to look after, expensive to run, hated every second of owning this car.
E160FR Turbo Esprit
squire350 V8 Esprit
Rawhide'Audi Elise' Trackday car
Grassyknoll+2want another one
jerseyman+2s 130/5
bordseye111RAn excellent car, totally reliable, fun to drive and economical to boot. It's even reasonably comfortable with the leather seats
Fish111RGreat car engine cam change can be annoying on the road
luckyb111Rwot a blast!
Int'l Adventurer111R Elise6,200 cam change is slightly too high for the road. Great for shopping, well I do have a mountain road to travel down to the shops.
FAST 911 Turbo111S
mkennedy42111sShould arrive on the 10/8/02. Not long to wait now
nonsso_Eastern boy111sjust a stop gap
johnnymaestro18 RacerCar now fully restored and rebuilt by Classic Team Lotus and now ready to race in Historic Formula Junior C'ship. See here for Rebuild thread, http://pistonheads.co.uk/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&t=66...
gps350se1990 SECar has been rebuilt and has undergone some major mobs, 324mm Front brakes ,All new spec built cooling system and engine has been rebuilt and now produces 380 Bhp . S4 wheels fitted (to get brake in).
yellow peril2 + 2 S
2eleven2 eleven
Brookes00092 Eleven
DaveGB2 Eleven
Noe2 ElevenFantastic vehicle, good for road and track ...... who cares about sensibilities such as trunk, windscreen, a/c etc etc .. you be dead soon and you didn't know it
alicrozier2-11SVA Pack Performance Pack Supercharger Pack Front and rear tow eyes Carbon GT2 HANS Seats Aspen White
red 2-112-11
Alex L2-Eleven
Boggy2-ElevenThe car is a Launch Edition Build No. 16 (Specification) Sports Seats in Black/ Yellow Leather 260PS Supercharger Pack incl' Up rated Fuel Pump Rear mounted air/ air Intercooler with Ducted ...
Ej742-Eleven760 kg plus my fat ass and 260 bhp
Hadrian2-ElevenGreat track day car
Neal H2-Eleven
redalex2-ElevenThis car is mental. Insanely fast off the blocks, jaw dropping speed through the turns, and rarer than most supercars. Not so much fun to drive in rush-hour or the rain, but the response from the publ...
RobM772-ElevenWith my Elise relegated to weekend use, and having quit motor racing, I wanted to swap the Elise for something more suited to weekend use and also something that would get me back on track with some t...
Adamsadd2001 Esprit V8Great Car! I've owned several Porsche 911's & a 928. This car is a blast to own & drive. Fantastic looks & performance!
dmulally23 Replica
Major Fallout23b
over steer23B
nonsso_tenhulzen23B Sports RacerLotus 23B vintage race car with midengine Lotus twincam engine and Hewland transaxle.
mikehump26R Shapecraft
baronbennyt3-Eleven (green and yellow)
baronbennyt3-Eleven (green and yellow)
mevistox5340 R
340R Norway340R
After Eight340R
ca700470340RWouldn't sell..... Ever!
clubelan340RI'm Korean owing 340R(#99) and Yellow elise s2 111S
Concerned cat340R
danny tattersall340RAn event to drive and a privilege to own one of these rare machines.
Dave L340R
dentz340rNice car for road use but not enough power for the track.handles great.
Derek 111S340RGreat car, unfortunately owning a car with no roof or heater during the wettest summer ever curtailed its use.
Gareth135R340RThis will be one I regret selling......!!
Gareth135R340RI'm back!!
HangTen340RWhat a wicked way to spend your time and money. The other comments are right - attention seeking whore and best driven fast at night...
hydrodog340REnjoyable just to look at.
jackal340rSublime for road driving and very memorable to drive one when they first came out. Prolly some of the sweetest road drives ive ever had were in this. All the effortless fluidity of the elise but mo...
JAZ 34340RBest car I ever owned.... until now!
LPH340RImpractical and mad - but all the better for it.
melsimh340Rupside: The most honest car I have ever driven. Steering, brakes, grip, weight,overall tactile enjoyment, performance on circuits, looks & sound (102db at 5700)lots of induction noise. Downside: pra...
pennpromo340RTotally impractical ! Immense fun, always brings a smile to your face !
Phlat 6340R
plucker340R190 bhp upgrade
Posh Porsche340R£21k spent on mods Honda V-Tec Supercharged conversion, resprayed, lowered and a few other things.
Rawwr340RIf you ask any small boy to draw a crazy looking car, you can bet with some degree of certainty that he'll whip out his Crayolas and draw something which looks like a 340R. This, for me, is a big plus...
red 2-11340r
RobinSherwood340RBought almost accidentally at auction. I called out a cheeky starting bid and ended up as the buyer! Fantastic fun little car. It is the last 340R to leave the factory and was in fact not complet...
Ruxpin340RTriumph roulette green
SamN01340RWas LHD bought in Germany.
schaeffs340RDriving at it's vivid best!
Secret Squirrel340R
SPORT300340RGreat fun to drive, altough I never use on a track, it's always a real pleasure to drive it fast or even less fast on twisty roads. Roadholding and braking is very good, altough one should be alert w...
sylva41340RIf you like it raw
tim lumley340R
Tim4564340RGreat fun, only prob was battery change which is a body off job. Used as often as possible given our dodgy weather!
Tim_340R340RNot the most practical of cars but when its this much fun its worth all the negatives.
Yasu340RPlease come to my web page. http://lotus340r.cool.ne.jp/Lotus_340R.htm
MrG340R (190bhp)No.152. Purchased for 23K from Storm of Leicester. Had a few ups and downs with it including blown head gasket and some issues with the fuses. A work of art, best driven quickly at night. It had an...
gianlu340r replica
red 2-11340rR
viking47 GT Sports Racer.I ran this car in the historic series in England. It Has been stored since 1982 and is to be soon restored. It is one of an estimated 23 left in the world from an original 55 cars built.It was the ori...
HAPPLEBY47GT Sports race carI have owned this awesome car from 1971. It is one of only 23 left in the world. Painted in gold leaf colors and believed to be the ex works development car that was run by Ramsey Racing in CO Durham....
79taimar7originally came to the U.S. as a typical kit with the Ford 1600 crossflow, but somewhere along the way to me(6th owner) it was changed out for a twincam and was drysumped.
giantweta7New Zealand-built component car that looks like a Lotus 7 or a Caterham 7 but is built like a brick shithouse i.e. tough! Currently undergoing a rebuild. We're replacing the tired old 1970's Toyota...
nonsso_Big cheese!7Love it. Toatally original, been round Combe. I would never give it up.
SimJen7Lotus 7 Series 3 (1965) Replica Re-motored with a 20v 4AGE Toyota from Datsun A14 race motor. Frame exact copy of Series 3 Lotus, built by ex williams grandprix engineer.
ttweed7 cloneLotus 7 clone built in Texas by WCM with Honda S2K engine.
gtforty267 Cosworth
jus7 Replica
kriss7 ReplicaSub 4 second to 60 Awesome handling Not much more I can say
paolow7 replicafinally on the road! Update. its now sold :'( a fair price i think though given its low mileage etc. I just never drove it when it was finished and it languished a little. im happy that its new kee...
X7RACR7 replica - Fraser Clubman
brittanytvr7 S2
JamesBondMI57 S4Expensive for what it is.
drive2tractors7 Series 2
johnnymaestro7 Series 2 RacerDad's Race Car. Bought by him in the 70's as an ex -clubmans car turned into a road car and then converted back to racing spec. by him in the early 90's to race. Has been racing the car since 1991....
Birkin UK7- Birkin 175BHP
Phil-CHBemani ExigeBemani supercharged (~275bhp) with additional mods including racing exhaust and cat.
Major FalloutCamco
104ForFourCarltonAbsolutely awesome car, although it contradicts the Lotus philosophy of performance through light weight. Within a couple of mph of Vmax on Autobahn this year despite being 16 years old.
456lbftCarltonBuilt by me (with a bit of help from my friends). Raced in the Silver State Classic and Nevada Open Road Races in 1999/2000. Now used for shows and occasional track days, still road registered.
555 PaulCarltonLotus Carlton build number 333
B'stard ChildCarltonUsed by Top Gear For used read abused!!!
Bargain BucketCarlton
Big LotusCarlton
blade99CarltonTotally mental car, it just doesn't seem right having that much power in an early nineties family saloon. Available for sale soon if anybody's interested.
Bruce FieldingCarltonI owned two of these, too. The ultimate supersaloon. I wasn’t that keen at first. Now I don’t know of anything else that I would rather drive anywhere at any time. One got stolen – the other got torch...
domsterCarltonHmmm. A great car, but ruined in the execution. First, they built it to be a safe and soggy autobahn cruiser, so corners weren't much fun and it weighed a portly 1700kgs. Secondly, it was built jointl...
Fast and SpuriousCarltonGood when it worked. Expensive when it didn't.
IaneldyCarltonAwesome vehicle! Running costs arent cheap though - aftersales service is appalling (Vauxhall & Lotus really let us down). I had mine over 7 years, its performance is still blistering - even by ...
jangoCarltonBut look 1st before buying one.
Lotus CarltonCarltonCurrently under going a restoration. Not actually driven it yet but it my third one!! Dad and father-in-law also have one. If you want to see the restoration pictures and other info, go to www.lotus-c...
lotuscCarltonMy hero car
lotusjaguarcarltonsuper fast car, great handling, really turns heads,outstanding condition and one off the last ones built, crackin
MPxCarltonCastle Combe 1:28
NotNormalCarltonBuild number 890G. Fully restored by myself and now immaculate. Always wanted one, now lucky to have owned this one since 2003. Great car.
rich24vCarltonwww.lotuscarlton.co.uk dreamed about driving one since release, never thought I'd get to own one, been about 4 years of getting it together and running how I want, is worth it.
Straff99CarltonBought new and (until the Cerbera) the most unreliable thing I've ever owned. Shocking car in many respects; both good and bad. Only behaved itself when Vauxhall took it down to Luton for 48 hours. I ...
The PitsCarltonGreat fun. Very quick and benign in the handling department. Lovely colour too in the right light. Fantastic huge plate of a throttle pedal. Did 120 mph at 3000 revs in top - or 'whisper mode' as I us...
Winky151CarltonNo. 0151
rikrobloucarlton (omega)well if you want to keep your self busy driving in the wet in a hurry this is the car for you it will just not stop spinning side ways 80mph in the dry how i never crashed and died i have no idea...
H5V VECarlton Nbr 860GMy absolute pride and joy. Fabulous car but too similar to the VXR8 - couldnt justify keeping it
7 OwnerCaterham 7Built by my dad and myself, looking to import it into ireland later this year. Amazing car, the grin you get from driving one of these is un-real..... My road legal go-cart ;)
crayzeedivercorinabest car ive ever driven. im a little bias been a cortina nut since i can remember.
craigcafCortinaCosworth L2 Cams Big Valve Head Ported Custom 2.25" S/S Exhaust Forged Pistons Crossflow Block 45DCOEs Type 9 5-Speed Box Adjustable Suspension, Uprated ARB etc. etc. 173bhp
DavidAldCortinaHas lived up to the famous Lotus acronym. Lots of trouble usually serious.
escort777CortinaBlueflash 1600 twincam - Twin 40's Bullit box - Great noise - Very quick Just a mega fun car to drive.
ficocalCortinatheres a fantastic car I had good times in the deserts of the south of Lima Amasing car
mafisherCortinacar of my youth, memories are made of this.
Out of hereCortinaGreat car in it's day. Wish I still owned it!
PILCH 23CortinaDad's rally car. He once owned Roger Clark's rally car and competed in it back in the late 1960's. He should have kept that one.
The Fly FisherCortina
Vintage RacerCortina
L100NYYCortina FIA Race Car
wycollercortina Mk 1
Evo manCortina Mk 11
dodgepotCortina Mk1Took out a bank loan to buy some new hifi back in 1979. Drove past a local garage which had this car so used the money for that instead
dugganCortina Mk1
PorlockCortina Mk1One of those cars we sell and regret. Sold it in about 1977 for £310.00 which gave me a healthy £60.00 Profit and allowed me to buy a genuine 2Dr Uren Savage Mk2 Cortina.
PorlockCortina Mk2Not so good as the Mk1 but better than the Savage! Horrible Dragoon Red Colour, but great QCar, looked like a 1300 Delux with wide wheels! took a few by surprise.
wycollercortina x3
DorchesterDino-EuropaSlightly modified...
donkeasyDonkervoort D8 zetecNice car
BacardiEclatLoads of trouble, usual serious. But good fun.... for a first car
black eclatEclatLotus Eclat 524. There are 4 versions in the Eclat range, 520, 521, 523 & 524. All are similar with the differences being confined to transmission type and interior specification. This author is go...
Breadvan72Eclat Shonky but fun
greenbackeclatpeice of shite
jwl344Eclatsame as my Esprit, broken hearts and wallets but all good fun
killersEclatLots Of Trouble Usually Serious Well, not actually that bad. will be back on the road soon...finger crossed.
leeboEclatDespite sticking resolutely to the old LOTUS acronym Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious... this dodgy old cheap car was just so fast and so fun I forgave the old girl anything. I barely saw 500 miles of ...
pauladamsonEclatits just so ugly - that its FAB.
TimHaydnJonesEclatI've now owned this car 25 years. I went to my wedding in this car.
WombleEclat 2.2
e92330imsportEclat 504Red, Black leather, auto. Immaculate for year, refurbished alloys etc Beautiful ride, steering and handling, pretty quick too Auto gearbox had leak, engine was crying oil through spark plugs ...
Jinto100Eclat Excel 2.2
js43lotusEclat Riviera
Eclat V8Eclat S2
mrs triple sEise
NEW111sEiseFantastic fun and one of the most economical cars i have ever owned. Surprisingly practical, once you master the art of getting out. Still seems to understeer a bit too much for my taste so i may swit...
Fast EddieEkise 160Bought this to follow the Caterham but frankly and unfortunately was a little underwhelmed. Went well but without the raw Caterham experience. Sold it to fund the Tuscan.
Sebring3000ElamFast fun car but build quality of these cars is awful, always was and always will be !
5 whElanLoved this car so much.Very little could keep up with it round the bends,was totally reliable and sold it for what I paid for it after 3 years of ownership
A.G.Elan [pic]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/ayrton27/elan2.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/ayrton27/elan3.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y132/ayrton27/elan...
abmunroElanThis is my Elan with Hardtop and Elise S2 lights. I have had AP Racing four pot calipers and discs fitted. Nitrons with Eibachs fitted Larger Turbo, injectors, map sensor and Haltech ECU. ...
adigraElanLots of work, but the most incredible car. I love it.
ajax317ElanUtterly reliable and fantastic. Always wanted one since they first came out in '90. Could use it as an everyday car, no leaks, no problems. Could show most modern hot hatches the way home every time.
auytELANDeserve all the acolated
b2hbmElanBought as FHC but converted to dhc some time around the 80s.
bdxElanUsed for hillcliming and sprinting as the insurance for an 18yr old was tooo expensive.
beesmaElanFantastic performance and grip, criticised for its lack of "fun" but thats only because it does what it does so well. Great looks and a hood you can drop in less than 5 seconds. I would buy one of t...
BenmacElanOne of the very first M100 Elans, its three reg plate digits 'older' than the main press car and may actually be on the original Top Gear review although you never see the plate whilst William Woolard...
billy sElan
Breadvan72ElanSold Aug 2013
CarlFredericksonElanEverything leaks including the head gasket but fun to drive and surprisingly quick.
carryondentistElanCan't be complementary enough about this great little roadster. With a little modification this can live with the current crop of rag-tops, still looks fresh and is amazingly practical. edit: After...
CarsieElanJust like my girlfriend, slim, petite handles well and .....you get the drift! Oh yes and its LOTUS!:) The moderator will prob make me change all my comments later but Gordon Murray would understa...
caveblokeElanA proper Stromberg carbed S4 that deseves its sexy little power bulge, not like all these Sprints running webbers that have stolen the bonnet!
Chrisw26ElanBest handling road car ever. Miss it.
clemoelanhave one of each type. NA SE S2
David Smithelanground up restoration .. new everything ... boo hoo wrote her off ... 70mph smash into lampost on A1
David Smithelanbaught as restoration project just before writing off first one ... lack of time ... new wife and kids etc ... sold as restoration project 7 years later ... part of justification for getting cerb...
David Smithelanfitted with modified chassis to house triumph straight 6 lump (2.5L) one off flip front end ... could have been fantastic if I had more time ... sold to justify cerb (along with JPS)
dlbutlerElanDrives like a racecar yet the wife will ride in it (hay, I like my wife!). I did a body off restoration in 1995-1996.
dotdogElanAnother one that shouldnt have gone - 2 owners (father to son )was featured in Classic Cars Dec 99 in an article by Gordon Murray (who runs an S2). sublime steering feel - you drive with fingertips...
Dougz Elan
dumabElanmar 11 - just going in for its MOT - looking forward to a summer of open top motoring!
El CidElan
elansmith70ElanStunning when it was finished. It was nice to get vindication of your restoration skills when it appeared in a reviewed add in Practical Classics. Wish I could have kept it, even if only a few more ye...
EliseCElanCurrently in bits, having an engine re-build and a general spruce up.
EliteS2Elancurrent resto project, started with my dad, but stalled since he passed away. But i will finish it, I miss having a driving car!!
EliteS2elanperfect if fickle mistress, the best lotus of its era, fortunately no one has cottoned on, so they are cheap!! Lets keep it our little secret eh?
elvaElanOH yes!
emicenElanThe eternal project! Bought by my father a good decade ago, its in need of some TLC but a fantastic car all the same. Modified by Vegantune and converted to a wide arch format, the car also has ...
farookElansublime handling - only a Lotus can...
Ferrari456MGTElanJust driven 1200 miles across Europe without a hitch. Is there a better styled British car?
Flying TrotterElan
foojamElanGreat handling and fun
FumesyElanLots of trouble usually serious Needed loads of time to tinker on it!
GalsiaElanGreat fun although I was always chasing up little faults and niggles.
gdaybruceElanWhy did I ever sell it? Weighing in at some 600kgs and with perhaps 120bhp, with a low ratio diff and close ratio "bullet" gearbox, it was as quick as anything in its day. Plus, it was tiny and could ...
Greg PElan
gunners100elanevo iii evo iv lotus elan bmw 323i vert audi allroad mg zs 2 mondeos 2 escorts 1 fiesta 4 minis
HagElangreat fun car, labour of love, driving it on irish backroads is like taking it on a track. Where I live, that's cool, bad at night though, like driving by candlelight. Roadholding awesome, power del...
hoganscroganElanMetallic Purple with silver metalflake roof. Electric everything and no wing mirrors. Sounded great and amazing to drive. Was a great motorway car funnily enough. Bought for plastic body as Spitfire k...
hutchym100ElanWanted one of these since I was 8, taken a long time to restore and get to a stage I am proud of it, it was featured in the july 2006 classic cars magazine. Getting rare now and also expensive to buy...
jackalelanmy second ever car but my first proper performance car i absolutely adored this thing. if i drove one now id probably be horrified but as a complete novice driver it was perfect for me and a great ...
jeffwithajElan Fun car but selling soon.
JezMcElanFantastic little car - extremely reliable, apart from regular servicing I've only had to fork out for a camber angle sensor (about £80) Hold the road beautifully and would happily buy another
john robsonElan
johnnymaestroElanBought off Grandad in 70's and used as weekend car. Has been unused for 15 years and me and dad are now in the process of getting it back on the road for the summer.
johnnymaestroElanLotus Elan 26 S2 to 26R spec to do HSCC Guards Trophy and eventually the Spa 6 Hours.
Jon LaytonElanFab car. Wish I knew where it was today!
jonno0505elanlots of fun
laikathedogÉlanCompletely restored, every thing apart from dampers
lazzagelangreat car but with 3 or more in it the exhaust u-bolt used to wear away regular( big sparks just like a F1). great dash
littleredroosterElanWhere are you now? Last heard of somewhere in the Lake District.
LotginmxElanNeed constant attention to maintain in top condition .
LotusBobElanTotal rebuild with - earth and alternator
lotuselanjohnElanThe Elan +2 is the first Lotus I ever fell in love with, aged 5! 16 years later, I could afford one! Simply stunning car, and still my all-time must-have motor. My current Elan+2 took a 4 year nut ...
M100ElanStripped out superlight 347bhp
m2500tvrElanC'mon, it a Lotus Elan. Does really more need be said. I suppose not everyone feels this way about this car, and would rather have something else, but I think the Elan is one of the all time greats,...
malbonElanYes - good little car. Not too much to gripe about other than MPG. If you put your foot down like I do then your looking at £20 worth of fuel used up in 100 miles. Not great if your using it fo...
malcandrewsElan What a joy when running as it should, I'd have another.
marcosgtsElanOne of the best cars I've driven in terms of handling and roadholding and economic to run. Downside it lives up to LOTUS reputation.
markvoElanThe car is highly modified.
matt emulsionelanGreat value for money at the time, very quick, nice to drive, unbelievable economy.
MillsyElanPretty but unreliable
Monza29ElanI've owned this car for over 32 years, and it's going to stay. More details later.
mpvElanBest front wheel drive car I've ever driven and so much fun. Lift off oversteer like it was born for that purpose alone !
MrGElanPurchased in 2001 with 12,900 on the clock and added 20,000 miles in just under 3 years. Always wanted one but bought it too late in the day, things had moved on and being honest it didn't thrill eno...
NMSElanAs with all these types cars, I would never buy another red/pink/crimson...depends what light you are looking at it in, one again. But other than that a fun drive.
nonsso_mrsdElanThis was my 21st birthday present from my parents (please don't do the math.) It has undergone ongoing improvement and doesn't support the traditional Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious slur at all (well...
nonsso_Sam_68ElanBest handling car I've ever driven, bar none. Skinny, high-profile tyres meant limited grip, but so well poised that you could drift it round every roundabout and bend balanced on the the throttle....
nonsso_Sam_68Elan Perfect handling Perfect gearchange Brakes & performance well up to the job, even against modern hot hatches. Gordon Murray reckons it's the best all-round sportscar ever built, and who am I to a...
NotanotherturboElan Project at present
Out of hereElanLovely car except it always broke down. Got rid after only a couple of months!
PhilboSEElanSerially upgraded to around 280bhp: Quaife ATB diff Adjustable dampers Stiffer springs New wishbones all round Bigger turbo Bigger intercooler New ECU HiSpec big brakes Carbon Fibre pipewor...
philip365elanA car I should never have sold, but did at the time to raise money for another project. This Elan Sprint had a full nut and bolt rebuild and was better than the day it came out of the factory. Colin C...
philip365elanWith an XR4i in the garage and some spare money in the bank, time for my second Lotus. A visit to Paul Matty in Birmingham resulted in a white over red sprint dhc being bought. This was to be a sunny ...
philip365elanAs a boy living in Norfolk, the Lotus Elan was a common sight, due to the factory being close by. It had always been my dream car, and I vowed to own one one day. Flicking through Exchange and Mart, a...
pigpogElan My first Lotus. Currently resting. The person I bought it from had seen it at a garage unused for several years. After a fair bit of pestering he ended up buying and restoring it. I drove...
PILCH 23ElanMy grandpa bought it new and gave it to my father. I may have to fight my brother for it. Lovely little car. Skinny tyres, low weight, lots of steering feel. Perfection.
Ralph BernsteinElanSafest car on the road - always in the garage getting something fixed.
RamboElanAwesome performance at 16 years old !!!!
randlemarcusElanFun on the B Roads, cracking with the roof down, beautiful chassis, lacking in m/way, top end power.
rfosterElanMy first Lotus - Silver with Half leather. Bulletproof engine. Fantastic in the summer, not so much fun in the winter. Utterly reliable though.
robpearsonElanLots Of Turbo Problems Usually (being) Serviced
S4CJOElanWell bought this as a basket case prior to working in Europe anticipating local dealer to rebuild. Anyway job didn't work out so rebuild started, two house moves and five years later she was back. ...
sallythornelyelanBy far the BEST car EVER owned. Fun, playful and enjoyable!!
scobby17ElanFirst fast car I owned.. great handling low grip equeals fun on the road..
speedychrissieElanAwesome little car. The inspiration for the mx5 so a good PH car.
st0ckmanElanA lot of fun for a small engined car, you'll make supposedly better cars look silly! :-)
stephenwmcÉlanA lot of fun to drive and surprisingly reliable
StoatWithToastElanAmazingly spritely car. Very much looking forward to getting to know how to drive it properly :)
Stuart MackayElan The car I raced in the HSCC Post Historic Roadpsorts Championship in 1982. Great Car!
superstonksElan Be great if ever I get round to finishing it!
swlcElan Brilliant fun little car and in the best colour red. Excellent handling and can be used everyday.
texas2201Elanfabulous little car and with the upgrades - 205bhp and Wilwood brake disks and calipers it goes and stops superbly
The BusmanElan
Throttle BodyElan
tyasmanElanGreat little car, sounds fantastic with s.s. pipe, fast, (sometimes very fast), economical, reliable (most of the time), won't lose it's value, £100 p.a. to insure and free road tax. What more do you...
UK08462ElanThe forgotten Lotus but the original SE version was better made.
UnluckyTimmehElanMy dad has finally given it to me :) All thats left now is to build it :( then turn 25 so i can insure it :(
USA64ElanPeople who criticize the federal cars haven't thought it through. Emission control keeps unvaporized fuel out of engine. Failsafe headlights should have been there from the start.
Watership DownElanUsed to drive it alot before the Esprit came along, now its covered up in my garage, although I had it out last year for a few runs. My daughter has laid claim to it now.
elans3Elan (60's Baby Elan)Hillclimb car , big bore 1820cc Twincam, 26R lookalike. The fastest car I have ever owned to 100mph (11 secs)
MunichElan (M100)May not be the last word in driver involvement, but the chassis just gripped and the car was very quick across country. The Isuzu engine made it 100% reliable and although the roof did leak a bit (qu...
robl499Elan (M100)
MHWM5Elan + 2Bought this uk car 50 - 50 with my son in law. Originally yellow it went to Sweden in 1977. There it suffered 3 horrible resprays all black. It cam back to the uk in June 2016. Since then we have mot'...
Rich GriffElan + 2S x 3 cars
allegeritaElan +2
andybpe12Elan +2required more time, effort, money and storage than i was able to provide. a planned project that didn't ever come through. a mistake. a shame
BluePurpleRedElan +2
CoalaElan +2
DB7 pilotElan +2Make sure someone else has paid for the restoration!
frankcasinoElan +2
gdaybruceElan +2Stylish but not as pure as the 2 seater Elan I had before. Much improved when I swapped the head from Stromberg carbs to Webbers
LotusElan17Elan +2Black with Gold metalflake roof, 4 speed gearbox and rebuilt big valve engine. Very original and in good if not concours condition. Fourth Elan +2 I've owned so I must love them. Also have another +...
Maldini35Elan +2Sweetest handling car I've ever had.
MikeGalosElan +2
msraceElan +2
Oscar1975Elan +2Amazing. I will have one again - perhaps a Spyder Zetec.
over steerElan +2This is a 1969 Elan +2 that my dad had given me, it's currently being restored.
PorlockElan +2Great Classic and practical (more stowage room than the Elise, could even go camping!!
s3kevelan +2
sce7gkElan +2
jonesyladElan +2 (ex Ronnie Peterson)Great car to get into classics with, part are easy to find and cheap. Looks great and does not loose money!
tays27Elan +2 130S
Dave_newcastleElan +2 S130
DickLotusElan +2 S130
Freddie328Elan +2 S130
b-haversElan +2S Spacious, but in need of a slight TLC. Running, an new galavanized chassis and sills, new brake master pump, overhauled clutch master, and new brake hoses and seat belts + anchorages. Funn engine ov...
brianbtElan +2S In the middle of a 3 year overhauls. The rolling chassis is complete and just have teh crank and block machined before I rebuild the engine. I needed a car that could get the kids in and wasn't goi...
crugsterElan +2SHated it, sorry .
mbaElan +2s
NigeloElan +2SOne of the best handling front engined cars I have driven
thebirdmanElan +2S
3LeftOverCrestElan +2S 130/4
jacksonwingElan +2S 130/5Great fun, easy to work on, spares available inc chassis, body if needed. Always something to spend money on but hell, you're only old once!!
wycollerElan +2S full race steel twin cam
rabidantElan +2S130Currently the Spyder demo car with 2 litre zetec power
cwinelan 1963
flyboy6t9relan 2+2lightweight crap handling no power
weavyElan 2+2
kurtstiElan 26R
mudflwrElan DHC S3-Super Safety
WALKER1963Elan M 100
arkeyElan M100
av8ndocElan M100What a wonderful car !!
Blackhawk1969Élan M100
BlipiElan M100Unique, quick and practical. Superb road handling!
bubbleheadelan m100
chris vareyelan m100
chris.tElan M100Had it from new and I will never sell it, nuf said me thinks!
clanElan M100
Clockwork CupcakeElan M100Bought in September 2002 and sold in February 2008. Superb handling. I thought my Corrado was one of the best-handling FWD cars until I drove this. Could do with a little more power, but other tha...
clubelanElan M100Good and wonderful car
donkElan M100Steel Blue. Stainless Steel exhaust. New Michelin Pilot Sport. Great car for daily use.
emiller1Elan M100This car has been a real joy to own! Have done upgrades galore...seat red piping, BOV, MBC, air filter, exahust, pre-cat eliminator, MOMO shift knob, and boot, Esprit Sport 350 pedals, Wildwood brakes...
Forbes82Elan M100
gimmespeed2Elan M100
IpelmElan M100 Most underated due to its front wheel drive configuration.Fabulous road car either for poodling around in or an early morning blast. Very practical and a joy to drive with a long lasting engine. In si...
JamesP110Elan M100Amazing Handling, but wasn't to my taste.
jHamshawElan M100
Mellow YellowElan M100Great car, great fun, amazing cornering and frightening parts prices.
mumuElan M100
pitElan M100
pitElan M100
ricardo 1960ELAN M100
scott-1vt9jElan M100
starlight225Elan M100
V10vroomElan M100
sfl993t4ELAN M100 S2Great cornering and by far the lowest fuel consumption of my cars. Soon to be for sale.
SKT 4 SElan M100 Turbo SEGreat Car to run, though as its a soft top the wet days dont feel so great and the roads are never forgiving when it it rains.
dickymintElan Mk2Had to sell to get married but we split up before i bought it!
Paul.JELAN MODSPORTS1980's MODSPORTS ELAN undergoing restoration, first constructed for john churchill by race fabrications
barefootElan Plus 2
fieldlElan Plus 2
HeMightBeBannedElan Plus 2
johnfmElan plus 2Light - 880kg 110 -130 hp no rust - fibreglass body cheap parts what's not to like?
oldsodElan Plus 2
PaulGaElan Plus 2She's a beauty. Teaches me a lesson now and again when I expect her to start first time. This is my best "classic experience" car. I really like it. Needs tinkering with now and again and she leaks a ...
PDtvrElan Plus 2
smn159Elan Plus 2Bought this as a non runner with a Ford crossflow fitted in 2002. Rebuilt it onto a new Spyder chassis with a 2L Zetec and resprayed it at home. Ran it as an everyday car for a while and would have ke...
TVRmuppetElan plus 2 130S
.Adam.Elan Plus 2s 130/5Only recommended if you make sure you get a good one!
aracerElan Plus2
originalgeezerElan S1 M100
lotuseliseELAN S1/2
Hornsey BoyElan S2
M700 TUSElan S2British Racing Green and goes like a bomb. Not even traction controlled Beemers can hold the road like an Elan. A truely amazing Lotus.
mcrowieElan S2Great sports car. In Lotus Racing Green, best colour. Bought from Edmondson Lotus, Ipswich. Intially lots of problems, which were luckily sorted with warranaty. Great car! Great image! Sold it for...
piers1Elan S2
RJ5560Elan S2
S2lotusguyElan S2
Saltire1954Elan S2
SZHPURELAN S2Zero problems in total 6 years, best Car i ever had!
terryt25Elan S2
tommys2elan s2what a car
willy250Elan S2
zadumbreionElan S2Lovely car in Mustard Yellow. Took it to BBR to get it chipped because it wasn't quick enough.
originalgeezerElan S2 (1964, C Plate)
RobinSherwoodElan S2 (Race Car)Period race car won its class at the Bahamas Speed Week in 1965 and 1966 then continued competing in the USA. Now fully restored with FIA Appendix K papers. Swapped in August 2016 for a Connaugh...
originalgeezerElan S2 Ltd Edition
ChimTurboElan S2 Turbo
s5tuartElan S2 TurboImmensely "chuckable" and generally great fun. Leaks were the only downside. Made driving in the wet absolute misery.
TVR450Elan S2 Turbo
vikingElan S3I built this car up from a number of crashed cars and it has a 1600 twin cam engine with weber carbs. it is in Gold leaf Colours.
c7hpcElan S3 fhc
chauElan S4
darojacElan S4
Lotus17evenElan S4
martin2556Elan S4
moffspeedElan S4OK so the chassis was rusty and 20 years on I'm probably still paying for the Spyder replacement..but so what.
MonkeylegendElan S4
SkyedriverElan S4Bought from a dealer in Scarborough, re-reg by previous owner on a supposed new chassis but crap throughout. More bodges under the skin than I could believe possible. Sold on to another dealer.
WlrElan S4
S2AndyElan S4 / SprintFully rebuilt my me to Sprint Spec in the early 80's. Still regret selling it. Where are you now?
alexjfrostElan S4 CoupeThe most fun you can have out of the sack. Car taken in part exchange for Replica Ferrari P4. The engine had been bodged together after a detonation and ran but rough as old boots. Now al...
Rich GriffElan S4 FHC
head3275elan s4 se
paulelans4seElan S4 SEIt looks like a car. BUT - It's a hobby as well! There's no road tax to pay. A set of tyres cost £100. The insurance is about £160? a year. And when it's right - she goes like the devil....
crusty cobbElan S4 SE 1969My Elise type 49 was mint with a capital M, lovely thing to own and a couple of track days; Scared to damage it and felt it was my job to keep it mint. It lived in an air tent. My Elan is like your f...
cryptoElan S4 Sprint
21GGElan SE
alex.irsElan SE
BeaverElan SEAmazing handling, nasty red carpets and it leaked.
brownelanelan sewanted one ever since they came out and owning one is great
damian moranelan sebest handleing front wheel drive great in the wet
dodge1979ELAN SE
GeoffWElan SELoved it. Front wheel drive but ignore that as major power-off oversteer available around roundabouts! A lot of fun, few complaints and damn quick a-to-b. Recommended.
hyabusauserElan SENormally very reliable with the Japanese mechanics. Parts from Lotus never cheap ! Great drivers car and continues to surprise current crop of hot hatches etc.
John_WElan SEBrilliant engineering. Not perfect, but fast, reliable, and with a soft top. Join LotusElanCentral.
Kirk280Elan se
MustardElan SEElan vs 325i ....Chalk n Cheese! 1 Previous Owner from new with fully documented Lotus Service History including original purchase order and invoice, all MOT's and service invoices.
nutbehinddawheelElan SE
PDC V8VElan SEhttp://tinypic.com/r/34ipw1j/9 http://i44.tinypic.com/6ds5tt.jpg
silverback mikeElan seNot sure yet.....bought on a whim... Hmm....turbo, that's different. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v247/silverbackmike/IMG_2472_edited.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v2...
stevestaffordElan SEVery fast but brakes very poor.
stiusaElan SEThis car is absolutely incredible in every way. It's looks is absolutely stunning, even compare to the new models today. It drives and performs way better than most new sports cars today.
Bomber DentonElan SE TurboGreat car, totally underestimated handling![pic]http://photos.fotango.com/p/eba00483468f00000001.jpg[/pic]
davidlairdElan SE Turbo
elanturboelan se turbo
Flying FishElan SE Turbohttp://www.pistonheads.com/sales/3854948.htm
leylandracerElan SE Turbo
m14cusElan SE Turbo
notoriousnorbertElan SE Turbo
HAPPLEBYElan Series 3 SE FHCI built this car from 3 wrecks in England before moving to the U.S.A.I have owned it for 24 years.It is painted in gold leaf colors.The engine is built from a formula ford(kent)block and crank with lo...
AlexandreCElan Sprint
far57Elan SprintWill be restoring when time allows. Any help/expertise welcome!
jerseymanElan Sprint
lotuselan7Elan Sprint
Rich GriffElan SprintGold Leaf colours.One of my all time favourite gorgeous looking cars. Still has decent performance even today. Prices gone too high though.
APOLO1Elan Sprint 73
thegamekeeperElan Sprint and Plus 2Nightmare cars back in the 70,s before specialists were invented and problems were sorted out. Had nightmares about water pumps.
davro14Elan Sprint DHC
Freddie328Elan Sprint DHC
PeegeElan Sprint DHCMy first sports car. Wish that I hadn't sold it!
MFUElan Sprint x4
Buster44Elan Turbo SEGood car with little if no turbo lag (I don't normally like turbos). Amazing handling, although difficult to place on the road due to not being able to see the wings.
David SegalElan x 2, Elise + Exige, rally Escort
gordon fyfeElan+2
live adeElan+2A bit of an ongoing project
V8GriffithElan+2I loved this car as I rebuilt it from a total HEAP! but even though it would keep up with todays hot hatches I had to sell it as I felt guilty driving it hard. Bought a DAX RUSH with the money
EnglishmanElan+2 S130
Aussie Johnelan+2sLove the old +2, had my first Lotus in 1969.
lotiguyelan/europa/esprit turbo1967 elan 1969 europa (zetec) 1989 esprit turbo 1984 reynard f-2000 1989 van dieman r1 power
moluagEleven Le Mans
VIPERLESSEleven Le-MansIntersting car, bit like a Caterham. Only good for sprints and track days.V.FAST
LSN 202Eleven Mk 2
737 FLFEleven MK2
-Neil-EliseSwapped for my previous car (Exige S2) with £250 going the other way to cover repairs in Sept 2011. Lotus Elise Sport 190 Nitron Suspension 2Bular H2 GT3 2Bular Sports Cat JRSC Uprated Solid T...
-Neil-EliseAudi S3/Leon Cupra R/Golf Edition 30 2.0 TFSI engine. ProAlloy Chargecooler. ProAlloy triple pass rad. OEM VAG ECU with Revo stage 2 map and SPS switch. Race Technology Dash2 digital dash. Elisep...
1000TCRElise Best car ever built by anyone!
24sol67EliseBest Elise yet.
26jcdEliseBig boy's go-kart
335manEliseAwesome car, lightly modded exhaust, induction kit.
3DPEliseOne of the very last S1 Elises. Modded to about 130bhp with a S2 suspension, etc etc. Used heavily on track for the 18 months I owned it.
400SE DaveElise
4oClockEliseIt's fantastic. I use mine everyday, so I'm finding the good and bad. The bad is a dark, wet, slippery, and busy road. The good is just about everything else. The headlights are poor, some people t...
5MUGEliseLoved it and would have another one (as well as a TVR of course!)
5MUGEliseLoved it!
7 SevensEliseSilver S1 with blue leather. So much fun and provides a real sensation of speed at low speeds. Loads of local runs and met a good group of guys.
71tuscanEliseStarlight Black with Black Leather Black top.
8spokesElise haven't got it yet, but my god its great
996GT3_MattEliseExquisite. Everyone should sample a Lotus Elise/Exige variant at some point in their driving history.
A5HLEYEliseI love this car to peices, it's my daily drive and would recomend one to anyone! Need to be careful in the wet, but that goen with any car lets be honest!
abrussichEliseChrome Orange, Touring pack, used as daily driver by wife unit. Very fun car in all respects.
AbyssUKEliseOne wicked arse kicker and can cane most cars into next week most wicked.
abz 7001EliseForget Viagara This car has given me a 40 month hard-on!
ACJEliseJust bought the car from having an RS Focus - will see what the difference will be
actechEliseExcellent fun, lively in the wet Mods: Sports Exhaust, K&N Filter, Yokohama Advan A038R (Soft Compound), SmartTire Tyre management system Handles like a dream, great fun to drive. Great little ...
AdamcEliseWhoo! that was a lot of fun! Try having an argument with your girlfriend in an Elise. Pretty rare in Sydney, so eeeeveryone looks. When I finished paying it off, the temptation to switch proved too mu...
adamk550EliseBrilliant car esp. the early ones with the ceramic brakes
ADM 135SEliseGreat car, cheap to run, but can't stop upgrading parts!! Fitted; Nitrons, Stiffened anti-roll bar, Vented drill brakes with Pagid RS42, HID headlights, Eliseparts sports exhaust, Eliseparts ge...
Adrian 111RElise
adrianball65Elise Utterly addictive, huge fun, amazingly responsive and easy to control despite enormous power to weight
AdrianREliseStandard car except for quick rack, no careful owners, frequently used on track. Needs front clam respray due to zillions of stone chips otherwise standing up well to (ab)use. [url]Somewhat stale w...
ads v6Elise
ads v6Elisewrote it off doh!!
After EightEliseHad the aluminium metal matrix discs - absolutely brilliant
airborneEliseThe best thing I ever did was to buy this car. It showed me what a car is really about. Entertainment.
ajleslieEliseGreat noise, great handling, big grin factor - hopefully it'll be reliable! :-)
aky666EliseFantastic!! I love it more than anything!
AL...EaseEliseFantastic car in so many ways. If, like me, you've never driven anything sporty before it's a real eye-opener about what cars should really drive like. Great performance, fantastic handling, looks goo...
AL5026EliseMy first Lotus, only sold it to fund the Exige....
Alan-9j5brElise The best sports car I've owned.
alanSCElisevery fast
Alan_D350EliseOther half's car
ALE 111sElise
ALE 111sElise
Alex GurrEliseI always wanted an Elise and had great fun with the car in the 4 months I owned it. The problem was I got bored of it quite quickly. The handling was sublime, with fantastic grip and magical steering ...
Alfa numericElisePart of a two pronged replacement for the Megane. Over six years and 20,000 miles it never failed to put me in a good mood. It lived on the street for four years and was always leak free. It's not ...
alicrozierEliseOwned whilst working overseas. Used for Euro trips/trackdays.
alienbobElisemmm whoop vrooom!
AlimacEliseGreat Motor Very fast estate and good looking
AlimackerEliseGreta fun ..sold to early ...Fool!
althetoadEliseFantastic fun, increadible handling.
AltreziaEliseGot another, missed the first one too much!
AltreziaEliseThis is a 2001 Sport Tourer, in Ruby Red. I love these little go-karts! This is my third, the first two being S1s. It could do with a few bits and bobs doing to it, but like any British car, it's e...
AltreziaEliseFor racing in the Elise Trophy
amanda_pandaEliseLove my little Lotus
An MarcachEliseThis is one of the few cars I've owned that I've actually missed once it was gone. What a cracking little car. Brilliant fun ..... highly recommended.
An MarcachElise
andhanEliseAwsome car! Nuff said.
andi_pEliseGreat Car
andrew82Elise Brilliant car. Handles as if on rails (to a point). Great looks and performance. One of the prettiest small sports cars around. Cheap to run with great fuel economy (around 35 -40mpg) and tyres on...
AndrewpasEliseA fantastic car, not so good if you have kids but recommended track days!!
andrewsEliseInitially very expensive, new steering rack, trackrod ends, leaking gearbox etc, but last couple of years its been cheap motoring
andrew_ns35eliseyes oh yes
Andy RBEliseUndersteers a bit to much
Andy RBEliseBetter cat than the S2, didn't understeer as much.
Andy RBElise
Andy TEliseBrilliant! Totally reliable and fantastic to drive. God knows why I replaced it with a Boxster!
Andy TEliseMy second Elise. Got this because after owning the Boxster which was probably the worst experience of my life, I needed to get back into something that I know and love. Lotus! It's fantastic to dri...
Andy111EliseFirst lotus i've owned. Ardent Red
Andy1980EliseGoes like stink!!
Andy504EliseOh yes. A Lotus every car fan should own. Wow, handles better than it looks with the acceleration of the super cars of my youth. Love it. It even has a couple of annoying squeaks, a proper Lotus
AndyAMG Elise
AndyAMG EliseAn early 'lightweight' S2 Elise with a mildly tweaked K-series and the better looking 'long-tail' roof.
andybpe12Elisecracking little car. great fun. sad to see it go.
andyjmchaplinEliseany body with 12k or more should by one cheap to run and never fells to put a smile on my face
andySCEliseThe Plastic Fantastic....this car was awesome. As compromised as you would imagine an Elise to be but useable everyday all the same. The SC really is a potent car, you could be lazy in it & let the to...
andyspiersEliseElise Parts Ali-belled discs, Pagid RS42 pads, Elise Parts adjustable anti-roll bar, upgraded toe-links, Tigga front splitter, Hurricane air-filter, Multivex Mirrors, twin-circle tail lights, HIDs ......
andyspiersEliseOriginally a Sport 135R but now with Honda K20A engine conversion by Link-Up, Jackson Racing supercharger, chargecooler, A3 billet cams, high-flow sports cat, 2bular single-exit GT3 exhaust, nitron sh...
Andyt25EliseLightning Yellow, black wheels, sports exhaust
andywebster2005EliseHad no problems really with the car apart from the rear earth point needing good de-greasing and clean due to all the crap easily getting there... apart from that the 1.8K even in fairly standard trim...
another juanEliseGreat around the Nurburgring but a turbo would be nice
ant leighEliseBrilliant, absolutely love it.
anton1EliseA dream come true. A very happy 22 year old indeed!
anton1EliseA child hood dream revisited.
ApretextEliseAwesome bit of kit. Doesn't idle properly, Doesn't like sitting in traffic, Doesn't really like anything below 4000RPM really. It leaks, its increadibly noisy and now the stero doesn't work properly. ...
Argonjunkieelisewot a fantastic little sports car, cheap to run and stick to road like theres glue on the tyres. Ive owned this car for over a year now and its been my pride and joy, i love to drive and its always ni...
ArnieVXREliseGreat fun until it finally lets go.
ArnoEliseEuropean Honda K20 engine, TODA A3 spec cams and valvesprings, TODA high compression headgasket, large oil cooler, extra engine mount, 4-2-1 manifold, baffled sump, steel braided brake lines, Nitron s...
ASB007EliseSteers by thought control. Love it on the track, love it on the road. Not many in South Africa - a real head turner. Could do with more power though.
ashpEliseA really fantastic car - some periods I used it every day to drive to work.
Athboy501EliseBit of a strain as an every-dayer, but a cracker nonetheless. Would highly recommend lowering the CAM change point.
Athboy501EliseAll time classic - The perfect way to start off in performance cars - cheap to run and sweet, sweet balance. Can't wait to get another!
Atki2000EliseNot had it too long , and only comes out at the weekend for now but has not failed to put a smile on my face every time the garage door goes up!
austin2ndcityeliseI love it !! Sounds like thunder when you gun it and sticks to the road like its on rails Nitron suspension Oz Wheels Toyo R888's Braided brake lines EBC disks Pagid rs42 pads Elise...
avaminitEliseI would recommed buying this model of Elise. This is the 3rd Elise that I've had. For some reason I always seem to come back to them. Although this is the 1st 111s I'v had and it's much improved. ...
AyeUpElisePros: Fast, agile, telepathic steering. Cons: Wet handling, rattles
AzlanEliseNeed more driver training and track days.
azure eliseElise
B-RadEliseHardcore day to day fun car
B19GRREliseAh well she left today for new roads back in her home county.
B3astEliseSuperb car - only reallly lost it the once (learnt quick). Could have done with more power though....
Babzi 1Elise
Babzi 1Elise
Back AftieElisebought new,currently being repaired [new clam front]ready for summer!
Bad AndiElise
badger828elise Lots Of Truble Usually Serious couldnt be more apt,(sing) On the first 5 years of ownership my Lotus dealer gave to me, 12 new suspension bushes, 11 lightbulbs blowing, 10 brand new head bolts, 9 p...
badoozlebyEliseFabulous car which came alive on track days - sometimes too alive. I couldn't understand everyone raving about the handling, when I found that on the limit it would bite me without warning. I went off...
banx22EliseI totally love it; it's never getting sold. Makes understand why we all love to drive each time you get in it.
barnskiEliseMy daily drive. Yes, really. For a car that you can use every day (albeit with a few practicality issues), I doubt there is much out there that offers as much bang for your buck. Running costs are...
Baron Von AldersElise
barradEliseBought my Elise (Elsie as she is known among friends and family) back in December 2005 from Alexander David. Although 5 years old, she had just under 8k on the clock and in immaculate condition. I...
Baz37EliseRide, Handling and Steering feel are just epic Should have bought one a lot sooner!
Bear SCElise
BeastyElisePurchased in 2000, the moment I got a new job. Looking to replace it now, after 2.5 years, and gaining a finacee I am getting a little tired of the lack of luggage space and comfort. Still, there ...
beefcake42elisewhat a car...biggest regret of my life getting rid of that
beezEliseBought for £12500 in 2004 April/04 - Insurance £2500!!! Ouch! (I was 22 with 1yrs NCB) Bell Direct all other companies were over £3k April/04 - Tracker subscription £105 June/04 - 'C' service Sincl...
bencollins4EliseAwesome little car. Makes everything since seem rather ordinary.
bennnoElisenice car but hit with major unplanned servicing bill so sold on. will probably buy a s2 in a couple of months time when finances permit
bertieEliseAn absolute joy to drive, superb streering, communicative, not intimidating, beautiful!!
BevvyEliseSublime driving experience. Great "Gold Leaf" colour scheme (the best!)
bewley broElise
BezElise97 Elise Mustard Yellow H/Top, Pioneer CD, Infinity, Leather, driving lights etc Stage II engine with S/Steel Exhaust, Cat Bypass, ITG Induction etc 144 BHP @ Wheels Yoko Advan Neovas
bherEliseWe had an argument in the straight after the Raidillon at Spa in the rain. She decided to go on her own and so we are no more together....Sadly
Big GrinElise
bigbadjoshEliseLove, Love, Loved it!
bigbigrayEliseNeeds more midrange power
Biggles111EliseOne of the first 25 made, possibly an ex-press car. Bought for what was then a bargain price of £12.5K due to cosmetics and missing S/H, sold for £15.5K after giving it a repaint and service for £15.5...
BigTed234EliseI think I'm getting too old for this now...
BiljaspEliseFantastic drive - if a little raw.
bilton_dEliseLotus Elise S1 with some tasteful upgrades. High flow air filter Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust Uprated Springs and Dampers Expensive sound system Extensive Lotus Service History and bills Had a...
bilton_dElise bought my old car back
Bing oElise
Bingo KingElise
bintEliseAdmittedly it's owned by my better half, but I do get to drive it and love the way it feels like a go kart.
BirdboxEliseJust Fantastic
Black Sport 160Elise
blackjackEliseI wanted a Lotus since 1972 when our neighbours at the time bought an Europa....in lime green! I was 6 and fell in love with it. In 2003, I went for it and bought the Type 72, well it had to be...the ...
BlacknightEliseGreat car, lots of fun.
Blazing SaddlesElise
BlueThingEliseLotus Elise S2 Race Tech, Cobalt Blue. My Pride and Joy! Love it!
Bob ChiltonElise
bob42EliseWhat an amazing car. A revelation compared with the Corrado. Shouldn't have sold it.
bob42EliseGreat fun - wish I'd taken it on more trackdays but never seemed to find the cash or the time.
BobbywhackerEliseAwesome... want another one.. when I have a garage.. but when I have a garage I want a 911 930 flatnose. D'oh
BobbywhackerEliseFun and pretty cheap to run... but no torque and no motor cruiser!
bobford55Elisewow! vroom! zooom!! whoosh!!woohoo!!!
bobo79EliseMuch more fun!
bod27EliseAzure Blue Eliseparts ally/belled discs/briaded hoses. S2 wiper sports exhaust (dont know which one!!) EP's sports cat. 2L Duratec engine with CR gearbox. 888's on Rimstock's
BoggyEliseIt's wicked ! quick nimble but watch the rear end in damp or wet conditions
BoggyEliseNOW SOLD! Buy it at http://www.lipscomb.co.uk/lotus/home/index.php I can't believe how lucky we are ! Upgrades Lotus Motorsport Stage 1 Pipercross Velocity Intake System Exige Rear Diff...
BoggyEliseLarge! Well we've replaced Silver Lightning with this steed Upgrades so far : 1. Black lightweight forged alloys 2. 2Bular 8”dia" Inch exhaust 3. TRD Induction System 4. Black rear Diffuser...
BoggyEliseSolar Yellow, Black leather interior with Yellow Laurel Leaf Logo's in Headrests & Lotus logo’s on door inserts Factory colour coded hard top Black Wheel's Black rear diffuser Christopher ...
BoggyEliseSports Exhaust, TRD Induction, Updated ECU
bogoffEliseBloody Fantastic car, running in is an arse though. Still Running in though up to 700miles and 4500rpm now, nice... Got the plate it's number 14 of 50. Starting to put together a type23elise websit...
booblesEliseMy second Elise & probably not my last.
boolayEliseA Proper car! Hardwork as a daily driver especially in winter, but great fun none the less! 10 years of pining for an Elise and I wasn't dissapointed. Coming out of the Leon into the Elise - the no...
bosscerberaElise My Li'l Red Roadster! Bought new for Christmas 2007 as a 2008MY Lotus Elise S. Ran it around for a bit then put it into the Silverstone Performance workshop to be turbocharged. It's basically got the ...
bosshogEliseLots and lots of fun. A bit hard to live with every day as my only car after 2 years it had to go..
BR51TOLElise200+bhp S1 DVA build
Brad111EliseBig V8 powered lotus.
braddoEliseThe car that reminded the world of the joys of pared down driving. The perfect road/track compromise. The 135's extra power and torque, close ratio gearbox and uprated seats really make a differ...
BrandoEliseIt didn't end well :(, I shall return one day!
brassneckEliseI can think of a hundred reasons to dislike this car, but one drive and that's your lot - you're buying it before you know it, and have a big smile transplanted to your face.
bread1981EliseAlways wanted one, it was my dream since being a paperboy when the series one came out. I miss it loads but we had a love hate relationship. Had some glitchy problems and generally the servicing was...
brg68EliseOnly sold it because I was moving back from NL to the UK - it was LHD. Most of what people say about them is true. Hood leaks water, crap door locks, like reading the road through your fingertips, ...
brian111sELISEengine rebuilted by LOTUS CLUB ITALY staff, she is still a right hand drive. i will keep it this way. new alluminium and sport cadena look alike graphics(almost) car is in italy of course :-))
Brian_Edwards22EliseWonderful car. Pity my wife did not like it
brrrmEliseThe shizzle - no car does it better. Drive yourself to the track in it and go! :)
Bull1tEliseTook me 15 years to get one but I finally managed it. Its completely impractical but I like it even more than I expected to.
BullFaceElise Untitled Document ...
Buster44EliseGorgeous in Inferno red metallic.
Buster44EliseElise number 4 - can't stay away, they just get under our skin! Swapped for S1 Exige
c4rlhEliseExcellent car. I only bought one for a short while but still love driving it nearly four years later. Build quality, comfort, speed and handling top notch.
Capt Cave ManEliseUpdated: 01/05/2007 Hold on, let me learn how to drive her first... woo hoo! After saving for the last couple of years I finally get to own the dream. I was looking for a standard S1 but after ...
Captain AhabEliseElise S2
Captain MuppetEliseS1 160. Used daily and still on it's original head gasket.
CardSharkEliseStorm Titanium Janspeed 'zorst ITG induction Maximum fun!
carl carlsonEliseIts not practical but its fun to drive and IMHO better than the R except on track.
carllosselisethe very lightest of them all at under 700kg. goes like the wind with not a lot of power and handles fab. not very practical but in good weather with the roof off its great fun.
CarnageEliseGreat car but always a little underwhelming. Fantastic history, incredible engineering, but a little lacking in power. Sold as S1's starting to get a little too available by the Burberry set... N...
CarparticusEliseBought this because of all the road tests and rave reviews. Plus, I really liked the 'Azure Blue' colour with cream seats. But 3 weeks after buying it I won a court case and that resulted in a 355 G...
carphotographerEliseMy second Elise and regret selling. Fuly sorted and tuned with racing dynamic suspension .
carphotographerEliseBrought new from B&C - a car I loved and a car I was gonna to keep. G/F had other ideas . Now she's an ex and wish I still had he car
CarreraGirlElisePocket sized fun.
carsmark1111EliseFast eye catching car, however not very practical. Was fun when I had it butmoved onto others now.
Cat7SSElise111R with touring pack, had air-con fitted that broke just out of warranty and the skinflints didn't extend to cover still, never really used it, wish I'd gone for the "lifestyle paint" option instead...
caz4213EliseOnly had a couple of short weeks of ownership as I write this, but most certainly glad I scrimped and saved up enough money to buy an Elise. What a machine.
ceandEliseBeen in the family since new. First bought by niece Rachel when she worked at the factory. Used as weekend car, so low miles. Recently fitted Quicksilver exhaust and Hurricane to imrove the noise but ...
ceebmojEliseCant relay add much to what you will have all-ready read else where. Yes they are that good, in fact you only really realise how good it is when you get in soothing else. unfortunately broken in to an...
Cerb999EliseThe first and only Silverstone Edition Elise Sport 220. 😁😁😁😁
CH0PPAElise This is the second Lotus I have owned. Very quick. Superb handling, comfortable across Europe, Will out manoeuvre most things up or down a mountain pass. I have thought about changing it to many other...
CH0PPAEliseMy first Elise, better handling than the current one, more feedback from the car when properly set up. Not as comfotable as the curent one and a lot less power although the stripes made it a little qu...
chancer75Elise15,000 miles, in Aubergine. You'll hear it coming too, with the Hurricane induction kit and Janspeed sports exhaust...!
chancer75ElisePersian Blue, Black Spider alloys 10k miles Pipercross Induction, Stage 1 Exhaust
CharismaEliseBought from New, full spec with hard top, had it for 2 years, took it in for it's 2nd annual service at 12,000 miles and ended up part-exchanging it for a new Elise S2 (sports tourer). I thought this...
Charlie PElise
chasmanEliseNo 401 of the original cars. Amazing handling and brakes, feels like violating the laws of physics. But leaks like hell when it rains, the roof is an utter pain so you don't go topless when you shoul...
cheeky172Elise Best overall car so far (one month in)
cheekymonkeyElisestandard 04 spec with biscuit leather NOW SOLD
CheesyUKEliseGreat drivers car. No compromise - therefore not a great anything else. Brilliant economy, sprightly performance and great fun on track.
cheffoelisei'm in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chevronb37EliseDearly departed. But replaced by something altogether sillier. The sensible face of Elise ownership. I completed 20k miles in 2 years without serious incident or mishap. Cannot recommend them highly e...
CHIEF1107EliseF**cking Brilliant!
chiefliefEliseFinally, I own a car that goes when I put my foot down. The only street legal Lotus Elise S1 in Canada (so far)... will be difficult to part with, if ever possible!
ChombersEliseGot the car a week ago after many years or wanting one, my only regret is waiting so long!
Chris GandertoneliseExcellent Car, I fancy a exige now!
ChrisAEliseBought as a standard Elise, Currently building a new cylinder head. Have converted a VVC head to solid fast cam, have had it ported, gas flowed and polished. Planning to fit in March 06.
ChrisBuerEliseThe Elise was purchased as a standard 120bhp S2. However as I was living in Norwich at the time and a stones throw from the Lotus factory, it wasn't long before the car was back with them for a bit of...
ChrisBuerEliseThe Elise SC was a breath of fresh air after the Golf. I was back in a fun, lightweight, two seater car, but this time I had a supercharger! The car had a Lotus TRD airbox, 2bular exhaust and sport...
chrisr111rEliseMy first Lotus, to replace a long line of MR2s. Loving the 2ZZ high lift kick!
chrissmith2097EliseFantastic driving car but if your looking for comfort and gadgets look elsewhere! Would show alot of other sports cars the way round a bend!
Chrissy GEliseMor my fathers car than mone after he sold his Chimaera 4L. It was cracking little car with lovely sports exhaust. It did leak worse than the TVR but was ofset by its wonderful handling argueable bett...
Chris_SEliseTRD Airbox 2Bular 8x22 exhaust
chris_wEliseWould have another tomorrow if it had room in the back for a dog...
ChriXEliseGot a hard top with it as well but that's not seeing much use at the moment! Only additions are Janspeed stainless system, and headlight and driving lamp covers. Would like a CRP and Piooly inducti...
chumleyEliseJust sublime. I wanted one since the mk1 was launched, can't believe it took me so long to get one (nearly bought one twice previously but thwarted for various reasons). Far more reliable/useable tha...
CJ.OKElise Bright red, with matching hardtop, Black Leather, Black Exige wheels and ever extra in the book. Other extras include full decat exhaust system, 6 CD changer etc. Best handling car I ever owned!
cjharris200EliseModified for sprints & hill climbs
CJNeliseIt's a bit of a love / hate relationship. On a fair or good (weather)day nothing comes close. It's the best handler, fairly frugal & a superb experience. On a damp or wet day when you have to crawl ...
ClarkyboySEliseSuch a great car, never caused me any problems, brilliant first trackday car
CloverLotiEliseSadly departed to the great salvage yard in the sky, thanks to my lead foot and a telegraph pole!
clubelaneliseYellow Friends
cmsapmsElise'Er Indoors' car. I struggle to get in and out (6'5"). Seems quite fast, I s'pose. I prefer the Westfield :-)
ColdturkeyEliseAbsolutely brilliant, you will NEVER get bored.
Colin FElise
colin1976EliseHeavily modified for track work (but looked standard).
colin1976EliseFantastic. Sold because I wanted one with a Honda K20 conversion.
ColoneltomEliseNot quite the awesome grunt of the 965 turbo but still showed a clean pair of heals to 99% of competition from traffic lights. Nimble enough but wont straddle speed humps! Ideal toy for a hot summer d...
combatpootleEliseGreat fun round the streets ITG induction kit De-catted Sports exhausts short shift gearbox not as fast as my last one but more user friendly i think its excellent
Composite GuruElise
CooperSEliseFantastic! There the only word you can describe the Elise. Easily fast enough for everyday use and the sunday hoon, the petrol attendant wont become your best friend just someone you'll see once a wee...
Country BoyEliseNoisy, uncomfortable, dubious build quality. But good to look at, good fun at the limit, good for short furious runs.
crackthatoffelisekiss my yellow arse !
CraigyMcEliseBought for the summer and stayed for nearly 3 years - although not all of that time on the road! A combination of ancient, rock-hard PZero tyres, first rain after a long dry period and a leaking sh...
Cranky Nuts!Elise
crapperEliseCollected on 28th April and really starting to bond with it now. First few days I felt a little cold about the experience (nothing wrong with the car but did not feel completely satisfied). Last few...
CTEEliseBrilliant to drive, just lacks luggage space/refinement for the longer journeys..whence Evora
CUBICLEEliseVERY original and unmolested. Bright yellow.
cullenEliseBought to replace my 200bhp Westy and Audi TT 3.2 Wish I had made the swap sooner what a great little car! [IMG]http://i464.photobucket.com/albums/rr6/timcullen_photos/elise029.jpg[/IMG]
Custom DaveEliseThis car is the nuts!!!
CuzzaEliseFun, fun, fun!
CVPElisePicked up Sat 26 April 2003. 2001 Sports Tourer in Cobalt Blue. Full Lotus one year warranty from Bell & Colvill. Driving this is just bliss, huge grins on each journey. Now sold March 2004.
D.noEliseNot enough shove, and the handling was not exactly what you'd describe as playful! Wonderful lesson in what a lack of inertia can do. Bit too Heath Robinson, and under-developed for my tastes th...
dajdixonEliseWhat everyone already knows: it's a car for driving (and pretty much nothing else, not for shopping, not for passengers, not for luggage, not for travelling anywhere...)
dalmsEliseTitanium, very good condition. Fairly high mileage but with FLSH and kept garaged since new. Red leather interior, black soft top and hard top. Momo quick release steering wheel, alloy accessories.
Dalto123Elise118bhp model
DamienCBREliseBought on 29th August 2007. More practical than the Tiger and just as much fun. Buy one you know you want to! After little use in the past few years i have now sold the Lotus. Off to a very nice...
dan s160elise
Danny MilnerElise
danny tattersallElise
danny tattersallElise
dannyltEliseWhat a lovely little car - surely nothing steers better on the road? Power sufficient - as long as the road is wet. Honda K20A engine on order to ensure dry road mayhem! *Update* Dry road mayhe...
danreadEliseServicing was expensive but worth while and all performed at specialist Steve Williams, next service is sure to be much cheaper. Have fixed roof leaks, an inherent S1 prob. Decided not to track it, wo...
danwebsterEliseA little disappointing until I fitted an LSD....very happy now!
danwebsterElise190hp stripped out racer.
danwebsterElise750 kilos, 230hp and a limited slip diff. What more could you need in life.
Darren EElise
Darryl V8EliseQuick enough with the top down to make me smile
dasEliseExcellent fun car , easy to drive and very quick.
Dave LEliseLove it.
Dave S1EliseI've had the Elise since early 05 having always wanted one! Have never looked back - I love it!
dave111selisefantastic car
dave7EliseAlways wanted an early Elise. Great cars - just preferred my Caterham.
Davey S2EliseGreat car but a little underpowered and suffered the dreaded HGF. Fantastic introduction to Lotus though.
David R160Elise
David Warrenerelisefitted yoko advans. what a difference to the car. makes the po's seem crude.
davidjEliseStandard car apart from Janspeed exhaust and chrome door fixings and switch covers June 2003 Added the headlight covers which makes the car look complete now May 2004 Added S2 suspension from Steve ...
davidpnEliseMy first sports car. Definitely not my last.
davidscEliseFantastic little thing, so responsive, noisey, harsh wouldn't change a single thing.
davros94EliseBest car I've ever driven. Pure driving experience, relatively economical and looks that haven't aged since it was launched.
daytona111rEliseWill be a keeper for life. Love the steering, looks, sounds (with stage 2), gearbox. Very liveable as well with decent luggage space.
dazb67Elise4th Elise, Titanium Grey, Black Pack, Touring, Lightweight Black Forged Alloys
dazb67Elisewritten off :-( following roll down motorway.....
da_murphsterEliseBought from a mate at work who had just bough a new TT and lost interest in the S1 (he was not a DIYer and it needed some TLC) I bought it as an easy to run fun, cheap car as a stop gap after my TV...
dbarradeElisehttp://stfunplay.com/ Drives better in real life than it did in Gran Turismo, though it's harder to get in and out of.
dcalvertEliseFantastic car!
dcmpEliseGot it, sold the soft top, got a hard top. It wasn't about being an open top.
dcmpEliseThis was my BBB...black paint, black interior and black wheels. Didn't really use it so sold it on. How daft is that!
DeadMeat_UKEliseTop toy. If you haven't driven one, do it.
deep purpleElise
deep purpleElise
DeepPurpleEliseAmazing. Love this car. Problems with the battery but drives like a dream. Love the immediate responses - steering, acceleration. Standard car apart from sports exhaust.
Del BoyElise
deltashadEliseIt was always an itch. Back in the day it was for price and driver enjoyment the closest thing to an Integrale. I never thought I'd buy one but I had strict instructions from her. 'convertible and e...
Demolitionman13EliseMy first Lotus. It's in Solar yellow , a really subtle metallic finish.
DemonEliseEliseGreat fun!
denyerElisewhat fun
Derek 111SEliseEffortless power, usual Elise handling and the best Lotus build quality so far.
Derek 111SEliseOnly sold to scratch the 340R itch. Chrome Orange with black leather/orange stitching. Lovely!
Derek 111SEliseAwesome in Krypton Green. A special order by Murray Motor Co for the November 2003 Scottish Motor Show.
Derek 111SEliseMy first taste of Lotus. Great introduction to the Elise. Titamium with red interior and red roof.
Derek 111SElise
Derek 111SElise
DerestrictorEliseEarly car, improved visually by the addition of optional 5 spoke alloys and audibly by some kind of fruitier than base exhaust system. 3rd best car in history, to drive, afaic.
DeuxCentCinqEliseThought I'd miss it, but I don't.
devi1sadvoc8elisewhats good go, handling, looks, noise whats not so good reliability before duratec conversion, leaks water
dgrEliseBrilliant fun, can't drive it enough.
dgrEliseBest car I've ever owned bar none
DH2EliseNice early standard one on MMCs, in Azure Blue with hardtop. Made a great noise, went round corners, went quick enough in a straight line, didn't cost _too_ much, used it everyday for 18 months, then...
DicksterEliseMy first taste of what I now need.
DicksterEliseThis was awsome for me. Pearl Mustard with green roof and leather. Sports exhaust sounded beauty.
DicksterEliseLast on to get it out of my system.
digglerElise Not my usual cup of tea (to boring), but I thought I would give it a go after the relative dissapointment of the exige. Was a real surprise, much better to drive than the exige (on the road at leas...
dimiEliseLaser Blue
Ding DongEliseOne of the first, bought new in 97, just released. Someone asked me back then, is it Mclaren F1! Oh dear!
dinger1Elisegreat fun, roll on summer
Dirty GazEliseExcellent car to drive and great fun on windy roads
Dirty SanchezEliseGood fun car on the right road on a nice sunny Sunday. Sadly not enough about and a real drag in the dark wet evening commute. Now swapped for the M3.
dirtydevilEliseAfter owning an MGF VVC for three years with all its problems I was glad to get a real sports car. This car is at home on the windy country roads where it out performs just about anything. On the moto...
discos7uEliseDeep purple Beige leather Sports 'zorst Smoked lenses Alloy interior bits
disraeligearheadEliseThis was an excellent car, nicely modified with and enlarged throttle body, ITG induction kit (superb investment), Janspeed Sports CAT and exhaust which all added up to 150 horses, giving great pace a...
DixieEliseLove it.
dnbEliseBought to own for a year as a "guest car". This didn't work out as well as expected, now I have a fleet of 4 cars vying for attention and money. This little car is far too much fun to consider selli...
Domingo Bash IIIElise
donnapkellyElisePracticality: minus 10 Fun: plus several million
DONNYLADEliseA great car which put a huge smile on my face, turned heads everywhere it went and took me on a great trip around the lakes. Larini exhaust made it sound brilliant! Still can't believe the Rover...
DontliftEliseTop Fun
Doug WardEliseTook delivery of a new 111R on the 30th of October 2004. Options included Metalic Paint (Magnetic Blue), Touring Pack, Hardtop and Armourfend. Overall on the road cost was the best part of £32,000. In...
Dougz Elise
dragstarEliseEl 'Beast. Nuff Said ;) selectaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa'
Drakey52EliseTerrific. Head gasket went, of course.
driftnethingEliseDecat + Stainless. Potenza tyres. done water pump, cam belt etc etc, new steering rack, wheel alignment + braided brake hoses with new pads all round. resprayed (azure blue) Leaks in the r...
Driving AdvsElise
Dr_RickEliseFirst (and probably last) new car. Tis awesome though, and a daily driver.
DS240EliseBrilliant. As a driving tool I haven't experienced anything better... yet.
DsDetectiveEliseUpgraded with Pipercross Viper carbon fibre induction. Upgraded with 07 spec Yokahama tires Autumn Gold / phantom black special edition (B&C), based on GT3 Motorshow car
DsDetectiveElisePipercross induction, otherwise standard.
DsDetectiveEliseStandard 49 pack, including S wheels, induction etc. Upgraded with b&c sports exhaust. It got very wet. Most fun with your trousers on (and often more fun even than that).
dsilksEliseRunning in from new, enjoying the handling and ready to enjoy the car some more after 1st service! Will probably change the exhaust very soon to get a better sound.
DuncanJLawleyEliseAzura Blue
Dutch EliseEliseStill love the way it rides Soon the VHPD conversion will be done and tuned to give over 200 bhp
DYKWIAEliseNoisy, fragile, completely impractical, but so much fun... God I miss it!
E160FREliseShould never have sold it!!!
easyheasyelisemy dream sports car!
Ed WinchesterElise
edgleyEliseI love it!!!
edistoEliseNeed I comment - constant joy...!
Edmundo2EliseSuberb on the right roads. Not so on anything other!
edoEliseOne off factory special "X" with lightweight carbon fibre seats, lightweight racing battery, forged alloys and other weight saving measures.
edward marshallElise
edxtreme35EliseOne of the sexiest supercars in the world? Probably..... One of the rarest supercars in the world? Definately.....
ehammockEliseChrome Orange Elise S1. I've only just bought it and am still getting my head around hte modifications made. So far it seems to be: Body: Front Splitter Respray (Chrome Orange) Adjustable Spoi...
ehammockEliseMy favorite car, it'll always have a soft spot in my heart, sorry wife, move over!! New Lotus Yellow Air filter, Exhaust & ECU FULL Carbon trim Stunning!!!
eightfiftyEliseNoisy, crashy, difficult to get into, utterly fabulous.
eladstreboreliseI always wanted a lotus and it took me 40 years to get one, so I am revisiting my youth but now I have the car. want a smile go for a drive in the country, who needs arobics classes just drive an elis...
Elise FourtyNineElise
Elise FourtyNineElise
Elise FourtyNineElise
Elise106EliseBought my S1 azure blue Elise in May 2006. The previous owner bought the car off Lotus (it was one of their company cars) when a year old. He had them fit the sport 160 wheels. I've fitted stainless e...
elise303EliseMy day to day car and get a smile just as often.
Elise99EliseFantastic little bugger; small, light, fast, and sounds great (hurricane induction kit with Miltek exhaust).
ellesmereFNCEliseLight little and fun...if a bit slow compared to the Mini and previous TVR
EndorphinEliseGo-kart, toy, remarkably usable.
engiebenjiEliseA nautilus blue elise with a decat,induction and brake upgrades.....mmmm nice!
EpsomJamesEliseOwned the car as a daily drive for 6 years and in that time have travelled in it as far as Italy and done several track days. Plenty quick enough for road use in standard form and fantastic handli...
EpsomJamesEliseTake the lightness of the series 1, add the series 2 styling, breath on the engine a bit, fit it with acceptably stiff suspension, fit wider wheels and shed them with super sticky rubber, add grippy a...
ervschEliseOnly had it a short time - but it's an amazing car, everything I expected and more, well worth the three year wait. The Elise replaced the 1970 Elan I owned for 17 years...
espressoEliseGreat country lane car - although getting in and out is a bit of a bind. The only downside was the engine. I guess I should've bought a 111R instead
Espresso LotusEliseNothing else like it! The best fun anyone can have.
EspritElise*SOLD Sept 2007 to make way for my new Lotus, arriving in October '07!* Recent purchase at the expense of my ambitions for TVR-powering the TR7. Only had it a short while, but she's gorgeous, as-n...
ex sapperelise
Exige CupElise
F1NIKEliseGreat fun as a weekend car. Was not in the position to afford it as a weekend car only so had to go as the morning trek to work was too much of a nightmare!
FacianEliseMy first 'proper' sports car and it's been fantastic so far, fun and involving at any speed with a decent bit of pace when needed!
farookEliseMy first Lotus - never realised a car could handle like this....
Farr cryElise
FastSpiderEliseOne of the last Series 1 Elise's made. Built in late 2000, shipped to Germany (LHD, everything in Km), optioned and shipped to the USA with no engine. Sat around for a long time while conversion was b...
fattowelisea little on the basic side for long runs but when you get there you remember why you want on that trackday. I miss this car the most out of all the cars i have ever owned.
FergusCEliseThe best handling car I have owned! Very uncomfortable, poor build quality, try not to crash one as a new front clam takes Lotus about 6 months to replace! I will own another.....
fergusdEliseFantastic experience, not my only car but I do more miles in this that in the regular car, all fun miles. The uprade path has started. Nitron Dampers, steel braided brake hoses, Pagid pads, ali bell...
Ferrari456MGTEliseBest car I've ever had. Daily driver.
ferrisbuellerEliseMay just be the best driver's car you can buy....apart from an S2 111R.... I loved her very, very much.
feweyEliseNEW TRACK DAY CAR!!!!!!!
FidgitsEliseBest car I have ever owned... Definatley the way to re-discover a love of cars and driving!
FigasElisesuperb fun
FincheliseCustom Interior Trim Hurricane Induction kit Hard Top Silver Grills Upgraded Driving Lights
findtomdotcomEliseMk1 was oddly more fun than Mk2 but Mk2 was better car to own. Thrilling even in traffic! But not a compromise in anyway (no carpets ect. My move to Porsche was a welcome one, even if it was more f...
finefettlefillyEliseArctic Silver with Navy Blue leather seats and Navy soft top and Silver hardtop. Janspeed Exhaust.
finefettlefillyEliseBlue lifestyle paint with orange stripes and orange PH smiley sticker in the window. Pipercross induction kit, black leather interior etc.
fishsandEliseHoot to drive, surprisingly reliable
Fishy DaveEliseLured back to racing after a four year break this road going Elise with Audi turbo conversion seemed ideal. Powerful, light, good handling and at a price that allowed me to convert to race spec? In re...
flipperooEliseGood car but not suitable for replacing the MX5 as a tourer
flipsterEliseGreat car, surprisingly reliable and cheap to run.
Fluffy PantsElise
fluoxetineEliseRekindling my love affair with Lotus - First 'proper' car was an Elan SE back in 1999...Strayed to the dark side and bought an Impreza STi in 2001, but returned to the Hethel fold in 2002 with an S2 E...
foolycoolyEliseSabre Heads 160 upgrade Pipercross Rice Burner Induction Kit
Ford Prefect 42Elise More smiles per mile and bangs for bucks than anything i've ever owned or driven (won't say what the others were, as i don't want to upset anyone).
forester2945EliseSimply fantastic, used every day, monster miles done, loved every one!
ForkinlotEliseInsanely quick but a pleasure to drive. Seems perfectly set up whether on road or track. Simply astonishing. I love it!
FranceliseEliseJust can't get enough of these little Lotus cars. Need a bigger garage.
frankie boyElise
FriskyElise wish I'd bought one before
fudnieEliseAwesome, just awesome.
FuzzyLogicEliseGreat little car, fun to drive but under powered in standard form. This one had 140bhp which improved the mid range a little
g7jhpEliseGreat car to drive. Quite fragile, costly to repair and service via the Lotus dealer network.
Gabby123EliseWas a prize on 5th Gear.
Gad-WestyEliseSublime. Sorely missed.
GanglandbossEliseHad it a couple of weeks and I have put a thousand miles on it already by just thrashing it about. Brilliant car, no creature comforts, just ****ing quick! Feb '09: Fitted a Hurricane induction ki...
gangstatomEliseMiles of Smiles....... Seriously good Car.
Gareth135REliseWhere my Lotus career all began....
GarethVEliseI love it and every drive feels special(rose tinted specs still on!). Need to improve my skill though as it scares me a bit,especially in the rain.
GaripieEliseNamed Eleanor. I have just purchased this car as an addition to my Mini. Wanted a 2 seater sports for a long time. Not much to tell as I've only just got her!
GarrethEliseExcellent fun, best handling car I have driven. let down by sheer grunt..
GarrickEliseOutstanding!!! A gokart for the road!! Can't wait to let it rip around a track! Best fun i've had....well ever!
Gary 911Elise
GaryCollinsonElisePorsche was becoming to expensive to maintain. Have only had the Lotus for a week but its fantastic. Im hoping to make some minor aesthetic modifications in the coming months.
GaryDVOEliseUsed Daily. Initial average 20,000 miles a year. Now around 12,000 miles a year due to change of Job. Steve Williams for Servicing: 01628 770066 Specialist Paintwork - Bodywork 0118 306206 To...
GazzaJJEliseFantastic Fun, great toy in the Sun.
gbeeeliseS1 sport 135 No50/50 Suspension - Gaz Gold Pros, ali belled discs with mintex 1144 pads, steering rack raiser plates, new drop links, full geo at Guiglielmi Msport at 110/120 ride height. AO48 tyres...
GBSGR5EliseFantastic !
gentlemangreenEliseAs featued in Autocars "Half Price Heroes" article Oct 2008.
gentlemangreenEliseHurricane Induction Lotus Sports Exhaust Green Stuff Pads Powder Coated Alloys Quicksifter Ipod Stereo Black Nose Badge Eliseparts Black Gear Knob Lots of black loveliness!
GeordiefellaEliseUpgraded with head port, piper 633 cams, verniers, 4-2-1 manifold, hurricane, janspeed supersport, HIDs
geraldwEliseGreat car, owen it for 2 years now, and no regrets ;)
German JaseElise
GibEliseGood fun. Quite fast and with sports exhaust sounds ace.
GilesEliseStaggering ability and single-minded performance have given me hours of fun. It leaves me wiped out, though, after a hard pounding on little roads. Bloody fragile too.
Gilesie BoyElise
GilesMEliseJust lots of Fun
ginger steveElise
Gio GEliseBought this car from Chiswell Green dealership.. It was immaculate, owned by the ex designer of the Elan.
GirlieEliseHaving owned Elises for 3½ years now, I am finally fed up with the manual roof. Still love the performance, acceleration in 3rd and the 'wow' factor of the looks.
girlracerEliseFantastic! Can't wait until I have the money and parking space to own another one.
gkronbergEliseSex on wheels .... or very close
gkronbergEliseleaks like buggery ....do not open the door ...ever ... if it starts to rain ... do not break the seal ... once broken ,... its all water puddles from here on ...
GlenJearyEliseI have only owned this car for 2 weeks but i'm smitten. It is everything i thought it would be and much much more.
GM182EliseThere is a slight tear on one of the hood seams at present -- perhaps related to when it blew open at 120mph! Sadly sold a while ago. Best car ever owned.
Gnasher2EliseDon't know yet as I only pick it up next weekend!
Goders EliseElise
golden gollyEliseThe most fun you can have with your trousers on. http://rides.webshots.com/album/579676974nEVQgB
GoobyEliseElise 111R - Electric Blue with white stripes! Incredible, georgeous fantastic, wonderful..... This car is so much fun on EVERY level. I have nipped out for milk and returned 2 hours later (without...
gorriemanEliseUtterly brilliant. Was great on track, although the LSS was a little harsh on the poor UK road surfaces. I regret selling this car.
gorriemanEliseThis was a standard S2 Elise, which I upgraded to PTP RS140 spec. After upgrade the engine characteristics were very similar to the 135 Lotus engine. Better road manners than the 135R I owned, not q...
Goulash PondElise
gp racingelise
gpg1800EliseGreat fun use it every day
graham600EliseTypical Lotus ownership experience I think, when it is good it is superb.
graham600EliseSo far so good! Great car, sold due to lack of use (3 children into 1 seat is tricky)
grayntapEliseHi all We bought this car because it was built in England wanted to support our automotive sector. What a mistake to make. The vehicle is now just under 6 months old. The day after we bought the car...
graysEliseGreat fun. The more I learn about how to drive it, the more I enjoy driving it. The S1 suspension has been swapped for the Bilstein S2 kit which improves the ride and stiffens it up too.
Green EliteElise
GreenSVEliseOwned from new. Millenium Edition.
Greg SElise
GregmundEliseTop Toy!
greidoEliseGood fun car but a bit too impractical when you get addicted to playing golf..... Clubs are fine in the passenger seat but it's not fun being hit with a trolley every time you go round a corner!
grezEliseFantastic car, loads of fun, love the VVC K series temperament... After 4yrs I just fancied a bit more straight line poke
griffterEliseIncredibly well built, well designed and fascinating car. Here's to the next 5 years.
GringolocoEliseMost refined driving machine, many upgrades: SC, chargecooler, 2bular exhaust, 285hp, AP-Brakes etc..
GrinndersEliseAfter a period of standard spec.... transforming through modest upgrades and it gets better all the time.
GrinzzzElise1year old almost and 13k miles later, all the delivery niggles have been sorted and its running sweeeeet as a nut. Motorsport ecu, pipercoss viper, wider lightweight alloys and a pistonheads sticke...
GruffyEliseFantastic car that covered huge miles all over Europe. It had an eventful life with me and has since been passed on to a carbon fibre specialist who threw insane money at it, turning it into a LHD mot...
gue4EliseThe handling is amazing; and as it's rare and British it gets lots of positive comments. But tough as your only car - no space, noisy and tough to live with in winter. Very cheap to run and wonderful...
Guy 500Elise
Guy_WElisePlans Motorsport prepared...46 mm Ohlins, Quaife SC box, Poly bushed, Plans Disks with Pagids, R888's on lightweight wheels, Corbeau seat, SD cage, Schroth Harnesses. Jenvey's, Emerald ECU and vern...
GYGEliseMoto Build Stage II conversion. LSS + Close Ratio box. Usual induction + sports exhaust. + 'extras'
hahithestevieboyEliseStarlight Black, Blue Alcantara, SVA version with Janspeed Exhust (decatted), airbox modification
HairyduckElisethese are some of the costs I have records for... there have been many others! Still wouldn't get rid of it though :-)
hampsteadEliseSeries 1
hank210Elisegreat fun, and plenty practical for what it was made for.... blastin the country lanes in total driver-car-road harmony
hartleyjEliseJust buy one!
herebebeastiesEliseStandard S2, long roof. Bell & Colvill sports exhaust. Racing Green Metallic (B86). Original green leather interior swapped out for tan.
Heres JohnnyElise
hesslenaylorEliseThe best car I have ever driven
Hollow LegsElise[pic]http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/driving.gif[/pic] [pic]http://www.jonrb.com/emoticons/cloud9.gif[/pic]
Holmes14AEliseA fantastic car, not as bad everyday as some might think.
Honda-miniElisesince owning, it has a janspeed exhaust system, hurricane induction, complete respray (thanks to the local pinstriper.. twat), new toyo T1-R's all round, SW Lotus' fast road geo setup, new wheels (tha...
hongkongphooeyElise Fantastic pocket rocket
hoov23EliseBlack on Tan, Touring Package, Starshield, Stage II exhaust.
Hugh JarseEliseQuite scruffy inside and non existant boot, but once tarted up should be nice. already has fancy suspension etc.
hughcamElise Absolutely fantastic car to own. Not the quickest vehicle on the road but it really does engage like no other car I have driven (except the VX220)
hughjenginElise2 x head gaskets, 2 x alternators, 4 x boot cables, varius other things, fantastic car
Hunter TElise
HVAC MATTEliseBest toy car to date
I CookeEliseWhat an awesome car! I love it!
I WISHEliseJust sublime in every way. Telepathic handling.
Iain_WeirEliseFifth gear wasn't wrong when they said is the best sports car in the world.
Ian974EliseThree and a half years of daily driving. Its a keeper!
iansumukEliseFANTASTIC! Ok, so you all know the Elise. Well I live with mine day-to-day. The handling is spot on, pin point accuracy. The servicing costs are so low on the Toyota engined entry level elise...
ibistiELISEI've had the old smoker for 2 1/2 year and can honestly say it's the best car I've ever had! only what to change it for? 340R maybe?! It's titanium, carbon roof, carbon int, ss exhaust, sports sus, ...
ibistiEliseSecond Lotus, even better than the last, still hankering after a 340R though
icceesEliseI've always wanted to own a Lotus car frome the first time I saw one but that was so long ago....Now I got my elise....driving has become fun again!
IkemiEliseLike the S1, but a faster and more refined RAH! =D
inb2003EliseMakes the hair stand up on the back of your neck.. you'll always feel alive driving one of these....
iron horseElise
ishaunElise111S model which has the close ratio gearbox and VVC engine certainly helps top end. Have driven standard Elises which on the motorway in 5th feel really underpowered. Handling, performance and reli...
island s2elise
iwilsonEliseJDM Honda K20A Type R engine conversion
J.T.EliseIt's all been said before but.... a fantastic drive, endless fun although seems a little slow compared with the Cerb!
J1989EliseAmazing. I bought this when I graduated and got a job as a reward (a way of saving some money in an asset and not blowing it every month - good excuse you see). It needed a little TLC and servicing...
jabba461EliseHad it 1 month (so far) - The best fun you can have with your clothes on.
Jack BlagElise
jackalelisefelt quite racecar-ish with quite sharp turn in if you were used to soft sloppy cars, but was never really quick enough for me and engine was like a hairdryer, esp as my mate at the time who i used to...
JADCampbellEliseSuperb. Wish it made a better noise (it will soon enough) and had the odd reliability gremlin, but it's been totally worth it. Recent restoration work means it's damn near perfect underneath. Need ...
jahspunkyEliseIt is the most amazing car i have ever driven, it gets better and better. ps My girlfriend hates it!
James FisherElise
james serviceElise
James8418EliseBest fun you can have for the money!
jamesuk28EliseBought it for girlfriend, Honest, quick 0-60 after that very gutless. A very expensive go-kart
JameswellerEliseGreat little car! You need to be hands on with the spanners though! When you get it right though it is the best drive ever. Needed more power from the start but once rebuilt the little k series is a g...
jamieallEliseGreat car in Gunmetal Grey with a hard top etc
jamieallEliseBought with Honda SC conversion (Link-up kit) Upgraded to charge cooled with toda cams Car was also reap rayed white All work by Maidstone sports cars
jamieallEliseBought with Honda SC conversion (Link-up kit) Upgraded to charge cooled with toda cams Car was also reap rayed white All work by Maidstone sports cars
jamiebaeEliseJust amazing :D Great to drive if a little impractical and leaky. Sold due to lack of use, mostly down to the aforementioned leaks and the diabolical hood design.
JanitorEliseMmm... first ever Lotus, first ever new car Just amazing from any perspective
JasandjulesEliseReliable, fun to drive. More grip than superglue.
JAY 75Elise
Jay NWElise
Jay13EliseFantastic car for a first time lotus owner. I love it!
jay27Elisehas been hard to sort post previous owners, but a delight to drive, road or track. Very economical considering performance.
jay50AEliseThis is the first lotus I've owned, and it's an amazing car!! I spent about 3 months trying to find the right one, after having 6 months of hell with an Audi TT 3.2 dsg, It was a nightmare!! The 111s ...
Jayg0EliseSo far: Sony MP3 H/Unit, MD Changer Kenwood Speaers Alloy Winders, G/gate, stalks, Door panel bolts. Headlamp Covers Grille set Lotus Stage 2 upgrade (Sport 135) Sports exhaust and decat
JaykaybiEliseIt's an absolute beauty and goes like a go-kart. And it's cheap to run. Edit - 15/8/6 Er.. cheap to run except the service (£200) and the new rear shock absorbers (£300 fitted) and ...
Jaz WoodwardElise
jb2EliseGreat fun, started to take it's toll on the back though after a year of ownership. Unfortunately had quite a few problems with it mechanically also.
jc111sElisePolar Blue 111s last of K series. 156bhp with Lotus ECU. Larini Sport.
jeegneshEliseAnti-Roll Bar S2 Suspension Package Superchip Momo Steering Wheel
jeho84Elisesec owner
Jenko.EliseYes, Yes and Yes!
Jenko.EliseWish I had never sold it :(
jenko2EliseI cried when it went
jenko2Elise so upset about selling the other one bought this,, then told two cars was silly (according to my wife)
Jenny TillsEliseLove this car, had it for nearly 7 years and still puts a smile on my face when I drive it. Titanium grey with Red leather interior.
jezukEliseDespise the K-series engine.
JEZZEliseA dream is now a reality
jhall89EliseGreat fun to drive and work on but still not an everyday car
jimbob350ifhcelisedrive it like a stole it!! loves to be trashed and then some more................
jimbob350ifhceliselove it...
jimbobsEliseGot the Elise in Dec 2002. So far all I can say is Fantastic!!!
Jimbob_rEliseLotus sports exhaust sounds awesome!
JimboCamEliseLoads gone wrong - but most of the pain has been due to dealer incompetence. And boy are they incompetent, all of them, including LSC, bunch of uselss t*****s. Still think it's a great car though....
jimbrownEliseGreat fun if a little impractical for daily use. Hard to beat on a sunny day with the roof off. Wish I'd kept as second car but funds & space did not permit.
JimmyHibbs111SEliseSilver with Anthracite wheels. lovely! Used every day, and so far very impressed with it. Doesn't rattle half as much as I thought it might!! No improvements yet except a few layer of wax!
jimpayne1EliseLotus Elise 111r Toyota 9,000 miles hpi clear Damaged body work not recorded on hpi / vcar/register 1.8 Toyota engine 6 speed gearbox Ohlins 2way adjustable remote resovoir shocks Black with red ...
JimVVCEliseS2 Bilstein Suspension Janspeed Exhaust BMC CDA cold air kit Yokohama Tyres
jjccElisePURE driving experience.
JJnEliseThe car the term "corners like it is on rails" was made for...once you stick decent tires on it. Also,if you have never owned a RWD car before,be very wary of wet roundabouts. I wasnt. I had been loo...
jke11yEliseSo far, its a joy.... Rapid, handles amazing. Also has hardtop, which I love the look of.
jke11yEliseLots of car for the money! Sitting on 72000miles so well run in, and I have spent the last two weeks replacing the worn-out bits. Sold at 73500 miles, even made a profit.....
Joe the LionElise
johnnyboy114EliseLoved it loved it loved it!!! Always wanted an Elise, but had only driven S2's. I can't believe how much fun my S1 was!!! I miss it so, so much.......
johnnycEliseMy pride and joy, now bring on the weekend !
johnymacEliseThe best fun car I have ever owned. Very early standard model (61st car produced).
John_LCREliseThe perfect back to basics thrill. Comes alive at legal speeds.
jonathannealeukEliseYellow with green interior. Standard car but I put on a Janspeed exhaust so it now sounds like a proper sports-car. Used as the daily driver - which is fun in the snow!
JonblueEliseI can't speak too highly of it. It saved my life.
Jonny TVRElise
JonnyB83EliseI have just sold this car to a fellow Piston-header after 8 months of great fun, including a weekend at the Nordschleife.
joustEliseGiven to my Dad
JoyRider911Elise Superb fun! Raw, engaging, pure. One of those cars you just want to take for a blast at every opportunity.
JoyRider911EliseBrilliant! Of the many cars I have owned, this was the one I should never have sold.
jr27eliseawesome handling and great fun.
jsanfordEliseMost recent addition to the garage. What an amazing car. At the track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY0FIUIgjik&hd=1
jtlxEliseSport 160 spoiler Aluminium Throttle Hardtop
Junior MintElise
JW911EliseA bit flimsy but brilliant drive.
k1ephEliseFantastic car, had headlamp covers fitted when bought, handles enormously well.
kambitesEliseThis was basically the replacement for the Corrado and is probably the best road-car I've ever driven. The steering is probably its best element - it's absolutely sublime in terms of directness, w...
karlos123EliseAmazing fun, was a go-kart and handled like a dream, was a 118bhp model and could have done with a bit more bhp but nonetheless was a nippy little thing. Was a fantastic car to own in the summer but w...
Karlos1971Elise Great fun, very nippy, amazing go-kart handling, the niggly bits were.. roof fiddly, bits fell off in the interior, roof leaked, heater was rubbish etc... but you forget all that when you drive it, it...
KarlosFandangoEliseThree years of great fun. The niggles, and by god there were a few always were out shone by the sheer enjoyment of driving it.
kartstart 1elise
Kate111SEliseNorfolk Yellow
KatrinaHEliseJust love this car :)
KaufmannEliseHad it since May this year, but it is fantastic so far.
keirv6EliseMy first brand new car
Keith ctrElise
KensaiEliseStill going...just about.
kerfuffleEliseWhen describing this car I''m reduced to cliches. The Elise is amazing. She's more communicative than an enraged girlfriend and just gets better the more you drive her. She's also easy to tweak more...
kernow mafiaelise
kevin ritsonEliseIt's fantastic. Love every minute driving it, great on track or just driving to work with the roof off. Even better is the community of Lotus owners and sportscar drivers.
Kevin SmartElise
KieranEliseThe most informative handling car I have owned. From new I put on over 60k miles and after the first 20k everything that was going to fail or fall off did, and it then settled down into a very reliabl...
kill_zippyEliseWhat an improvement over the Corsa.
King DavidElise
kirk2118EliseGF car
kirkfEliseFun to drive but not very reliable
kirkfEliseGreat car. Can push it forever and it keeps asking for more
kissmyEliseGreat fun and cheap to run. This is my 3rd one now. I'm waiting for a production 220+Bhp Elise to come out.... I have seriously considered the VX Tub.......but it doesn't feel as good as the ...
Kit HarrisElise
KlemheistEliseBig boys toy. Usual chrome bits, air horns, manifold, exhaust system. Love it
KosmoEliseConverting to track day toy
kpeliseEliseintro-image After 18 months livin...
krytenEliseFun! (with a capital 'F'!!)
L100NYYEliseOnly recently purchased but initial impressions are very favourable! I sold my R400 and the Cosworth to release some cash for an impending house purchase but still wanted a toy of some description. ...
L100NYYElise Quickshift, sports exhaust etc etc. Good times!
L100NYYEliseCurrently having supercharger conversion carried out, along with a couple of other minor tweaks incl exhaust, airbox, wheels..... ;)
LambochickEliseI still miss it, and if truth be known, it probably suited me better than the Countach, but I can always buy another one easily enough. [pic]http://www.88qv.com/images/Elise1.JPG[/pic]
LAMBORYDEREliseBeing painted Ithaca Verde Green with Matte Black Stipes! More mods to come..
Laughing AppleElise
Lawrence5EliseWent from a base model Elise s1 to a Lotus Motorsport assembled 135R. As an ex-employee of Lotus it was the one colleagues named as the best s2 Elise derivative. Done nearly 40,000 miles in it and ...
Lawrence5EliseWell she had to go - too many Lotus's for a terrace house driveway. Maybe I should have just moved ! A great car and the best steering feel ever. I ran her daily with a £300 XR3i to hide in for the...
LB14EliseMy first RWD car, loved it, kept it 7 years - longest I've owned a car. Had some fab trips to Le Mans in it.
lee kirkEliseFantastic car but you do get used to the speed/handling quite quickly. Need 190 upgrade soon! BUY ONE!!!!
lee111sEliseI love this car!
LeebeeMacEliseTo date my most favorite of cars, just outstanding. With a few minor upgrades she was running around 175bhp
Leeds220EliseBest value car ever in terms of smiles per pound. Even had reasonable fuel consumption. Rough idling and occasional stalling could be annoying in town. Once again had to sell when business we...
Leejay-BEliseSo much fun!
Leejay-BEliseGreat fun, little more forgiving than S1. Loved 8000 rpm in an Elise.
LeeM S2 111SElisePurchased my ice blue baby second hand at the end of September 2004. Loving every minute!
LeggyEliseNippy little car fun to drive. Looked great in Mustard Yellow. The roof drove me mad though and as nimble as it was it was pretty gutless on the open road and dual carriage ways. I would have anothe...
Lei ChatElise
LenEliseFantastic car to both own and drive.
leyytmelise lots of fun, especially as again you dont end up going too fast in it with only 118 bhp. handles fantastically up to nine tenths where upon it will bite. (have been bitten) steering is brillinatly in...
le_gazmanEliseThe best handling car I've ever owned or driven. It changed direction like nothing else, and cornering grip was seemingly endless. Launched off the line like a scalded cat every single time without ...
LigEliseLots of fun but not enough power!
limpsfieldEliseImpractical. Noisy. Bit jumpy in the wet. Getting in and out is human origami. Love it. Sold after four years and sadly missed.
Linus27EliseStandard Lotus Racing Green Elise S1 apart from Hurricane Induction kit and Christopher Neil sports exhaust. Also want to get the S2 suspension upgrade but thats about it for now.
Lione1 RichieEliseSublime. Tempted by the 111s for a little extra poke and some luxury though.
Lione1 RichieEliseMy second Elise, cant give them enough praise!
LiquidRezzEliseSimply the best car I have ever driven. For the price, you will not find a better and more fun car to drive than an Elise.
little vikEliseonly get one as a 3rd toy for sunny dry days!!!!!!
LIVYElise 2000 Honda Elise
lombardyEliseWhat can I say, it was a Sport 160 Elise, we added - nothing but a set of harnesses and an intercom set! I used this car everday for over 18 months never used the motorway so few times - I would ma...
Lone StarEliseThis car would go round bends like it was on rails! ( Providing the roads were dry.) Oh and the accelleration!!! It started off life as a 111R. Then I added a Katanna Supercharger. Without question it...
lonefurrowElise Excellent fun, particularly on Yoko Advans... Great power/size/handling for B roads/twisty A roads, otherwise underpowered. Racecar driving position. Everyone should have one at least once...
lonefurrowEliseUsed for weekend blasts and trackdays. Considering replacing with a Countach LP400 or similar.
Los EndosElise
lottieEliseWonderful little sports car!!!
Lotus BlossomEliseMy fun car! :)
Lotus Lewiselise
lotus160sportElise Fantastic car sticks to the road like s**t to a blanket sounded great as well.
LotusBobEliseHad a minister upgrade to 160 bhp. Excellent performance and power delivery.
lotuselanjohnEliseBest Lotus ever? IMHO, The S1 is way prettier than the S2, especially wit the lines of the hard-top. However, Rover K-Series S1 is prone to headwarp.
lotusellise340reliseIt's realy a greate car. I recommend owning this car because i think that is the less expensive car which oneyou could find this sensation when you drive it.
lotusgeekEliseMore fun than any other car I'd ever driven until I bought my Exige. The best looking Lotus ever in my opinion.
lotusmad2001EliseAwesome bit of kit if you ever drive one you'll buy one!
Lotusnick S2EliseAbsolutely amazing to drive.
Lotus_alEliseCertainly i would recommend this model.
LoubyLou79EliseL ots O f T rouble U sually S erious This is very true!! Nice car but never again!
LoudmanEliseAudio changed to Alpine 9886 with Bluetooth + Alpine SWD-1600 sub Carbon sidepods. Tigga splitter.
lovingthepandaEliseWell what can i say if you've driven one you know how good they are. Was suprisingly well behaved except it needed a new windscreen. Random crack apeared at the bottom driver side and spread up. Got i...
lozzaEliseMost reliable car I have ever owned! Always make me smile every time I drive it.
LugEliseThe best drive ever. An 'A' road specialist, the car not me!
luke111sEliseFantastic car and I would love to own another Lotus. The most fun I have had in any car and perfect for the British roads.
M12 TomElise
m44ttgElisei miss this car
M4rk HElise
M7RT VEliseAwesome car! Awesome Bournemouth 'Lotus' Scene, thanks to the BoLOCS for making Lotus ownership all the more enjoyable :)
M7RT VElise
Mac1967EliseI love this car...In fact I loved it as soon as I saw it! I love the face that the Type 23 is quite rare as only 50 were ever made...Lucky me!
macca77EliseAbsolutely beautiful, lovin' it
MacGEliseWhat a car! Before this I was driving a Fiat Uno 60s - couldn't be more different. So much fun to drive - the only car I have ever repeatedly gone for joyrides in. Only fault was slightly suspect...
MaddogHJEliseRecommended? Well, pretty hard to tame this beast.
MadeinWiganEliseAgain an everyday car. Very good fun on road and track, just a bit slow.Cost a fortune to run as well.
madinzeheideliseso far, done 5000 miles, seems to be very reliable, the tighter and twistier the road is, the better it gets!
MagnetoElisefantastic car, have never seen a car turn so many heads and get comments. The Nightfire red is a beautiful colour and rare for a Lotus so it's even better!!
MagnetoEliseSports exhaust/Hurricane/Janspeed sportscat
mako111EliseFantastic fun car, avoid bumps in the road. At its best on super smooth tarmac or even better a track.
Mal BarnettElise
malbonEliseStandard car in the best colour combo (ali/blue). 150BHP and 700 Kilos means it doesn't take long to get to 100MPH. Great car. Believe everything you read on it. 'kin marvellous. Untouchable pe...
malbonEliseWell, after selling the other 111s because the miles were piling on, I decided to try its 'competitor' the Honda S2000. Pah. Not even in the same team, league or country. Went back to a 111s (exactl...
malbonEliseOn my 3rd 111s. I know. I have a problem.
malbonEliseFucking brilliant. Not silly quick but perfectly poised and handled. More than quick enough to keep up with anything on the road. Makes you smile like a nob. Great if you like smiling like a n...
mallycEliseLoved it until i bought a Tuscan....
Manc DwarfElise
marcEliseBrilliant, just brilliant. Get the right tyres and it is a peach. Get the wrong tyres (i.e the P-Zero's) and it a scary little thing.
marcEliseSo good I've bought another!
marcelgEliseBRIGHT Yellow
marcpardoeEliseAwesome car, would recomend to anyone who's after a bit of fun!
Mario149EliseTechnically not my car as it's a long term credit hire while my F355 is being sorted, but I've had it a while so thought I would put it up :) Positives: Love the go kart handling and feedback from...
mark AKElise
Mark BEliseJust bought it and loving it!
Mark EElise
mark-111rEliseGreat car, very quick and handles very well
markgibbins1EliseSupercharging the 111r transforms the car
markizokEliseWhat a car!
MarkkjfltdEliseBrilliant bit of Kit! Effortlessly quick, great fun! 135engine with closer (IE 111S) gearbox is perfect! Bought from Stratton Motor Company, one previous owner, every possible upgrade and trinket.......
markocEliseLoud, uncomfortable, loud, leaked, ate batteries and was loud. No creature comforts at all, a riot to drive on the one or two sunny days when it was practical to do so. Nightmare in traffic, terribl...
MarkyP72EliseWas tweaking around for 3 or 4 months and finally took the plunge. This model has the ' variable valve' . The kick at 6000 revs is awesome!
MarshEliseLotus Elise S1, Bell & Colvill Super 160 Engine Upgrade. Gas flowed Cylinder Head , Performance profile camshaft , Uprated valve springs , Dual vernier cam pulleys , Competition air filter system...
MARTENElise Best handling car I ever owned apart from the Exige S1 Fun to drive, no problems at all, and very fuel efficcient as well
MARTENElise Allmost best handling car ever, besides the Exige S1 that is great fun to drive, on of britains best sport's car of the last decades
Martin NickElise
MartinsalharrisEliseVarious upgrades by Hanger111 - gas flowed, bigger throttle bodies, sports exhaust, maxogen induction, Pagid pads.
MarvindodgersEliseSplendid! Everything that you've heard is true!
Mat gleweliseBest fun I've had on 4 wheels!
matcEliseGreat car, but didn't get to drive it nearly as much as i'd have liked.
mathewbet1EliseI luv it
Matt172EliseMXDi and my first sports car together
MattbellyEliseThis car regularly overheated whic caused the Head to blow, so I rebuilt the car with some Piper 285H cams, Paul Ivey big valves, ITG carbon Intake, QED Exhaust manifold, CAT replacement pipe and Jans...
matthew_edgeEliseLove IT!
matthew_edgeEliseLove IT!
mattrjpoolEliseFantastic car, especially in the summer with the roof off. Real head turner (red with silver racing stripes), but everyone is complementary, rather than envious. Handling absolutely awesome.
MattyB_EliseThe greatest thing I've ever driven. Summers will never be the same again.
MattyB_EliseMy first S2, lovely.
maverick25eliseBetter than sex... I must be doing something wrong. Seriously, this car far exceeds my expectations. Every cliche about grinning from ear to ear is true. Have got the 111s in ruby red with hard top,...
MaxfEliseAmazing fun - supremely chuckable with a go-kart-esq feel. Mine had the OZ wheels and A048 tyres, which I loved the look of but not the wet weather performance. The 118bhp was a little gutless at ov...
maxpEliseSuper fun, especially in summer with the top down. Suprisingly cheap running costs (including insurance and fuel economy). However wasnt ideal for the daily commute - (noisy and uncomfortable)
MazdaMark82EliseI haven't got one on order as yet, but I am 99.9% sure this is my next car, im in the shopping around stage and driving them, budget is set, now I just have to find the right car.
mb1EliseLeft Hand drive car Great car. Sadly, had to leave room for the M12.
Mc lovinElise
McDudekEliseFantastic car, great mpg, great fun and a real head turner. Noting compaired to the Tuscan tho!! :-)
MCMartyPEliseFirst ever performance car. Definitely not the last. It's something that I drive rather than something that just gets me around the place. I had to very reluctantly sell it in April 2003 owing ...
MegaflowEliseJust over a year into Elise ownership and wheel bearings and the head gasket has been changed... Text book first year then really! Has the close ratio gearbox option and Nitron dampers, two supe...
Mekon (Green)Elise
mexican banditelise
mftEliseWonderful little thing. Believe everything that you read about them.
MG AntElise
mgbondEliseNautilus Blue Spax Susspension Kit Hurricane induction kit Icon Chip 160 Throttle Body
mhagEliseGreat sports car, fantastic fun to drive & almost every trip could be turned into a bit of an adventure. Cheapest car to run, over 4 years it sailed through every service & MOT, sipped petrol on longe...
MHBEliseI've always lusted after an Elise and was able to finally get one this year. Just need to improve my driving skills to get the best out of it! It is reserved for pretty much weekend use and evenin...
mighty tElise
mike eyreselise
mike n helenElise
Mike.GrieseEliseChrome orange, Sport Suspension, Touring package, black interior.
mikestarEliseLots Of Traction Usually Serious
mikeulster500EliseBell & Colvill Sports exhaust, air con and nice blue alcantara interior
mikeulster500Elise Extra's include Larini sports exhaust, Nitrons, baffled sump and forged alloys
mikey P 500elise
MikeyboyEliseFirst car I owned and its spoilt me ever since. Loved every minute of my time with it including the leaks etc.
mikeyhEliseTurbo Technics supercharged to 230bhp. Nitron suspension and Lotus sport brakes. Running on slicks it is an amazingly quick track car. B roads are fantastic... Almost two years and at least 30 t...
Mikey_WEliseFirst brand new car i owned, had to get rid January '07 :( Superb car, will have another one :)
MilksEliseAfter 9 months of obsessive research and saving it was finally mine! all aluminium rad remote thermostat 4 point harnesses lotus sports exhaust some silly aluminium interior bits
MiniDivaElise It is taking me quite a while to love this car as much as the Exige for many reasons (some VERY superficial!). The love is starting to grow now - it is an awesome car and the K Series is a GREAT engi...
minimaxElisebloody, bloody awesome. I love it!
minor5eliseloving it ,loving it. loving it
Mint AlloysElise
Mint AlloysElise
MishEliseGreat car, good on a track and really holds its own with other more expensive marque's.
MissAprilEliseSpice Yellow S/S 4-2-1 S/S Janspeed Roadsport K&N Induction 52mm T/B Remote 'stat Protech shocks (110/120 ride height) All ball joint and bushes fully refurbed Comfy Corbeau Elise seats Carbo...
missdianeEliseNice blue go kart
Mister KEliseFantastic drivers car :)
Miura AnjinEliseBought accident damaged as it looked like an easy repair. It's not. Anybody who says Lotus has (had?) the best engineers in the car business has never: a) owned a Lotus. b) met them.
mjadams_ukEliseMost fun car I've ever owned.
mjoyEliselow to the ground noisey fantastic
MKCEliseBell&Colvill Super 160 New Aluminium
Mobile ChicaneEliseBought in March 2005 at 0 miles. 80,000 very happy ones added since then.
moosiferEliseIf you're willing to accept that it has virtually no comfort or practicality you won't do much better. Upgrades are tempting and not cheap, but it can totally transform the car.
moosiferEliseOnly had it a short time, but it is a smile-inducing machine. Definitely not a car to own if you are shy or don't like being stared at.
motaboyEliseJust brilliant. Larini Clubsport is ear-bleedingly loud. Diverting your journey to take in tunnels is compulsory.
MountainRoadsElise Oh yes - MX-5 easier to live with until you get to a piece of open twisted road then OMG - grin madly to insanely in less than a minute. awesome fun. Pocket sized Battleship.
mozzerSEliseGreat track car
mpcdonaldEliseA lot of fun for little money and headaches
mpvEliseUtterly awesome..buy one now !
mr alanElise
Mr DarcyEliseWas quick with the Supercharger on it.
Mr EEliseNew Toy. Larini Exhaust, Larini sports cat, ITG induction. Almost exactly as fast as the car it replaces in a straight line, but 600kgs lighter. Noisy. Hyperactive. Borderline perfection.
Mr JohnElise
Mr JohnElise
Mr JPElise
Mr JPElise
Mr LoToEliseAlways drempt of owning a Lotus - and my first Lotus was very special to me... Azure blue S1 with sport exhaust and hurricane air filter. Used as a fun car and for numerous European road trips... Beau...
Mr NobleEliseThis was a fantastic car, great fun all year round, and cheap to keep too!! Hope the current owner is enjoying her too!!
Mr NobleElise
Mr Peevlyelise
Mr Red BarronEliseRecently sold to a chap in Germany who is turning it into a race car!!
Mr RobboElise
Mr Sam GElise
Mr SpookElise
mr-lovebucketEliseAbsolutely awesome fun!!
Mr. McFlyElise
Mr. OEliseOne of the first 50. Certainly feels more solid than the standard Elise with much better acceleration (third gear seems to go forever), although a bit pokey and jumpy at low speeds. Well worth it.
Mr. OElise
MrGEliseThe old boy, bought for almost 19K in Jan 2001. Told the wife during the drive home that it "was all the performance I'd ever need". This proved to be a lie.... Its survived numerous car culls and ...
MrNickBEliseGreat car, but race cams in a road car mean it has a lumpy idle and no torque whatsoever below 2000rpm, and not much below 3000. That's why I have a JDM Civic R engine ready to put in it...
Mrs BoggyEliseLoved it!
Mrs BoggyEliseBuy one!
Mrs FishElise
Mrs TracksideEliseI LOVED this car. I don't think words can describe the feeling driving an Elise evokes. It is pure pleasure - no mod cons, no padding, no driver assistance it's just you, the car and the road.
mrs zebraElise
mrssumnerEliseThe car in the picture. Survived this crash with no more than a scratched hand and whiplash, so bought another one!
MRTOADEliseTremendous fun. A posh go-cart.
Mr_CElisequite good, really.
Mr_FluffyElise+ Great to look at and listen to. Fun to drive. Cheap to run (all relative I know) - A bugger to get out of in the garage, especially with the roof off. Way to hot in the summer, lots ...
mr_phil_simmonsEliseTHE MOST FUN you can have on four wheels! God bless Lotus! God Bless Ear plugs!
msharmanEliseNice but a pain in the arse!
MudPluggerEliseGreat fun to drive fast round twisties, OK to potter slowly. Little concession to comfort or practicality and horribly noisy on a motorway. Strongly recommended ... unless its your only car and you do...
N1 GJTEliseAn improvement on the mark 1.
N1 GJTEliseBroke down 3 times in the first month. No problems after.
nailerElise2nd Elise, absolutely love driving the thing.
nat collinsElise
Nath Aelise
nationofzerosEliseNot the best in the snow...
NDTElisea love / hate relationship!
neggsEliseLove it
Neil Oelise
NeilHElise Was not keen on buying one of these - but my wife really wanted one ... and now I can never get the keys out of her hand as soon as the sun comes out !!
nelly111sEliseI still grin every morning on my way to work!
nelly69EliseExcellent car, loved every minute of ownership and made many friends through ownership. Everyone must drive one of these once in their lives to be a true driver.
nequeoEliseAwesome car! Used as a daily driver for 4 years and absolutely loved every second. The steering feel was sublime and roof off on a Spring morning you really felt alive :-)
nick francisElise Head gas flowed, Lotus sports suspension, close ratio gear box all carried out by LAD motorsport in Morecambe.
Nick JElise118 bhp of Norfolk Muscle
nick sElise230bhp / 201lbs/ft Supercharged Elise
Nick928EliseClose Ratio Gearbox & Lightweight Flywheel. MMC Brakes Four point harness
NickDElise[pic]http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y199/NickD2005/Scanned.jpg[/pic] Fancy dress (it isn't me)
nick_j007EliseOnly three weeks in so still learning this great motor. We're going to have a long and beautiful relationship I reckon!
nick_j007EliseVery different power delivery than the 111s K series. The torque pull on the 111s was lovely especially along with K&N filter and Lotus sports exhaust.
NigelEEliseThe best, fun car I've ever owned. A mistake to change it for something else, but will definately have another one sometime!
NiiigeEliseI had this as an everyday car, did 45k miles over 2 years. Brilliant fun.
Nikki SEliseFew teething troubles - boot lock jammed, air con didnt work for 6 months, kamikazi indicator unit plus self inflicted nose modification on kerb in Tesco Car Park - TWICE! Spoiler repaired with spe...
Nipper09EliseBlack exige wheels look Fantastic!!!!!!
Nipper09EliseGreat fun! Not for those who like their comforts!
nmacleodelise WOW loved the car - although slightly underpowered, should have gone for the faster one....unfortunately that had to go it was sold to a French girl (who smashed up her other 3) god i hope i did t...
NoeEliseExcellent vehicle - fun, fun, fun ! When bought as and modified there were very few on the road - stunner! Shipped to Japan in 02 and re-lived the entire experience - very few on the stree...
NoelEliseI owned this for 4.5 weeks before some nasty little git set fire to it. It was great fun and I miss it badly.
nonsso_2fast2lastelisegood MPG bad insurance
nonsso_Ady & ClaireElise
nonsso_Andy 111RElise
nonsso_BazingaEliseVery fast... very custom. Canyon killer. ;-)
nonsso_Carbon BlackElise
nonsso_garry watsonElise
nonsso_jambo99Elisepure.... now sold to a bloke from amsterdam still miss it..
nonsso_lancialoverEliseThis is a Mk 2 Elise (rover-engined) with a TT supercharger fitted, taking it up to 230 bhp. It's FAB! a perfect track-day car - I keep taking it to track days, doing the day and driving home afterwa...
nonsso_Sam_68EliseProbably the best all-round sports car for the genuine enthusiast that I can imagine. Superb steering feel. Not very comfortable for long trips, though, and a bugger to get in and out of when you're f...
nonsso_Sam_68EliseAlmost certainly slower than a 111S for road use, due to the non-VVC engine not coming on cam until the upper part of the rev range, but more challenging to drive and very swift when you get a clear r...
nonsso_WRC 1Elise
noodlemanEliseLove it. 2.3 Duratec engine fitted August 2009.
norgaterejEliseIt's simple - the Elise is the best car ever.
nortyelisewhat hasn't already been said. I added a Quaife ATB and a few other bits but it didn't need much. Shiped it from HK to Sydney and eventually sold on for about the same money I paid. Result.
NUEZEliseFirst RWD drive (The Volvo, Smart Car and Transit van don't really count)
Nuno SantosEliseLooks fantastic and drives perfectly! Bad points only for the famous HGF :(
oldhoppyElise Fabulous.
OldNo7EliseGreat car. Owned since new and now has 177K miles on clock. this could be why I am such a strange shape!
Oli111sEliseHurricane Induction Kit Janspeed Full Stainless Exhaust Bilstein Dampers, Eibach Springs Stainless Steel Rocker Cover
oliverkellyEliseGreat fun car. Completley impractical, but handles wonderfully. However didn't survive a 10 (ten) mph incident with an 18 inch high wall ! Ho hum, insurance paid for the Cerbera, much better !
ollieteelisePaid way too much for it, but it is fun :)
olly2000EliseType 25 with B&C 160 kit...luvverly
olonaEliseGood fun car. No breakdowns in around 5,000 miles, but p/x'd for new TVR Griffith. Worn, slightly glitchy gearbox which was generally sorted with Slick 50 additive.
onacrusadeEliseGreat car, let down by terrible dealer service (Edinburgh, Murray Lotus) and of course the car itself is not the most reliable. Never failed to get the old heart rate racing though. Sadly it was w...
onedslaEliseNow just over 2000 miles old. Still getting used to driving it in the wet (so much for Clarkson's understeer:) and really enjoying the 0 - 70ish performance. One slight critisism is that it doesn'...
OrangeXEliseHonda Type R engine
Oscar the GrouchEliseGreat toy
oswaldxEliseOther Current Vehicles: Toyota Hiace D4D - Blue - for work BMW 120D MSport - Le Mans Blue - for family Previous: Imprezza Turbo (when they were cool) F27 (westfield type thing) ...
outspanEliseOhlin suspension, Larini exhaust. Joy in purity.
outspanEliseYap, it threw a HGF !
oxfordbikerEliseTerrible, terrible ownership experience. Except when it worked.
P5GAAElisePurchased this on a whim as it was at a good price but in need of some serious TLC. A fair chunk of time and money went on it but the end result was a car that many people commented on. It was a nice,...
Paint MarkElise
Pat BensonElise
patmaheEliseMy first real performance car and an absolute education in driving dynamics. Oh yeah and fun fun fun :) Now sold, borrowed to buy and wanted to clear loan, not missing it yet, but probably will on ...
PatsyElisePicked up on the 10th of August 2006. Sold it on the 25th April 2009. Nearly 3 years of ownership. Loved every minute. Everyone should try one!
pattygEliseRaw, noisy, beautiful and thrilling. Bought in 2001 when they were reasonably rare on the road. It was a real attention grabber in Black/cream. Fabulous to have owned one but as an only car it wa...
paul mountainelisebought car after viewing four others.low mileage and comprehensive paperwork clinched it for me.condition of car truely reflects mileage.paintwork unmarked,wheels and discs are like new.interior not w...
Paul01EliseFantastic go kart, no compromise, laugh a minute. Extreme and not for the hairdressing fraternity - buy an MX5.
paulwakinshawEliseFab car - but the mods seem to be endless! Now it has over 170BHP and it goes like a scalded cat, fast, precise and above all - LOUD!
pdavisonEliseLava Orange ... Perfect condition and my first Lotus ... What an amazing car! Amazing but fancy a change so going to the other end of the spectrum in a Bentley Continental GT!
penelopepitstopEliseUse the car every day - fantastic fun.
PeoplesCarEliseMetallic Grey - Momo 3 spoke wheel Great around corners and begging for more power.
petebodEliseFantastic drive, like no other car. The light weight and controls are in a world of their own and make the car addictive.
PeterGadsbyEliseFantastic drivers car, but not well built
PeterGreenEliseMy first proper sports car; lots of fun! Sadly sold due to the cost of running a second car for daily use.
petrolheadr32EliseBought in Reading in July 2007 converted to LHD in Jan 2010
petrolnpastaEliseHGF, so next time it will be the Honda conversion.
philip365eliseSpotted this Ice Blue Elise on a garage forecourt, looking sad and in need of some work, couldn't resist it, and didn't regret buying it. What a great car, simple, uncomplicated, and great fun and sur...
philiphunterEliseA 'REAL' Supercar without all the associated worries and costs.
Phill_1981EliseMiss it
PhilSmEliseGreat fun / track car, wished I still had it :-( I had a Honda VTEC conversion around 2006 which made a bit of a difference...
Pied PiperEliseSo far, so good.
piemonsterEliseGreat fun and still learning
pigpogEliseEvery car enthusiast that can fit in an Elise should have 1! Lithe, Original, Terrific Unfeasably Splendid! I wanted an Elise as soon as they came out. The time was right in 2003. I don't dr...
PinkieSCEliseCandy Red with Cream Stripes... unfortunately written off in a pile up on the M4!
piquetelisethe boys at lotus couldn't build a sand castle, but wow can they design, have the original, lighest and the best ( as far as i'm concerned, i love the mmc brakes) i just keep replacing all the cheap c...
pistolEliseGreat handling, awesome looking, fantastic on fuel economy but It just sounds a bit weak even when decatted. Getting in and out starts to be a pain in the a*se
pistonheadchrisEliseFantastic British legend!
PistonHeedEliseEarly 111R Ardent Red Carbone Lorraine RC5+ pads 1st Lotus. loved it. Apart from usual servicing it only ever needed a heater fan resistor pack and a water pump. Great car Cost less than a pint ...
plipuleEliseGreat fun. Totally reliable and cheap to run. Not too practical.
pndElise Sharpest, best handling car in it's class.
poobarrelisegreat car still love it
poolelisegreat handling and acceleration once you hit 6.200. air con appreciated
PoolieEliseAlways wanted it, will always love it. Cried the day I finally got one. Hairdressers Car? I think not.
PorkaMacEliseFun car, and quick in the right conditions. Toyota engine sounded nasty though. Spent a lot of time at the dealership due unreliability.
porschedude1972elisenice car handled really well and quite practical even did the weekly shop with it!! Needed more power
PrakEliseGreat fun but had to sell to make way for a more practical commuting car :-(
problemchild75Elisemy intro to trackdays with this car. brilliant and more practical than you would think
pteronElisePuts a smile on my face every time I drive.
PumEliseLinkup engine conversion by Hofmann's Motorsport to Supercharged Honda Type R K20 (nearly 300 bhp.) Tullet exhaust. Hofmann Randy spec Nitron shocks. Springs: F425/R500. Nitron Alli bell 308mm fro...
purpleperilEliseFitted with SP-K super charger conversion from Silverstone Performance. Was sublime - now just plain ridiculous ;)
qballEliseCan't wait!
QuagsEliseSuperb handling, raw undiluted driving, just be wary of those dreaded head gaskets. I miss it, dreadfully. The car I should have never sold.
R TOYEliseBought with a mate to use on trackdays. 90K miles but cheap! It is an ex silverstone racing school car and has rollcage, 5 point harnesses, fire system, batt cut out, uprated brakes/susp. St engine. (...
r011430Eliseamazing car
R0880EliseExcellent little car. Puts a smile on your face everytime you drive it!
r5bmbEliseWonderful car, did not dissappoint at all, even on cold days it was still fun to take the roof off and enjoy it. I do miss it, and would really like to get another one, some day.
RakooshEliseBest car I have ever owned
rascasseEliseMods: ITG Maxogen induction system Programmable Emerald ECU Pagid RS42 pads with braided hoses Uprated gear linkage Janspeed supersport exhaust with de-cat Some hunting at idle, but that's usu...
RawwrEliseHere we have the S2 Elise, the hot-looking daughter of the S1. I'm not sure if that makes the S1 a MILF or not and I probably shouldn't go any further with that analogy. So lets talk about the car ins...
RB5_180EliseExtremely direct and fun. Initially disappointed by performance but just has a very different delivery to the Impreza. Need to drive it more
reaan01EliseStandard, BRG Elise S1 http://mysite.freeserve.com/elise2000
recordracingEliseI've initialy bought my Elise having in mind WE ride and trackdays, and it has ended quickly as a daily driver!
red 2-11Elise
Red roseElise
redalexEliseLoud, Low and Leaky. not the perfect car for the daily commute, but it's even fun in the rain!
redalexEliseI loved this car to bits. It was 100% reliable - never missed a beat. A string of upgrades included Larini Clubsport, Nitron Street Series, Harnesses and a few other bits and bobs. Really great car.
redalexEliseAn S1 Elise for "sensible" days when a roof and windscreen are needed. Love being back in one, and forgot how fun they are at low speeds.
redbullishEliseCan't help but drive for the sake of it. Get one with air con or you'll end up like captain slow in a stripped out Aston!
redhotwheelsEliseGorgeous! Yellow! Nimble! Quite fast...well, it was until some berk in a Renault Migrain pulled out in front of it. Now sadly, gone. Awaiting insurance money or re-build... Written off...girlfri...
Redlake27EliseWonderful..... Nimble, fluid, rapid - and cheap to run! The perfect second car
redtazeliseloads of fun.very few running costs.
RedTridentelisefirst new car i ever bought. amazingly simple car that i have very fond memories of.
rejnEliseJust brilliant. Bought new in 1998. Should never have sold it but did so in a moment of madness in 2006. I would never have believed 118bhp could be so much fun.
RennyEliseFun weekend toy
repoman1999EliseFlippin awesome! Needs some small repairs, so will probably cost me a bit more to get her into the state I want her to be...
rfosterEliseWa great upgrade from the standard car. Significantly quicker and sounds awesome!
rfosterEliseBought brand new from Bell & Colvill - usual teething problems but had two good summers with it.
rfosterEliseFitted with PTP 165 Engine Upgrade. Recently added an Emerald ECU to cure the erratic idle and have had the cams correctly timed. 165.5bhp @6600rpm. Pretty fast. Also fitted with Nitrons suspension, O...
rhubarbEliseFantastic car, never really pushed it though - wish I'd tracked it
RHY 11SElise
Ricardo S2Elise
Rich1234EliseMy first Lotus. Had it three weeks now and am loving it. I reckon I could keep this car a few years and still not get everything out of it. (Although people telling me how easy an S2 is to get in/out ...
Rich135EliseWhy did I have to sell this car?!? Oh yes, my daughter came along. I just loved it, and can't wait to own another once I have got a promotion or two... Handling was just amazing and power kept ...
Rich1989EliseOrig Sport 160 with colour coded hardtop, sport suspension, etc. Fantastic, much more lively pick-up than standard car. Only problem now, wonder what Sport 190 is like!!
Richard AElise
Richard HElise
RichC 1980EliseGreat fun!
RichHEliseNice and quick considering I live in Milton Keynes so it's all about acceleration between roundabouts! Elise is used as a daily driver and has covered 20k in it's first year. I have a bad back to ...
Richie111sEliseGreat car, great noise (with larini exhaust and Hurricane induction kit) plenty of pace with out losing your licence, and looks fab!
richie_exigeEliseThe most basic Elise is the most exciting in terms of pure driving fun and a great car to own. I would recommend an aftermarket exhaust to sort the sound out - I picked the Larini Club Sport which ...
richie_exigeEliseMissed my old Elise so much that I had to get another. This one is a credit to its former owners, and Martin who had it prior to me for 6 years was sad to see it go. This is one of the later mod...
Richp69EliseIn need of a respray, wheel refurbishment and some trim when I sold it, hence the price.
RichQuyEliseAwesome car, handling, pace and noise all spot on...just saving the pennies for those upgrades now! ITG Maxogen carbon induction system. Pricey but quality is obvious. Give a nice induction note i...
richydEliseAn awesome car at driving backwards into a hedge
richyphillipsEliseWhy did you choose the Elise? For a pure lightweight drivers car it is hard to beat. What's Elise ownership like? It's my only car and I use it everyday. Well worth putting up with a few impract...
Riverside RedEliseBrilliant car, just not for the wife...needed to return to a proper roadster!
rjbenEliseAwesome, Awesome, Awesome! It’s a total revelation to realise that you don’t need power when you have handling like this. I swear I can lap much faster in this than in the Cerbera.
rjhassanEliseGreat handling Very fast Comfortable (more so than you would expect) Efficient on fuel
rjmorris67EliseIt's fun to drive again !
Rob111REliseBrilliant - so much feedback and delicacy and it never, ever missed a beat. Great car, only lack of aircon after Le Mans 2005 made we want to change.
robbieduncanEliseModified Elise 111s to replace the MX-5. This car has: Close-ratio gearbox Black OZ Alloys (same as on the 135R) Lotus Sports Suspension Lotus Stage 1 Exhaust Harnesses Dip-beam HIDs Writt...
RobbowEliseStage 2 Sports Exhaust fitted
RobbowEliseDeep Purple, Sports Exhaust, Great car after usual little problems/ rattles, leaks etc
RobCEliseFantastic car, miss it.
RobCEliseBack in Lotus land and loving it (well apart from the skimmed knuckles and constant swearing when working on the thing) :) Won the Bristol Speed Championship 2009. Developed a K series super charge ...
RobertyEliseUntil my current car came along this was by far the best car I had ever owned. Early S1 Elise with the original MMC brakes which despite all the negative reports I had read worked wonderfully both on ...
RobM77EliseThe best road car I have ever driven. My 111S was totally standard other than the brakes, which ran braided hoses, Mintex pads and racing fluid (all done to make heel and toe easier); and the steer...
Rob_TElisethe wife liked it as it was a pretty colour
RocksteadyeddieEliseAs good as they say. Not so clever at the everyday stuff. Cheap motoring as depreciation is non-existent.
Ron Lelise
Ron LElise
Ron LElise
ronmac7EliseHave previously owned two Elise series 1s.
ronmac7EliseGreat little drivers cars
ronmac7EliseAnother great drivers car.
roscopmelisecan get quicker although not much quicker, perfect drive, designed from the ground up as a drivers car i love it. mods quick shift, gear linkage, 52mm throttle body, hurricane induction, i.c.e.
rosinoElise The beast...
RRGEliseBought simply for fun on the track with a view to possibly racing in the Elise Trophy. Sadly I never got around to it. Upgraded to full track spec with better seats, harnesses, brakes, extinguisher...
RTEliseGreat car once you add vernier pulleys, time the cams and add a decent ECU!
RTBElise Not as quick as the scooby but a lot more involving to drive. Feels like it's nailed to the road, could do with a bit more power, but to be honest, it's nice to enjoy driving without having to break t...
RtrakEliseOwned and run the car nearly a year now, a good reliable motor. Rock steady handling but suspension is likely to need a bit of attention soon (30,000 miles). I had to buy a DAX because my other half ...
Rudy 111elise
RuxpinEliseBrilliant... Steering, ride, handling and brakes all stunning
rvasseEliseGreat handling ! Stunning look ! it's a mini Dino ! or a mini GT40 !
RWA441EliseFantastic little car, not much use as a daily runner though.
RZSupraElise C Service - £600 Feb 2007 New Disks and mintex pads all round - £400 March 2007 New Bridgestone Potenza tyres all round - £400 October 2007
s-w-pEliseI gave in to Lotus Lust in December 2005 when I bought myself an Elise Type 49 as a birthday present to myself. I paid £12500 for her (including p/x'ing my MR2 Roadster) with only 16k miles. And wr...
S1 MonElise
s10tooElise Suffering badly from paint bubbling - Lotus don't want to know altho 2 independent reports state it as a manufacturing fault.
s111dpcEliseOh what a car!!! Love it to bits despite all it's foibles.
S14Elisesimple pure driving pleasure!
S1monEliseOnly owned the car for a couple of months to date but have found it to be great fun. Done about 1800 miles to date. No problems with it, only incidents are- hit a pheasant at about 90mph on first day ...
S2DaveEliseSelf converted 2.0l IVTEC Honda Elise, Nitron Suspension, 3.5x Stiffer adjustable anti roll bar, OZ Racing alloys with A048s
s7oneyukEliseTop car - luv it, luv it, luv it
s7oneyukElisegreat car - loved owning the norfolk yellow - great head turner!!
Sagi BadgerEliseLoved the drive. Despite the under steer, lag on the throttle and no noise I loved it. Truly miss this little car. The big single wiper and wide wrap around screen made every road feel like a track. I...
Saint MattEliseI bought this in January 2014 with the view to fit a Honda K20 engine, a popular conversion that makes for a very fast, reliable and cheap to run sports car. After buying the car we found out we were ...
SambamEliseWhat's to say that hasn't been written a thousand times?
samnorthyElise*Get HID Head lights *Get Geo checked, WASPY setup from Sinclares (http://www.lotusrepairs.com)
sanctumEliseMidlife crisis at its best. Bought as a track day mule for me and a few mates to hoon around in. Turns out it has a couple of minor problems I need to fix before I can get it on a track day. I look...
SandyTEliseJust fantastic!
Sarah JElisesignificant modifications current output 315bhp
SarkmeisterEliseSuperb car, but had to go to fund the purchase of a house.
sartyEliseHad the sports exhausts, air filter extras.... loved the car to bits - but as I was living in Germany at the time was a bit crap on the Autobahns - I bought the Esprit GT3
satan 59Elise
satoEliseBought April 2009 at 31,000 miles. Sold 7 years later at 48,000 miles. Bit of a love/hate relationship. Hot cams and a few other things took it 170bhp. Crazy sounding engine and a hugely involving...
scampbirdEliseGood honest fun car. Much better built than S1, but handling perhaps not as much fun.
scampbirdEliseGreat little cars.
scaryEliseI had been saving up approximately 10 years for an elan sprint SE2 - one of the early 70s ones. Then they brought out the Elise and I was in love. Then they brought out the Series 2 and I was still ...
scaryEliseThis is my car. I call it, the Noisy Cricket because, like the gun in Men In Black 1 it packs quite a punch for something very small. Things I love:- The brakes: amazing. The handling: telepath...
schew111rEliseAmazing. Brings a smile to my face everytime I get in it.
ScottBN3Elisefun fun fun
scottmEliseA fantastic car! Likes: Handling, steering response, looks, B-road capabilties and that fact that every journey I take is a driving treat. Dislikes: It's squeekes and rattles and my internals do...
Scotto UKElise
scrivs78EliseMy Wifes car, Great fun to drive, always puts a smile on your face.
ScuffersElise Best car I have ever owned! Spent the last 15 years racing & modifying it, its currently sporting a Supercharged, Honda engine giving north of 500Bhp/Tonne.
Sean.PEliseI was driving up to Christopher Neil's to look at a few Elise's when I saw it parked up at the back of a local Mazda dealer. I decided to pop in just in case it was for sale... and the rest is history...
SeanyDEliseBrilliant car. Bang-Ouch...doh, white line
SeanyDElisePurchased in March 2012, Toyota powered Elise S2, gloss black wheels, and factory fitted hardtop.
Seedy2007EliseRunning a standard car with the exception of a 2bular Stage 1 exhaust... bloody hell, it's loud!
segeElise Not sure I really knew what steering feedback was supposed to feel like until I drove this car. Maybe a non sports pack Koni suspended car would have have a more approachable limit, but I wanted the...
SethljEliseWow - had all sorts and this one corners like the best of them. Just chuck it where you want and it sticks. Keeps up with trevs and porkers on the track too - can't be bad for a 1.8!! Get one you'l...
ShakespeareElisegreat fun
shanganiEliseGreat bit of kit! I use it every day and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Linkup NA honda 220 bhp Laminova oil cooler Proalloy radiator Simpson 4:2:1 manifold Sports cat 100 cpi 2bula...
shapeEliseI never ever want to sell it again. Still as beautifull and seducing as before I even had one. I would sleep in it if my wife wouldn`t get sp jellous!
Shave offElise STUNNING SPORTS CAR. 40+ mpg
SheathjEliseProper go cart, plenty of power up to 70-80mph. corners on rails, and behaves when the back end loosens up a bit.
ShnozzEliseGood car but not different enough from my old S1. Nitrons, OZ wheels a few other trick bits.
ShnozzEliseMy first foray into Lotus ownership in my mid 20's. And what a hoot it was. Made a BBQ in the back garden of my house to match.
ShortnameEliseThe perfect car. Especially the tickover (or lack of it!)
shot2bitsEliseExcellent A / B road car which offers loads of fun in a go-cart stylee - realy gets on your nerves on the motorway (well mine anyway!)... Handles so, so well and fairly rapid through the gears... Sham...
sigmamarkEliseOnly got it 2 days ago, but apart from the indicator falling out, I haven't stopped grinning yet. Mind you, the sun has been out and the roof has been off.
Silver CerbieElise
Silver CerbieElise
SimianWonderElise A brief affair, but oh so sweet.
simon clarkEliseHeap of junk! Perhaps I just bought a bad one.....
simon packerelise
simon whittleyEliseI'll get round to getting some photos of it one day - if I ca stop driving it long enough...
simon.fosterEliseNew car to me, looking forward to razzing it over the Yorkshire Moors during the Summer months
Simond11EliseArdent Red Soft and Hard top Eliseparts Ally belled disks Rs42 pads Braided Brake Hoses Hurricane Induction
simontElisea washing up bowl strapped to a skateboard... awesome.... but the cat converter must come off....
SiPodelise Makes me smile as much as my WR400F used too
siwil1elisemost fun ive had in a car for years! grip in the dry is phenominal. Getting in and out is an art to master!
Six DaysElise
SJR202EliseStunning drive, good power, loved it.
SkaffenEliseNot very practical, but heaps of fun.
SkellzEliseOne of the most fun cars to drive ever. Real fun factor, but getting in and out was a battle and wasnt good for the back. house purchase forced sale.
Skid CarreraElise
skinnerEliseOh yes. Ummd and ahhd over std v 111s, definately made the right choice. Excellent fun, will post more after a decent training day when I get to use it in proper anger
skoffEliseGood fun, but breaks a lot and seems to attract vandals and drivers who can't park
Skunk160EliseSector 111 Katana Supercharger Sector111 - Boomerang Tow Hook Package Front splitter Difflow 5 element Railer difuser MSA Regulation Rear Towing Eye The Eliminator v3 Sector111 TRACKpipe DEI Ti...
SkyBlueEliseSuperb good fun never fails to put a smile on me face!!! Lotus sports suspension K&N Induction kit 160 metal throttle body Yokohamas all round Piper 270 cam Magnex stainless exhaust Just for ...
SkymanEliseThe purest and best so far. Tantamount to a brand new Series 1 111S (with a few choice mods), but bought in 2007. She will be with me for a long time.
sladeEliseWe'll see what all the noise is about. :)
SlochElise770kg. 224 bhp and sold!
smartonionEliseLove this car. Had a few little niggles with it but nothing unexpected. Can't beat going for a blast in the country on a hot, sunny day :-)
smeleEliseExcellent. Pity I had to sell it and move to the Seattle.
Smithers JonesElise
Smokin DonutEliseElise was owned by a close friend for 15 years before he passed away, his family have kindly asked me to become its next custodian. Its been unused for 4 years so has taken a little work to get runnin...
snipsEliseBought as a Crash damaged CAT D right off. Little project and i have always wnated one. Every day car is a 172 clio Sport. Not the best looking car but goes well and bought it brand new for 11200. ...
sollitaEliseGreat fun car on road or track, but not for everyday motorway/city driving. My male menopause car...according to wife.
Sonic NonsenseEliseAwesome car - just awesome!! :)
SonicboonEliseI'm gonna marry her, put it that way. Update, Now got the Exige and Divorce proceedings are under way.
SorcererElisein love with the sound of a tuned K-Series
SpagBogEliseCrikey, that was expensive
spanky spanglerElise
Special KElise http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmfHIDvyfb4&context=C405be81ADvjVQa1PpcFPnlyDfeJA7yTWU8smBKaXzJ6bNQJ3CbwQ= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0rXnBp3GYI&context=C45e5fc6ADvjVQa1PpcFPnlyDfeJA7yRzkuSAlT4...
Special KElise
speedypalmerEliseHad the car since 25th Jan 06...loving it!
speedypete7777elisei love this car had lots of other cars in my time but this is really my ultimate
Spekdah-S2KEliseAzure Elise owned from new.
Spikey AdamEliseLovely car, if a little basic, but still used daily for 5 years
SpookyEliseApart from dire window mechanisms, the Elise was a great car to drive.
SpudLinkEliseYou guys don't need me to tell you how good it was. Drove it every day in all conditions.
SpunagainEliseFast Fun cheap to run 200 -300 year servicing BBR exhaust very buzzy and loud. Wife spun it of A1, Yokohamas have reduced understeer in the wet! Added ITG airbox 136bhp 135ftlbs of torque - not ba...
spyderflyEliseFantastic car - if everyone knew how much fun this car is everyone would surely have one.
sramdeenElise111S in black! Tony Hetherington's old car. Will post pics as soon as the sun is shining and I've polished it! Gone now. I cried when it went. What a fantastic car that was wasted with me and my ~3...
srobEliseBest car I've ever owned/driven!
sspencer350EliseGreat steering and handling.
StampedeEliseThe best thing since sliced bread!!!!
stanzaEliseFantastic car - even the wife loved it and drove it with some vigour. One of the best drivers cars around and this spec is probably the best. The car never missed a beat even when I had to use it as ...
stavr0ssEliseBig valve ported head by Sabreheads Newman phase 2 cams Emerald ECU 52mm throttle body 153bhp
steve30beliselove it.
steve48eliseSaffron Yellow, all usual extras. Sold S1 Exige as I needed a more "practical car", love it to bits.
SteveFlatmanEliseThe construction of the Elise is the single best use for toilet roll tubes, and elastic bands man has ever found.
Stevie PElise
stew-STR160Elise elise parts ally bell 2 piece discs pagid RS14 front pads mintex 1144 rear pads braided hoses elise parts toe link kit elise parts high pressure radiator hurricane air inlet quicksilver exhaust...
Still LearningElise
stinkysteveEliseThe most fun you can have on 4 wheels?
StoatWithToastEliseWife's car - excellent fun, loads of feel, loads of grip, not that hard to go long distances, reliable, sounds good, well built... the list of good stuff goes on.
StokerEliseA few teething troubles, like a leaky boot and a suicidal indicator lense, but nothing to put me off ownership!
stringthingEliseAll the usual SR goodies plus aircon
stripey_siEliseSlight mods ;-)
Stuart McEliseRunning my elise with a ITG Maxogen induction kit, widened manifold and Stealth Exhaust from Moto-Build (Hounslow). Recently changed from Pirelli's to the Yoko's from Lotus. Huge improvement on unders...
Stumason10eliseJust bought this mk1 elise off piston heads and its turned out to be everything I expected...Fast, frugal and also rattles a fair bit lol!!
StumpsEliseBloody difficult to get in & out of but once in who cares. Was going to use all year round but decided it looked too nice so its just my favourite toy now. Looking forward to getting some goodies for ...
stuthemongEliseGood fun, engine lacks top end grunt IMO (new cams to sort maybe). Looking forward to some sun so I can use the thing.
stuttgart737EliseIt's a keeper.
StuWEliseJust bought my first Elise. Having driven plenty it wasn't until I actually got my own that I realised just how much fun they are!
Stu_00Elise I will be back, epic car for the money, and not at all bad on the track. Can I live without one!
Super BadElise
SupersonicEliseOh yes! One of the last S2 111S' and it's as good as I'd ever dreamed it'd be! :D
SwampySiEliseK&N Induction Kit Sports Exhaust
SweatysockEliseOh for the power of my Rush in a car that handles as well as the Elise.
Swifty T350EliseGreat car with no troubles and supprisingly large boot! less rattles than the S1
Swifty T350Elisegreat fun and very cheap to run. Looks good with the hard top. The only problem/cost was radiator leak! costly-ish to replace.
swisstonyEliseA Fantastic car! I've never had so much fun behind the wheel!! I'll be buying another one in a couple of years, but now it's time for something a bit more powerful.....??!!
SydneySEElisethe revised gearing and VVC makes for a more comfortable freeway cruiser than the regular elise, yet maintains puch of the line- fantastic cornering- steering so ALIVE that it makes a 911 seem dull...
sylva41EliseIt's really yellow!
T313Elisemagnet for bunny rabbits - got sick of pulling out the remains..
T3BY MElise
TalkwrenchEliseSublime chassis. Quite probably the most fun you can have with your clothes on.
tanmaneliseBest car i've ever had, you know its right when kids give you the thumbs up as you drive past!
TCeeEliseMagnetic Blue, Janspeed sports 'zorst, Hurricane Induction and Janspeed Sportscat, Alpine MP3/Cd, Infinities all round, Kenwood sub
teadazedEliseBrilliant. Just brilliant.
tertiusEliseNitrons; 240R forged wheels; close ratio gearbox; LSD; C/F buckets; harnesses; etc.
TGVEliseCheap and cheerful motoring lost £1500.00 in 3 years of motoring will own another one soon
The BanditElise
The BanditElise
The BanditElise
The BobsterELISE
The CakesElise
The CommanderEliseWritten off after only 7 months ownership. Still grieving.
The DudeEliseLSS Pack, PTP 140 head, ITG carbon-fibre induction, lightweigh black OZ wheels. 155bhp. Great fun. Sold it to make way for something else in the summer.
the DustRoomElise
the gentElise
The PenguinElise
The PitsEliseIn some ways a pointless car for someone with a Tuscan (faster in a straight line) and a Caterham (faster round corners) but I'm a lifelong Lotus fan, I've always wanted the blue sportsracer in parti...
thegobetweenEliseNice, better than an S2?...
thegobetweenEliseGreat car, wrong engine.
thegobetweenEliseThe Elise I always wanted. This ones a keeper (honest)
TheHobbitEliseExcellent. Shame about the stupidly small boot. That was the cars demise, ultimatly.
theopEliseAlways fancied one since my engineering degree days. It was a good car when in the mood on the right road with the right company under the right weather. And a fucking nightmare at all other times,...
ThomasGaryEliseHad this car since 2001 and (touch wood) it has never let me down. Used daily. This car is totally standard and never been near a track. Only work done was a new front clam shell due to some wise...
ThorburnElise[b]History[/b] The Lotus Elise is a car I've wanted for a long time, ever since I first saw one aged 12 in fact. I'd grown up watching old video tapes my parents had sent over of the F1 while they...
Thud_McguffinEliseOwned this car for two years now and am enjoying it very much. I have spent quite a bit of effort sorting out things which previous owners should have dealt with long ago : Upgraded to S2 springs/d...
TickleElise2001 Elise S2 in gunmetal grey
Tim ButcherElise
tim lumleyElise
Tim NethertonEliseOnly 120 bhp but still a hoot to drive!
TIMEEliseThis was not for me, great handling but not much grunt, so I sold it after only two days of ownership.
timgomesEliseExige engine conversion. Full track prepared.
TimmDEliseUnfortunate coming together with another car on a country lane. Car was a write off, bent chassis.
timwatshamEliseLooking forward to having fun in this over the next decade!
Tin HatEliseVarious mods,Nitron dampers are the best Elise alteration for the money.Has been reliable and excellent fun.
TIPPERElise Traded an 8 month old X-Type estate for the Elise and an MG ZT 160 last December. I'd covered 19k miles in the Jag and lost just £1500 on the deal. Bought the Elise as a weekend toy intending to us...
TitaniumTimEliseBack to basics delight
tj_barnettEliseAwesome Machine!
tnclarkEliseI am working on building an Elise S2 bicycle rack, as are about 20 others on various listserve groups. Many were fitted fro the S1 but the S2's lighter engine cover demands going into something firm. ...
tobybEliseSpecification: Brooke Kensington Exhaust S2 Manifold S2 Downpipe Victory Alloy Wheels S2 Seats S2 Steering Wheel
toffeeEliseThe red devil! Just not using it - so had to go.
TOFFEEMANEliseExcellent car drove and sounded great
Tom BElise
tom1977EliseHardtop Stage 1 Sports Exhaust Driving Lights
tomakarlEliseA fantastic little sports car! And in the best Lotus colours. Green with yellow stripes. I love every minute when I'm driving the car.
tombarEliseMy fave
TombolaEliseGreat tool for learning to drive properly. Surprisingly useful in London traffic (small, fast, nimble). Useless for keeping parked in a London street (no bumpers). Horrificly expensive (as a perc...
tomelokEliseJust upgraded my old S1 elise to the new style M2 Sports Tourer. Seems a much better ride and i love the new styling. Have not really pushed it yet since its been a bit wet, looking forward too summer...
Tom_BEliseWhat can I say? It makes me smile every time I drive it.
torch_taylorEliseMost Fun!!
touche66turtleelisenice eyecatcher
TracksideEliseOur first proper sports car. What a fantastic little thing is it too. Looks great with the factory hardtop too, IMO. Sold in June 2008.
Trackside JuniorElise
Trans AlpinaElise
TrevEliseLovin it ...
Trev LTSEliseGreat motor. Soon to be a modern day classic :)
tricky 100ELISE
tricky 100ELISE
Trigger lotusEliseGreat car. Cheap fun driving.
trondhbEliseYes, the price is correct ;-) Very expensive cars here in Norway... Very little depreciation due to the Elise being very rare, though :-) Upgrades: Hurricane induction system Sports exhaust Dun...
TrunkieEliseCan't stop grinning
trunnieEliseOK so it leaked at first (now mostly fixed after the 1,000 mile service), but had no regrets about choosing it. Ran >10,000 miles pa
TT TimElise
TTwiggyEliseSo very Yellow mmmmm.......
TunaEliseGreat fun, reliable, good condition, sad to see it go.
tupolevElisegood on the twisties top notch looks (although S1 owners seem to disagree) noisy on motorway stopping power seems weak girlfriends do not appreciate being passenger.
TurbochargerEliseCloser to karting than a car, but a surprisingly practical daily driver.
turbolachelisewho knew weight loss could be so much fun? a real eye opener of a car.
turbos7903eliseFully prepared by the factory as a SCCA T1 race car. Not street legal. May be the only one ever built by Lotus Motorsports of Hethel England.Factory Build number 001.Car features Rollcage,fire supress...
TurnamereEliseEven with only 118 BHP this car is so much fun, you find yourself going the long way round. It is even very ecconomical.
Tuscan SixEliseGreat handling, good looks and much better build than S1
Tuscan SixEliseRecommended for the great handling, but dodgy build and looks like a beach buggy!
Tuscan SixElise The performance of a TVR Tuscan and the handling of an Elise - perfect!
TVR TommyEliseGreat little car. Has real character and is a occasion to drive whenever I get the chance.
TVRProwlerEliseHarsh but great fun
Tweety pieElise
Type 23Elise
UltrasoundEliseTruly great, never for sale.
unintentionalEliseEvery other car pales in comparison. Year round use in Scotland the only down side is a slight lack of seats
unintentionalEliseFabulous car but never quite the same after I hit some armco hard enough to need a new tub.
unodougelisenot overly impressed with the build quality but awesome performance and great fun! track days are looming, loving the 8000rpm limit
up-the-dubsElise143bhp (Piper cams, Piper pullys, exhaust 4-2-1 manifold, Hurricane intake, Emerald ECU, oil rail ladder and baffled sump) S2 seats Nitron 1-way shocks - Eibach Springs - Lowered Pagid RS-42 pads, ...
V8 BYFEliseGreat Fun
V880 LYSElise
V8BertEliseBought the Elise to 'replace' my Golf VR6 and at the same time try to replace my Westfield. A sort of best of both worlds thing. After about 30 minutes in the Lotus I realised the Westie was here t...
V8NRGEliseGreat car.... for a second car. Greatest handeling car in the world ??? Leaked like a sive when it rained. Quite capable of carrying two people and luggage for a weekend. If you use soft bags. ...
V9GRTEliseJenvey Throttle Bodies Piper Cams Emerald ECU AVO Suspension (Coilovers)
ValEliseFavourite car atm
van cleefElise
vanmanEliseWas great fun for the short time I owned it. Actually no it wasn't great fun it was vastly over rated in my opinion!
veetwinElise4 wheel perfection
vinnythevidEliseNorfolk Mustard Factory Hardtop Stainless Sports Exhaust Otherwise Boggo........ First Lotus - been a fanatic since "Spy Who Loved Me" - but an Esprit S4S won't fit in the garage...Love every mi...
VinZEliseThis is my daily driver and I like to keep it as close to showroom status as possible.
VISANelisei have many problems with the engine
Vladimir PukinEliseTitanium Silver Lotus Motorsport ECU I really miss it!
VoldemortEliseThe last great sports car
w8ckoEliseI only say "no" because I had to sell it after 3 months because I wanted to keep my driving licence. I drove it everwhere like a Go-Kart and it was legendarily impractical to have as your only car. Ha...
wahmasonEliseEye-poppingly good handling....as I'm sure you all know!
WallabyGuyEliseIt sounds like by the time the car reaches these shores, nobody will be able to touch it.
walney warriorelise
want2raceEliseFull Elise Trophy Spec car
wee pelisefast cheap to run does not rust and when fitted with a good exhaust sounds good too
wesdock1eliseGet's under your skin !!!!
WhirlingDERVishEliseStolen :-(
WildfireEliseGreen and a total wreck. Returned to previous owner.
WildfireEliseAnother Casaulty to the fire :-( *Hurricane Induction Kit *Janspeed SS Exhaust *CRP *Sport 160 Throttle Body *Braided Clutch Hose *X Drilled, Grooved Discs *Green Stuff Pads *Carbon Interi...
WildfireElise111S Airbox K&N Panel Filter Quick Shifter Larini Club Sport Exhaust Front Spots Black Front Splitter Black Rear Diffuser HIDs 360 LED sidelights
willibumEliseMy 1st Lotus adventure. Only sold due to growing family.
willibumEliseMy 2nd Lotus, spent a fortune getting her right and sold again due to a growing family. Do I regret selling her - you bet!!!
wimelisegreat car, I love to drive it.
WingNutEliseA great car, even for everyday driving, but for what I used it for it was an expensive waste. p/x for the Caterham and never looked back
wittgenfrogElise Still Drives brilliantly, though I doubt the K-Series delivers anything like the 140 BHP it had when new. It has proven very6 reliable, though my annual mileages tend to be <5k miles. I've done ve...
WombleEliseKent L2 Cams Emerald ECU K&N Filter VVC Plenum Custom Sports Exhaust (no cat) 160+bhp
worldwidewebsEliseHonda power :D
worldwidewebsElisePretty standard except CL5+ pads
WozaEliseGreat car - still early days of ownership but still loving every minute.
X SPElise250bhp Toyota engined SP kompressor conversion.
XerxelEliseAmzing Car
xxplodeliseJust had second main service done at 17 000 miles. Got fleeced for an extra £50 for brake and clutch fluid. Put new boots on the back. Originals lasted just over 17K. Excellent buy at Micheldever ...
Yacht BrokerEliseNew Aluminium Silver S1 with blue leather and hood... The best car I have ever owned. Bought it from Meridien Modena (Based in Lyndhurst and the only people that I would ever buy from again... I bo...
Yacht BrokerEliseNew Aluminium Silver with black leather and black hood. Purchased from Meridien Modena who are great guys... Car delivered with C-Service & belts done. Elisparts supplied S/s exhaust, S160 Throt...
Yacht BrokerEliseOne of the original 50 SVA cars and one of only 7 finished in Scandal Green... not for the introverted! Very loud, very fast and very very in-your-face... completely the wrong thing to use as a dai...
yannwEliseBlack S1 Elise with red leather, and bordeaux soft top, full options. Mods : window levers, green air filter, driving lamps covers.
YellowCarEliseHad this a couple of years now, and have put a good few 1000 miles on it. It still feels special to drive - well actually a bit naughty that something this go-cart-like should be allowed on the roa...
yellowman2EliseThe best car I've driven!!!
YorkEliseGreat car
ZadkielEliseHandling lives up to the hype. Daily practicality and reliability is worse than expected. Poorly supported model in NZ makes life tricky.
ZarcoEliseFantastic. Sadly had to part with it. Unfinished business for sure. Close ratio gearbox Torsen Limited Slip Diff Lightweight flywheel and uprated clutch Hurricane induction kit 52mm throttl...
Zebede29EliseCheap thrills don't come better than a used series-1 elise - the more standard/original the better. Awesome handling, very quick for a 1.8 (especially when de-cat'd and fitted with a sports exhaust as...
zippyproriderelisegreat so far...early days yet! Still loving it total animal on country lanes! Now sold, 15k miles in 2 years and the only fault was a new radiator. Totally amazing for the money
Zircon450EliseLovely little cars full of fun
zootoEliseFantastic car. I now know what the fuss is all about. My other half uses it every day and enjoys every minute of it. If you have thought about having one "Just do it". It is without doubt one of he be...
[k]arlEliseUpgrades: Lotus Sport supercharger & stage 3 exhaust, TRD air box. Nitron dampers with Eibach springs, Phoenix Motorsports toe links & cross brace, 240R steering rack. Caparo AP big brake kit. Also: R...
rockford22Elise 111R
live adeElise SChilli Red
Concerned catElise S2
haydjElise (race car)
rooseveltElise (S1)Yippee! My dream come true, I finally own an Elise. Stuff the expense, let's have some fun! Using it daily to commute to work - great fun overtaking all those euro boxes! More photos here; http://co...
mrjoffElise (s2)
andy timsElise (two of them)
Shaun400seElise 1-11S
Robert EliseElise 1.6
GeoffWElise 1.8Owned this in Switzerland and had great fun driving on the windy mountain roads. The Swiss admired it but they're generally pretty conservative and anti-cars. Overall, good, but not as good as the 1...
Mark AElise 1.8
ScockersElise 1.8
atmanElise 111
Andrew71Elise 111R
ArisuteaElise 111RFan-bloody-marvellous! Would say something more constructive than that but frankly, I'm have far too much fun driving it than to bugger about with pictures and long write-ups! ---- 5th year u...
BarbapapaElise 111R
Chris YElise 111RGot the car supercharged in May 2014 with TRD filter, custom remap and upgraded brakes/hoses. I already had a Larini exhaust system fitted. It sounds superb! Ardent Red with black wheels and black...
cocojambo18Elise 111RBrilliant fun car, especially now the weather has got a little better. Loving it so far! Pretty comfortable once you have got in it!
elise2000Elise 111R
Flat6Elise 111R
HandbagElise 111RI really do love this car and yes it is Autumn Gold, and yes it is the best colour to have!
IMacElise 111R
JARElise 111RWhen driving you can't help but smile:)
John LaverickElise 111r
keoElise 111RBought 15/3/15 Red Lotus sports exhaust
mark_graphicElise 111R
mikendaxElise 111R
NeraElise 111R
PaulB81Elise 111RNiggles so far: Numberplate fell off - Fixed with velcro Door would no longer close - Fixed by main dealer Windscreen wiper stalk stopped working - fixed by main dealer Battery flat after 4 days...
propagandaElise 111r
Quentin1Elise 111RGood old fashioned sports car without the technical Drama because of the Toyota (Yamaha) engine. A bit boring compared to the TVR experience...
R0v1nElise 111R
rs_manElise 111R
sportsracerandyElise 111r
TheDodgerElise 111rJust completed the 'running-in' phase and had the first service, so now the real fun begins. Nothing bad to report so far. Expect updates soon....
V12PiersElise 111R
zaskerElise 111R
zaskerElise 111R
zebraelise 111r
TorqueDirtyElise 111R Sport RacerStunning handling and huge fun but ultimately not enough grunt to be a truly great car. Still a very long way to go in the quality department unfortunately. Sold after a year due to aforemention...
1-11Elise 111S
4freemanElise 111s
Ace1968Elise 111s
BallisticElise 111SGreat looks, sublime handling, needed more power.
black and greenElise 111S
BonceElise 111SI'll be honest with you, this is the first sports car I've ever owned so it's hard for me to back up my praise for it's performance and ride & handling with experience of owning and driving other fine...
chris7676Elise 111SMinimal, light, rapid, with greatly spaced gears and enough power for the road and most track fun. One of the most enjoyable things I have driven so far. A lot better with the roof off. I wish it was ...
cjmElise 111s
david lloydElise 111SFabbo car - just like a big go-kart. Just need to keep flexible so I can actually get into it.
dinosaurumpusElise 111S
doroweElise 111SAmazing value for performance. Don't ask about practicalities!
drysderelise 111SBeen fully race prepared
GeoffWElise 111sLoved it, especially the handling & steering. Quicker than the standard one I owned prior to this, and all the better for the revvier engine. Encountered no problems whatsoever although main dealer s...
giallofly308Elise 111S
HonahonT350Elise 111S
jjwilsonElise 111sAmazing everyday car. Impractical yes - but well worth working around...! Such good handling and a hoot to drive! 30+ mpg as well.....sublime! Literally feels like a baby Ultima!
kojak71Elise 111s
M2CharlieElise 111S
matthewwallElise 111sSimply fantastic. Lots of fun.
MattWElise 111SUpdate: My poor baby is dead, think she saved my life but she is a goner, am gutted........I will have another!! This car is a blast!! Yes it is noiser to live with on a daily basis than the TVR a...
mbushbyElise 111s
moomanelise 111s
MozzieElise 111s
MrVertElise 111S1st proper sports car.........and I still miss it!
pro7onElise 111s
propagandaElise 111s
Rich ODElise 111S
RikiElise 111SCool as hell and what a hoot to drive.
silberElise 111S
SprockettElise 111S
the_daddyElise 111sWicked!
TonyHetheringtonElise 111SBlack with red leather....ooooof! Makes country roads the most fun you can have with your clothes on
turboguruElise 111SOne of the best I have ever owned, my buy another one soon.
Wayne95Elise 111s
zebraelise 111s
zircomElise 111S
*Al*Elise 111S (S1)
WiljaElise 111S (S2)
EvoOlliElise 111S MK1
MeesterTElise 111s S2Fantastic car, joy to drive. Wind in the hair - well whats left of it! Sold it to Mr Baumhardt who is really enjoying it!!! Well done Hans..
Felix7Elise 111SC Type 79 (Super Charged)Super Charged by Turbo Technics to 225bhp/190lb ft torque. A considerable amount of work carried out on the ECU by Dave Walker and Karl Patton @ Emerald. Nitron suspension, aero modifications etc and ...
Bonsai78Elise 135 R
135sportElise 135 Sport
charffersElise 135 SportS1 135 Sport, 160 alloys, factory hard top. Brilliant drive
Pack ManElise 135 SportMy daily car, not had any major problems, just the usual niggles; sticky side windows, occasional leaks when stood in heavy showers! but apart from that it's been really good. Last service was a b...
Andyt25Elise 135R
lamaElise 135R
m30dusElise 135R
piperElise 135RTrack based Elise with Motor sport suspension system, huge grip and cornering speed
poptosisElise 135RExige handling and a truly spectacular looking car. Very good elise variant - possibly the best?
raceyElise 135R
someliElise 135r
Swiss ToneElise 135R Blue MicaSadly miss this car, but done the sensible thing and paid some Mortgage off. But it's gone to a carfull lucky owner. I'll be back in one sometime next year.
Hornsey BoyElise 160
OmarukElise 160
Quentin CroweElise 160 Mk1Modified to 750MC Roadsport Class B spec
andy_sElise 2Just bought it, haven't seen it yet - long story. Initial drive - very good, very different to a normal car - takes a while to get used to the positive and different aspects of the car. You know it ...
bennnoElise 2Incredible performance for a 1.8L car, has loads of grip and feels a real experience to drive to to the low slung seating position and race car view over the bonnet. New Sports exhaust and filter s...
BlueEliseSElise 2
NightmareElise 2It would appear that Lotus have finally learnt how to build a car which doesn't fall apart. Genuinely fantastic drive, took me 12 years to find something to replace it. Cheapest car i've owned by mi...
TVR1Elise 2
NoPDKElise 220 Cup
KHLElise 340 R
reinhardElise 72 Pero Kompressor 200
DanHCTElise and Birkin 7
gianluelise audi converted
Fulham71Elise Exige and Evora
smallbenelise gt1the best car in the world
rick111selise hondaHonda conversion by Maidstone Sports Cars. NA 210bhp.
smudgerselise honda sc
Big TauElise IIFun car, wicked in the wet ! Going back to the excess power of the TVR though.
Gino AElise mark 1Fun but poor quality build.
Gino AElise mark 2Fun and looked good but poor build quality and too flawed for the price. Never felt as good as the mark 1.
higgyElise mk 1
nutbehinddawheelElise mk 1
essdaytwelveElise Mk I
mikewoodElise Mk III loved this little car, once I worked out how to get into it!
dillon7elise mk1
Elise FourtyNineElise Mk1
funkyeliseElise Mk1
lotuseliseElise MK1
Magic MerlinElise mk1Best drivers car bar none.
mbaelise mk1
njepsonElise Mk1
olly_penguinElise Mk1
PTFElise Mk1Great fun. Amazing grip in the dry. An understeering mess in the wet. Plus the alloy discs would get water on them and simply not work without brake-testing first. Felt like it was about to cost...
RJ5560Elise Mk1
SquattingDogElise MK1
stingerElise Mk1Azure Blue Mk1 Elise. Great fun as long as you don't mind having a shower whilst driving in the rain.
turboguruElise MK1It was okay but kept going wrong so I sold her after 12 months. Still helped me pull at times ;-)
TVR-to-911Elise Mk1Although i loved it at the time, would not recommend getting the Mk1 nowadays. Buy the Mk2, you'll feel like you've bought something worth the money and you can drive it every day no problems. Great c...
GWCElise Mk1 X2 98/99Hot car, temparature wise in the cabin, suspension prone to knocking due to worn bushes. Fantastic handling!
mbaelise mk11Not a good conversion unless you want to track it.
chapmancolinElise Mk2
choucaElise MK2so much fun do drive. Tested BMW Z3 M, Boxster, Honda S2000 and Lotus 340R before buying it. And it was the most fun to drive (except the 340R) with a little bit of boot space to make it usable.
higgyElise mk2Currently drive lotus Elise s2 135 sport. Definite improvement on the s1 mine used to leak like a sieve in the rain and cook you up in the sun.(hot door)new one doesn't
HillsprinterElise Mk2
jamesmacElise Mk2Looks stunning, handling is spot-on, great for track-days, every day use. Loads of scope for tunning. Well worth the expense.
scouseelise mk2i purchased my elise new from chris neils as a treat for myself.(i am in the navy and away a lot!)This car is amazing and suprisingly practical.i attend the odd trackday in her but nothing too outrage...
SuthersElise mk2Best fun, track day car for £12k, desperatly needs an LSD and more power would be useful.
TVR-to-911Elise Mk2Cracking car, really made me appreciate sports cars and what they can offer. Used daily with no problems at all...more reliable than my old Ford Puma:) Highly recommend for people on a budget who want...
gereonElise MKIyou can see my car at http://www.lotus-elise.tk
bertelise MkIIstandard version cobalt blue alu windowwinders and handbrake JVC car radio (blue led display) Hurricane induction kit
GusbertElise Motorsport
malbonElise MotorsportTotally Unique Motorsport Bodied Lotus Elise. Lots of mods on this famous car. Its the Laser Blue car that you see on www.eliseparts.com that looks like an Exige. v.loud, v.hardcore and soon to h...
Andyt25Elise mrk1Mettalic gray with red leather.
ChrisG C2SElise R
edp190Elise R
NoeElise RAfter having a lotus elise when they first came out and whilst having a larger 4x4 want an easy to run open car - so picked up new Lotus Elise R with modifications done including exhaust, engine int...
pablo993Elise R
Shrek595Elise R
terrybElise RGreat car to drive for short distances, but made a grave mistake - never buy a brand new Lotus. The quality control is not great at all - kind of expect more from a £30k+ car. But was lots of fun - ...
worldwidewebsElise RFitted 2bular exhaust, Sinclaire Motorsport remap and geo by Guglielmi Motorsport. Totally transformed from the factory car
666mrbElise Race Tech
RyoElise race tech
allytElise SGood fun, lacking in power....... leaked !!
atomicpunkElise S
fen7onElise S
garyc3481Elise S
Jim MitchElise SOwned from February 2016 - September 2017. Collected from Murray Lotus in Edinburgh - cant recommend them highly enough. Car had its initial service with the factory - useful working at Hethel - an...
LKSElise S
MarcEliseElise S
Triple8Elise S
zebraElise S
lotusmad2001Elise S 134Fantastic car, will miss it dearly!
gm77Elise S Club RacerThe most pure car since my kit car. If you like driving, and don't want to build your own, this is the car for you!
jackmccElise S!
85S3NAElise S1
AdamWilkinsElise S1
alibaElise S1
AmpLtdElise S1Come back!!!!
analog_meElise S1For special use only and when in the correct mood
AndrewGPElise S1Well looked after example bought with great history on 71k miles. Standard car except for Corbeau Seats, Schroth Harnesses and a removeable Momo steering wheel.
AndyDubbyaElise S1
andy_ranElise S1Silly power K-Series DHTB Standalone management 300 Cams Solid Lifters and Followers Forged bottom end Much fun
atlElise S1Love it!
AVeryNaughtyBoyElise S1On the way back from Le Mans got talking about these so got home, took a graduate loan and bought one. Really, really, really good. Did not own it for long but did 10k so knew it inside out. Alt...
b2hbmElise S1
BadappleElise S1
BadgerBillElise S1
Billy_WhizzzzElise S1
blotElise S1Was the wife's car but enjoyed abusing it occasionally at Elvington
BoggyElise S1My first Lotus and very nearly my last! 80 Mph into a high curb didn't really do it to much justice (or me) had to sell it onto a Lotus dealer who said "Leave these thing's to the professionals" Ho ! ...
BrunoDElise S1
bryn_pElise S1
Buster44Elise S1Another Elise!! Norfolk mustard S1 with black Sport 160 wheels. Mods include Nitrons, SS exhaust, Carbon ITG induction kit, braided hoses, quickshift and gearlinkage kit.
carchapElise S1Wonderful yellow 1999 Elise with 11k miles from new :) I just love this car.
ChaddersElise S1
chazzaElise S1
ChimjunkieElise S1Bloody quick and handles like a go kart. Not much on the road quicker than this and more fun to drive :)
cncdavehElise S1
CodefasterElise S1
CogcogElise S1Oh yes!
crusty cobbElise S1 Type 49 colours white gold red Bell and Covill car 4 point harness Colour dash iserts Colour door inserts Alli widow winders gear knob and gate Carpets to match Everythig 111s spec wheels etc e...
D.PElise S1
dansheerinElise S1Tuned up standard S1 (165bhp) with sports suspension (Car is lowered), and black motorsport wheels. Full suede interior.
davyElise S1
Deano84Elise S1
DeendogElise s1
douglasgdmwElise S1
drew conodElise S1
e92330imsportElise S1Best car I have ever owned, sad to sell Ruby Red metallic tan hood, mag leather Sold after 8 months old sold to a dealer and still made a profit of £1500 Thinking of getting another for weekends
edgarElise S1DVA modified engine
elises1turboelise s1
emenelElise S1Sports exhaust, K&N Induction. Azure blue with Magnolia leather. Bought from Scott at Bell & Colvill. Great bloke, great dealer, great car. Domestic crisis meant she had to go.
fentuzElise S1Best car i ever driven! Great on track! Now converted to a road legal race car.
fiveoclockhero1Elise S1Motorsport bodykit, Renault Liquid Yellow
frankyElise S1
FTWElise S13 days in and loving it
Fudgie01Elise S1
GadgeroonieElise S1
gfozElise S1At last - an Elise - it's only taken me two agonising years of saving!
gianluElise S1An S1 with a V6 soundtrack. purchased in april 2014 as a matt black elise rebuilt into a scandal green exige with all mods required in august 2014. ...and the spendign goes on :)
gianluelise S1
giveitfishElise S1Wanted one for ages. One owner car that's a little rough around some of the edges but fantastic to drive. Smoothing off those edges could cost me dear as time goes by though...
Granturismo DanElise S1
graysElise S1Elise handling - check 200 bhp - check Big smiles - check
H1ppoElise S1
H8TRJElise S1
Haves1979Elise S1
HighburysmilerElise S1
HocusPocusElise S1Uprated race engine 220bhp, cross drilled brakes, lowered suspension, race cam, gas flowed, sticky Yokohama tyres, and cat put in bin.
ianrbElise S1In the process of turning it into my idea of the ultimate Elise, so has improved suspension, a bit more power and lot more lightness!
IkemiElise S1It's just ... RAH! =D Kitted out with Bilstein suspension, Janspeed sports exhaust, de-cat pipe, drilled discs all round and Pagid fast road pads.
IkemiElise S1With a power to weight ratio of 370bhp/ton, it's ridiculously quick. The torque, power delivery and whooshing noise from the turbo is hugely addictive! Fitted with a 6-speed Audi TT gearbox, AP al...
j19millsElise S1Dark blue s1 elise bought new and now covered over 94,000 miles. Love this car to bits
J4mes CElise S1Ever since Lotus introduced the Elise I have dreamed of owning one. Now I do, and it is bloody fantastic! Whenever I drive it I cannot stop grinning. Excellent car.
jamesc_1729Elise S1
JAZ 34Elise S1
jelly99elise s1
jelly99elise s1
jgoodwoodElise S1
JimboM3Elise S1
julesGBElise S1
KHLElise S1
KobraElise S1Azure Blue. Front end fibreglass cracked. Technically sound. I have great plans for her! Including a 2.0 litre turbo engine, tweaked to produce around 300 bhp. I also intend to respray the car whit...
koen0373Elise S1Fell in love with the Elise immediatly after it was first shown. My car is nr 0373 New Aluminium. Currently running with a Honda engine.
kriggiElise S1
L100NYYElise S1 Quickshift Sports Exhaust Uprated Suspension Superb.
leyorkieElise S1
Long'unElise S1
lotustuartElise S1My first Elise. And what a beautiful car it was too. Although a std engine, if you don`t include the Hurricane and Janspeed Exhauast, I could keep up with much more powerful cars including S2 Exiges...
m14cusElise S1
maltselise S1
MarcusBBElise S1
Mark BensonElise S1It's fast, it's nimble and it breaks down a lot. At 30k miles it's lost compression on 2 cylinders so it's refresh time (the polite way of saying it needs a strip down and rebuild but didn't fail c...
markizokElise S1
MatelotmanElise S1
MATT SPYElise S1Great car of it's time, but nothing compared to my next car which was the Exige S1.
mccarefreeElise S1What all the others say!
mg_dotElise S1
mikeyb13Elise S1
MilesForrestElise S150k Miles and still going well - feels like new. Bit less refined compaired to the S2
Motorsport3Elise S1I'm the second owner of this car. It's an early 100% original example in my favourite colour, Norfolk mustard, and as of October 2014 has just under 8k miles.
Mr NobleElise S1The original and the best. Who needs more than 118 bhp anyway!! ;-)
Mr OverheadsElise S1
mrbennybennettElise S1After running around in hot hatches since my 17th Birthday it was time to upgrade to something a bit more grown up. Bought the car from Murray Motors in Edinburgh - Nautilius Blue S1 Elise with 111s w...
MrVertElise S1Awesome little machine
mstripeElise S1
Mystic Slipperselise s1A cheap to run fun car,a bit like a mini le mans car.
nic smithElise s1
Norfolkboy1Elise S1Nitrons, Victory Mags, Advans, VX220 Turbo seats and Sports exhaust and filter.
num2ukElise S1Now sold :-( The more I spend with this car the more it's getting underneath my skin. All the reviews I've read about this car talk up how communicative the car is and how the steering feel is the ...
originalgeezerElise S1 My First Elise
OzmikeukElise S1
paf291xelise s1fantastic all round car with over 40mpg and enough performance to live with supercars around the circuits !!
Paul1982Elise S1Great fun, and looks fab!!
pboyElise S1
pdaccusElise S1Good fun, but underpowered
PeterMayhewElise S1Replacement for the stolen one!
planenutElise S1Its yellow. Have replaced the suspension with S2 upgrade and poly bushes. New aeroquip brake hoses, discs and pads. Replaced original exhaust with stainless Blue Flame unit. Done a few other cosmetic ...
poptosisElise S1At last, a proper car :yes:
Red FirecrackerElise S1Rather amusing, to say the least. Does tend to get driven rather than cleaned.
RgeeElise S1
robl499Elise S1
Rogue S1Elise S1Had someone told us of the fun we'd have with the Elise when we purchased this fantastic racing car we'd never have believed it. Great investment and still the pleasure continues. Thank you Lotus.
rustybktsElise S1See it on www.evalbum.com/1454
SammyWElise S1
Secret SquirrelElise S1
sharmElise S1Minister 160 (really 150-ish) conversion from Bell & Colvill with EBD 4-2-1 manifold, silenced CRP and Raceline exhaust. Killed by me May 2002 :-((
sjwright944Elise S1
skint_driverElise S1My partner is lamenting me getting rid of a practical car like the MR2. I'm having fun though.
Slb89Elise S1
somelielise s1
squeazalElise S1
stewartbarrowElise S1Ultimate track day car with 190 Motorsport engine close ratio straight cut box koni dampers and updated brakes but still looks standard - apart from the slightly larger wheels !! Will give most Caterh...
StirlingMessElise S1
Stu HillElise S1
SublimeElise S1
SW_RobElise S1
SW_RobElise S1
The BanditElise S1
The SeerElise S1Finally got the cash to buy something which was a project for something REALLY fast. Purchased an Elise S1 in Norfolk Mustard Yellow with the intention of having the Audi engine conversion. Decide...
thegreenhellElise S1
ThepetrolheadElise S1Dry Summer use only. Highly recommended, back to basics sports car. Very difficult to find mint S1's now, looked at about twenty cars before buying this one in 2004. I started looking in 2002. Lots o...
TheSundaydriverElise S1Superb little Go Kart, never had a Caterfield, but I reckon for an old git like me this is basic enough, and at around 750kg is plenty with 118bhp. Just need to continue to learn to drive her.
thetjElise s1
TickleElise S1Titanium Elise 111s, Victory Wheels and S160 Geo
tkingElise S1
tom@wfp2.comElise S1one of the last s1 elises sold in germany.
TonySimElise S1
TrevorHElise S1Purchased from Adrian Blyth in August 2002. Now fitted with S2 dampers, S2 rear spings and VX220 front springs, EBC discs and SBS on rear, ally-belled discs with pagids on front. S160 air intake with...
tubsElise S1
Tulip1974Elise S1
tyronbarrettElise S1My first foray into proper sports cars. Started out as a standard 118bhp S1, then sent to Lotus in August 1999 for a Sport 190 conversion. Mad car, extremely quick, extremely unreliable and extreme fo...
V8loudpedalElise S1
vantage83Elise S1
waks58Elise S1
Will_SElise S1Build thread here: http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=47&t=1641510
WitterGElise S1
zaskerElise S1
ZutaiElise S1
LeftyElise s1 (Honda K20)
SicobElise S1 (Type R) GulfGulf Colours with Honda Type R engine amongst a whole lot of other mods! £35k spent on mods! Mainly: Honda Type R K20A engine and 6 spd box Nitron Suspension Nitron Quickrack Widenened Rear ...
robinandcameraElise S1 - Honda K20 Type R powered
fnomisElise S1 - k20a
fondelliElise S1 111s
JohnRileyElise S1 111S
PJLargeElise S1 111SSpice Yellow Elise 111S. Bought from Bell & Colvill with only 10000 miles on it. With hardtop and headlamp protectors. Roll on Summer!
PJLargeElise S1 111S
RedbrixElise s1 111s
marksmElise S1 135 sport
f1colinElise S1 160Excellent - sweet handler, fun and sharp - wife hated this one as well!
whizz_14Elise S1 190 Sport1 of only 46 made. Raced in mid-engined championships 2004. Came 8th I think(1st season)
pthelazyjournoElise S1 1997
pthelazyjournoElise S1 1999 150bhp
MoospeedElise S1 3.2 V6It's mental. Noise to die for... if it doesn't kill you first...
Rocket.Elise S1 Honda SC/CC
S WorksElise S1 Sport 135+ It's a bit more than a 135 really... VHPD head & PTP cams, Emerald + 174bhp map, Jenvey DTHTB's, Autoteknix Cold Air Box, Pipercross Induction, Sump baffle, Remote 'stat, Laminova oil...
Chris-AElise S1 Sport 160
S WorksElise S1 Type '79 Special Ed.http://community.webshots.com/scripts/editPhotos.fcgi?action=viewall&albumID=326456218 :hehe: :D :driving: Well, El Beast was a great little car. My first Lotus, a stunning special edition, a...
bugselise S111
ShazbatElise S135