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Abarth Sunday Service 31/03

Abarth turns 70 in 2019; time for a PH birthday party!

By Jack Mansfield / Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Number two in the 2019 Sunday Service calendar is quite a special one - it's Abarth's 70th birthday and we thought it'd be great fun to celebrate with the old timers! But don't worry, there'll be no classical music and we doubt we'll be playing bowls in the car park...

So, on 31st March (its actual birthday!) we'll be heading to Abarth's HQ in Slough, where the celebrations will begin. There will be space for 150 cars, so make sure you get yourself signed up quickly to avoid disappointment! Abarth will have the 124 GT, 595 and 695 models on show, as well as the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglio and Jeep Wrangler for us to have a good poke around. If you fancy a go in one of the noisy little 595s, then there will be test drive opportunities throughout the morning.

Of course, no birthday party would be complete without pizza, and no Sunday Service would be complete without coffee, which is why they've got a pizza van and a coffee van in to keep us all happy. They'll also be opening the Mopar store, so if you have a hankering some American V8 swag, you are more than welcome to buy away.

The event will begin at 0900h and will finish up at around 1400h. If this sounds like the event for you, like it does for us, then get yourself signed up here. Allocation is limited at 150 spaces, so avoid disappointment and hit that sign up button!

Date: Sunday 31st March 2019
Cost: None, but we like biscuits...
Time: 0900-1400hish
Space: 150 cars

Fiat House
240 Bath Road

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