Flying Reliant Robin? Time for Tea

Cap doffed to the wags at Top Gear for drawing our lunchtime attention to this one. Normally, of course, we'd rise above such crash-bait nonsense, but the drawn-out sight of watching a Reliant Robin lumber into the air - and then come abruptly back down again - is unavoidably on our list-of-acceptable-things-to-watch-while-eating-sandwich.

Why precisely is this happening? Well, aside from generating clicks on YouTube, who knows. And frankly, who cares - adding a rudimentary rotor to the roof of a three-wheeler is not something that requires reasoned explanation. Just because, that's why.

A more pertinent question might be directed at the man (we assume it is one) who agreed to be strapped in behind the stick. Because not quite flying a homemade helicopter off the actual ground while being towed along by your mates requires a degree of bottle that might accurately be called foolhardiness. Still, the return-to-earth bump doesn't look fatal. And it does make for very watchable video. Kudos, sir.


P.H. O'meter

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  • gizard 21 Aug 2018

    It doesn't appear to be a helicopter - more an autogyro....

  • unsprung 21 Aug 2018


    10 / 10

    some fine lad engineering and adventuring

  • rb_89 21 Aug 2018

    Brilliant! Ask not why, but why not? smile

  • aeropilot 21 Aug 2018

    gizard said:
    It doesn't appear to be a helicopter - more an autogyro....

    However, that minor point aside, top marks for fun and stupidity biggrinbiggrin

  • SimonTheSailor 21 Aug 2018

    Brilliant - for no reason !!

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