Goodwood Sunday Service review

Our biggest Sunday Service of the year, plus our Saturday track day, returned with a vengeance - what a weekend it was! We always seemed to be graced with cold but beautiful weather at Goodwood, which means we get such an amazing mix of cars and great (if initially slightly slippery) conditions on track.

Saturday was our special PH-Goodwood track day, and with fewer than expected cars on track it meant that there was plenty of space for line experimentation and technique honing. That's what the pros call it, right? From 10am onwards - once the ice has melted - it was non-stop action. To everyone's surprise, the track was super grippy once the ice was gone, and with some track day first-timers there the grippy conditions and low attendance meant it was the perfect first day. Lunch was ruddy lovely, too.

Sunday saw more ice, but luckily we didn't have to wait for the track to be usable to get as many cars as possible lined up all the way along the start-finish straight, from Woodcote to Madgwick - 'twas a sight to behold. The plethora of cars was fantastic and there were some real gems in there; from a zombie apocalypse-spec Toyota HiAce 4x4 parked next to a gorgeous Ferrari 488, to a VW Beetle and a rally spec Audi Quattro, plus a really lovely Ford Escort RS Cosworth that was one of my favourites. The variety seemingly knew no end, and meant there was loads to see throughout the morning.

Hopefully you'll agree that the weekend was tremendous fun, and is definitely up there with one of the best of the year. A special thank you to the Goodwood team for their time, professionalism and providing us with a weekend to remember. A big thank you to all PHers that attended, too.

That's it for this year - where has it gone?! Keep an eye out for next year's calendar in the forums soon. We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year; see you in 2018.

The PH Team.

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