Ferrari 488 'GTO' specifications leaked

Chances are that the people who need to know about the Ferrari 488 'GTO' - or whatever it may end up being called - already have all the information they need. And have their specs with their dealer. But for those of us who can only dream of owning any kind of Ferrari, a few grainy PowerPoint slides of spec detail are going to be seized upon. Immediately.

Referred to at the moment as 'V8 Sport Special Series', this 488 will of course succeed Speciale, Scuderia and Stradale as the ultimate version of the contemporary mid-engined Berlinetta. To that end we're told to expect the most powerful V8 ever used by Ferrari, derived from the 488 Challenge engine (which is, er, based on the GTB engine), carbon panels, lighter wheels, new aero with some GTE influence and an even sharper dual-clutch gearbox.

In fact it's worth going into more detail on a few of those points. The engine is expected to be 10 per cent lighter than a GTB V8, with a "unique, track-like sound" and, most interestingly, the "highest power increase vs. donor car for a V8 special series." When you bear in mind that it was 25hp for a Challenge Stradale, 20hp for a Scuderia and 35hp for a Speciale, this 488 is going to make at least 710hp. Well, that's with a 40hp increase. Could be more. Mother of God.

In addition those carbon panels are believed to represent the highest utilisation of carbon in a series production Ferrari, comprising bumpers, bonnet and spoiler. When you bear in mind a Speciale shed 90kg from a regular 458, there's every possibility this GTO could strip a three-figure amount from the GTB's 1,370kg dry weight. Combine this with "the highest racing technology transfer on a street homologated Ferrari", a 20 per cent gain in aerodynamic efficiency and the latest generation of Michelin Cup 2 tyres and you can see how this Ferrari could well be absolutely sensational. There's already talk of LaFerrari-humbling performance...

So a great deal to be excited about with this latest Ferrari. As they're often tends to be. It should be safe to assume that this 488 will be Ferrari's Geneva show star, with a mad dash for all and sundry to get some kind of look at it. We'll let you know more as soon as there's anything to tell.



[Photos: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien]
[Source: FerrariPhotoPage, FerrariHub, via Autocar]


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  • WCZ 19 Jan 2018

    predictably wonderful, but many people chose to opt out of buying a 488 as the 458/spec was so good.

    it'll be harder than ever to get one of these cars for the average ferrari customer.

  • Gameface 19 Jan 2018

    It's price will no doubt start with a 3 so that's expensive against the Performante (and 720s).

    Not that you'll be able to buy one anyway.

  • Dave Hedgehog 19 Jan 2018

    coming to a 20mph zone in london soon

  • JohnGoodridge 19 Jan 2018

    Stung by the McLaren 720s' performance and general reception I expect they'll want to move the numbers and the experience on another step. Especially as we can all be sure Woking are busy with a 720s LT.

  • rickayt 19 Jan 2018

    Looking charming and hot cool

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