Alfa Romeo 4C Spider: Reader's Car of the Week

Go on, admit it: you'd quite fancy an Alfa 4C as well, wouldn't you? Despite the foibles, despite the coupe's odd headlights and despite the very talented rivals, there's something very alluring about the mid-engined Alfa. Most of it is probably due to the stunning styling and evocative badge but, hey, you have to work with what you've given.

PHer 'Moley RUFC' is an unashamed Alfa fan, this beautiful 4C Spider sitting alongside a Giulia Speciale on his drive. With the thread only started on Monday and just 300 miles having been covered in the 4C, it's too early to declare anything much, although Moley does describe it as "raw" and "pure" thus far. You won't be shocked to learn, either, that the Alfa is receiving its fair share of positive attention from the general public.

With the 4C being as rare as it is, to see one owned by a PHer is a really pleasant surprise. With the summer proving so balmy, there can't be many better ways to enjoy the long, sunny days than from a drop-top Alfa. Bravo Moley on such a bold choice of car; we look forward to seeing you at the Alcon Sunday Service very soon, and whatever else you get up to with the Spider - bravo!

Read the full thread here.

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