Corvette ZR1 top speed video!

You'll probably be aware by now of the Corvette ZR-1's incredible stats: a monstrous 755hp and 715lb ft from the supercharged LT5 V8; up to 430kg of downforce, depending on the aero pack you choose; four new radiators, making for 13 heat exchangers in total; and a VirginiaInternational Raceway lap time of 2:37.25, nearly a second faster than the Ford GT.

Now there's a new number to add to that list: 212mph, the ZR-1's top speed. That's beyond Chevy's original claim, and is proven - at least as far as manufacturer top speed runs can be - by this video.

The ZR-1 travelled across the Atlantic and was pushed to its limit at the Papenburg automotive test facility. As you might expect, Chevrolet have made the video just as meek, unassuming and un-American as you might expect for one celebrating a 212mph Corvette. You've been warned...

Mickey taking aside though, this vid is a fine display of the ZR-1's high speed prowess. In both directions (for a true average) its acceleration up to 200mph is ferocious, its stability unwavering and the whole exercise of travelling at three and half miles a minute made to look extremely simple. Bodes very well for the rest of the car, and is very cool.

So there we are, the 215mph (in one direction) Corvette. And it goes around a race track very fast. Whatever next?!


[Source: Motor Trend]

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  • evo2073 25 Apr 2018

    Is there a link for the video? This I have to see

  • Burwood 25 Apr 2018

  • janesmith1950 25 Apr 2018

    Love it. On my want list.

  • Matt Bird 25 Apr 2018

    Ah st, sorry all! Vid is showing as live on our 'back end' system. Will have a look...


  • RumbleOfThunder 25 Apr 2018

    The high speed run vehicle had a very skinny wing. I suppose that's the low down force spec.

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