Le Mans winning Corvettes: Time For Tea?

Watching Le Mans through the night is always as pleasing an aural experience as it is a visual one. The muffled roar of the engines as they power down the Mulsanne straight towards the ear-splitting crescendo as they erupt from the trees. Each car has its own distinct sound, often making it distinguishable before it's appeared, and none more so than the Chevrolet Corvettes.

Bruce Meyer, a board member at the Petersen Automotive Museum, obviously agrees. An all-around cool guy with a magnificent car collection, each of member of which gets driven, raced and rallied whenever possible, he took his two class-winning Le Mans Corvettes - the C1 and the C6.R - to Thermal Springs for his first outing in the latter.

On choosing to buy American Le Mans winners, Bruce says, "I love the American effort at Le Mans, and I decided to go see if I could find one of the original Le Mans Corvettes." He certainly succeeded; his #2 Corvette C1 being the first Corvette to race at Le Mans and win, whilst the C6.R in Bruce's possession is said to be the most successful Corvette in racing history. It boasts a record of 15 races entered and 10 races won, with four second place finishes and a single DNF. What's more, it's been untouched aesthetically since it was rolled into Parc Ferme at the end of the 2009 Le Mans as a class winner - it's certainly no garage queen.

So sit back, plug in those headphones, and enjoy the sight and sound of seven litres of American racing heritage!


[Source: Petrolicious]

P.H. O'meter

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  • Ahonen 03 Jan 2018

    Interesting. Yesterday someone mentioned that they visit Petrolicious more than PH and today there's a Petrolicious video on PH...

  • rockin 03 Jan 2018

    Yup, modern Corvettes are astoundingly good performance cars and the V8 thunder when they race at Le Mans has to be heard to be believed!


  • irocfan 03 Jan 2018

    Aural pron

  • blueg33 03 Jan 2018

    Does anyone know Corvette Bob? He's a Merkan that goes to Le Mans every year. Always found at Hotel Du France wearing a Corvette shirt. He would love that vid.

  • givablondabone 03 Jan 2018

    The Corvettes this year at Le Mans were thunderous

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