Morgan teases 50th Anniversary Plus 8

UPDATE - 21/02/2018
Morgan alerted us to its runout Plus 8 model - the final car to feature BMW's 4.8-litre V8 - last month; now it has treated us to some peak-a-boo teaser shots. And even a YouTube video, which is decidedly 21st century of Malvern.

What can we see? Well, the 50th Anniversary Edition has clearly been treated to a special paint job, with Morgan identifying its handsome blue lacquer as being deliberately reminiscent of the shade used on the firm's first Plus 8 production car. Elsewhere, yellow accents are used to pick out the iconic front grille.

It's all rather cloak and dagger, of course - but we've only a couple of weeks now until the full reveal in Switzerland, after which the 50-model production run willl be sold through the Morgan dealer network.

Steve Morris, Morgan's managing director, said: "This 50th Anniversary Edition is a fitting illustration of the Plus 8's beauty and finesse, coupled with raw exhilaration and capability. Performance has underpinned every one of the Plus 8s that have driven out of our factory gates for 50 years and we're excited to reveal the car in full in Geneva."

ORIGINAL story 0 09/01/2018
Morgan has announced a limited edition of the Plus 8 as it phases out the 4.8-litre BMW V8 it has been using since 2012. The 50-unit model, commemorating the flagship's half century of existence, will be unveiled at the Geneva show in March.

Catchily dubbed the 50th Anniversary Special Edition, the car will be sold through the current dealer network and is expected to be pay tribute to what Morgan sees as the 'ultimate combination of craftsmanship, luxury and technology'.

The 367hp BMW N62 unit was chosen as a successor to the 3.5-litre (and later 3.9-litre) Rover V8 which powered the Plus 8 since its launch in 1968. Though based on a Plus 4, the 8 was proportionally larger - as well as faster - and was one of Morgan's most successful models in 36 years of production.

After an eight year absence at Pickersleigh Road, the manufacturer reintroduced the model on its new aluminium chassis, and twinned it with the same 4.8-litre engine used in the latest Aero range. Restyled and much lighter, the Plus 8 was good for 60mph in 4.5 seconds and a claimed top speed of 155mph.

The final edition will launch alongside a similar version of the Aero GT - a run-out edition of the Aero 8 which will be limited to just eight units. Expect both to healthily succeed the price of the standard models, which start at £85,461 and £94,665 respectively.

Inspired? Buy a Morgan Plus 8 here

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  • The Crack Fox 09 Jan 2018

    And you're not mentioning which V8 will replace it? Some of us already know. Morgan will always have a V8 in the line up wink

    Anyway, magnificently silly machines, these. Here's me arsing about under spaghetti junction in one.

  • suffolk009 09 Jan 2018

    If I were ever to have a Morgan (in fairness, that's unlikely) it would have to be a Plus 8.

    I'm guessing the next engine in use will be that ubiquitous Ford V8. The one in the Mustang, and the new TVRs.

  • lord trumpton 09 Jan 2018

    Morgan - Crap

  • numtumfutunch 09 Jan 2018

    lord trumpton said:
    Morgan - Crap
    Controversial! I'll just say it probably isn't to my taste although I do occasionally fancy one

    How would a modern Moggie fare in a crash?


  • Luca Brasi 09 Jan 2018

    Where did they get these N62s? Since BMW stopped putting them in their cars years ago..

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