Land Rover Discovery SVX cancellation confirmed

While it's sometimes difficult to keep track of JLR's recent projects, the Discovery SVX was one that lingered more fondly in the memory than most. Why? The chunky, burly, butch off-road aesthetic was certainly part of the appeal, with a 525hp V8 providing the rest. And then some. Who wouldn't have fancied charging across rough terrain in something like this?

Sadly, it would now appear that's never going to happen. Autocar is reporting that, like the Range Rover SV Coupe, the Discovery SVX will now no longer see production. The simple reason being that the V8 engine isn't going to be homologated for any Discovery in the range; no engine means no SVX.

Which seems something of a shame, because the car had every chance of being a fitting flagship for the Disco. That said, Land Rover has suggested that the SVX badge will continue in other models, fulfilling the aim of being the rough and ready SVO car, alongside racy SVR models and super-luxurious SVAutobiographies elsewhere in the range.

Perhaps the SVX's day will come with the new Defender; goodness knows there's appetite for those cars with a V8 engine and some lairy off-road modifications. But the SVX-rated Discovery isn't going to happen, folks - shame. Still, if you fancy a V8 Disco and want to make a real all-terrain warrior of one, this 2001 car is only £3k...

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Comments (39) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Macboy 15 Feb 2019

    Loss making company sees sense, cancels project that would not make any money. The end.

  • daveco 15 Feb 2019

    This makes perfect sense.

    The new SVO 550hp Velar can fill this aspect of the market, and LR are launching the straight six hybrid RR sport for those who want something a bit more frugal that is petrol powered.

  • ucb 15 Feb 2019

    goodness knows there's appetite for those cars with a V8 engine and some lairy off-road modifications

    I have serious reservations about that suggestion. It may strike many a keyboard warrior as a great idea but it clearly doesn't make any noise with those actually purchasing

  • Ursicles 15 Feb 2019

    Makes a lot of sense to cancel a project that would see hardly any sales - another vanity project.

    Stick to what 90% of your mkt want to buy, and focus on hybrid tech rather than shoe-horning a huge V8 into a car for championship footballers to buy.

  • myhandle 15 Feb 2019

    It’s quite embarrassing for a company to keep cancelling projects like this. It suggests that there are some very serious problems within the organisation and hence drastic moves IE cancelling models already confirmed for production are being taken .

    Can anyone else think of other examples of cars reaching the confirmed-for-production stage and then being cancelled? The only other one that springs to mind apart from the aforementioned Range Rover Coupe is another JLR car, the CX-75.

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