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P38 Range Rover: Reader's Car of the Week

A P38, you say? Well, they can't ALL be bad...

By Dafydd Wood / Saturday, February 23, 2019

Buying a once-expensive, luxurious or prestigious car for a fraction of its former price is often seen as the holy grail in automotive circles, and why not? You get access to a large percentage of the performance, comfort and kudos that the sucker who paid full RRP did, without being on the hook for the dreaded spectre of depreciation. Those of us lucky, smart, nay cunning enough to take advantage of such an opportunity will surely find ourselves winning at the game of life, having bagged a vehicle previously well beyond our means for a snip, a steal, an absolute bargain.

Such terms can rarely be uttered in the presence of a P38 Range Rover, though. Even at Shed money, the car has about as good a chance of being a shrewd investment as a bag of magic beans. Fuel, consumables, parts and maintenance will all be expected to take such a toll on a buyer's wallet, that however much of a saving the car may have originally represented will soon be forgotten.

Unless, of course, that buyer is looking for something of a project. A constantly evolving puzzle of issues which they must themselves work to put right, resulting in the ultimate satisfaction of a job well done. While that may not have been the primary aim for PHer MJ85 when he settled on his new daily, previous ownership of an L322 and a set of handy spannering skills meant that he was going into things with his eyes open, and fully equipped to handle whatever the car threw at him.

Naturally, this week's chosen thread details how he's gotten on since. It makes for rather interesting reading, even seemingly persuading other PHers to take the P38 plunge along with him. Though the recent acquisition of a Laguna track project seems to have diverted his attention - understandably so - he (and his son) still seem to be enjoying the car, so hopefully there'll be plenty more to come.

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