Honda Sunday Service 08/10

The PH Sunday Services are coming in thick and fast, hopefully easing you into the winter months as the temperatures drop and the nights draw in. We still think shorts are acceptable until at least November, though. So coming very soon we have the Honda Sunday Service which the wonderful people at, er, Honda, have made possible!

Cars other than Hondas are welcome...
Cars other than Hondas are welcome...
It will be taking place on October 8th at their facility in Bracknell; on display will be the Honda Heritage fleet, including the Integra Type R and Accord Type R, which is eagerly awaited by us (and you, I'm sure!) - please don't get too much saliva on the cars though, they're pretty damn rare and we'd like to maintain a non-awkward relationship with Honda if possible. There will also be pretty much the whole model range on show, including new and old NSXs, the Civic Type R, and the new Clarity fuel cell.

Another little treat from Honda will be the current BTCC car, with one of the team mechanics on hand to answer any questions you may have about it!

... no, really, they are!
... no, really, they are!
The Sunday Service will run from 0900-1300h and there will be space for 100 cars, but plus ones/the whole family are more than welcome! There will also be a food/coffee van on site where you can buy your breakfast from. The calendar is live, so sign yourself up quick here.

See you there!

Date: October 8th, 2017
Cost: None, but we like biscuits...
Time: 0900-1300h
Space: 100 cars

Cain Road
RG12 1HL

P.H. O'meter

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Comments (81) Join the discussion on the forum

  • ecsrobin 22 Sep 2017

    And I’m in!

    Will be a small one compared to the others but looking forward to it.

  • theholygrail 22 Sep 2017

    Phew got in just in time smile Was wondering when the sign-up for this was going live as the calendar said 19th. Live only 10 mins away so would be a shame to miss it smile Looking forward to seeing the new NSX.

  • ecsrobin 22 Sep 2017

    Good to see variety back, looking at the list we won’t have a repeat of the BMW Sunday service and be very 1 manufacturer heavy.

  • RedAMG45 22 Sep 2017

    I got in and it is very local to me

  • ecsrobin 22 Sep 2017

    RedAMG45 said:
    I got in and it is very local to me
    Will you be tagging on to the convoy again rofl

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