PH Photo Gallery: June supercar spotting

Bugatti Chirons - three of them - would seem to be the overwhelming theme for June in terms of supercars in our capital. Moreover, three very similar Chirons, all finished in two-tone Bugatti Blue/Blue Carbon. Even more confusing is that two of the Chirons pictured were seen in the exact same place only minutes apart! That's not to say Chirons were to only Bugattis to be represented this month - a stunning exposed carbon Veyron SuperSport and a lesser spotted EB110 GT also enjoyed our busy city streets.

At the older and possibly more tasteful end of the spectrum there were two Aston Martin DB4s parked nose to tail in Knightsbridge, which interestingly had come from New York and New Jersey. Then, perhaps even more impressively, in Mayfair another DB4 was seen lurking in the shadows across the road from a Ferrari 250 SWB!

Other notable appearances include the Lamborghini Murcielago BF Performance GT660, with a wing big enough to make an Airbus blush, a Pagani Huayra and red carbon Huayra BC in convoy, and a Lamborghini Centenario parked on Leicester Square.

As the summer progresses more and more cars are appearing, especially from overseas, so make sure to check back next month to see what marvellous or horrendous creations July might bring!


P.H. O'meter

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  • Matt p 17 Jul 2017

    The Yellow LaF was recently for sale in HRO on Knightsbridge and funnily enough has been replaced with a red F50.

    Still my favourite one for sale at the mo is the AM GT12 in Gulf colours on Park Lane. cloud9

  • pdg27 17 Jul 2017

    Are front number plates optional for the super rich?

  • j90gta 17 Jul 2017

    The solo DB4 is a Zagato!! Wonder if it's original or a continuation?? If real it's probably worth almost as much as the rest of the cars put together....

  • Henrico 17 Jul 2017

    Apparently you don't really need them. A guy at my work who lives Central London said he doesn't bother, keeps it in the boot but never gets pulled.

  • Henrico 17 Jul 2017

    Love the blue wheels on that Chiraz

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