Rallycross in 70s Italy: Time For Tea?

The late 1960s might not hold many fond memories for some Italians, what with the start of the 'Anni di piombo' bringing nationwide strikes and the Piazza Fontana bombing that rocked both Milan and Rome. However, in the world of motorsport, an exciting new breed of competition was ready to flourish. Rallycross, that blissful mixture of tarmac, gravel, grass sections had arrived; bolted onto a rather more sedate Formula Ford event by some unnamed genius.

Rally drivers including Hannu Mikkola and Roger Clark joined a group of Italian journalists (with, of course, no rallycross experience) in Cortinas, 4x4 Capris, and Escorts making up a whacky races style grid for one of the first rallycross stints outside the UK.

The video includes Formula Ford racing and a children's race not dissimilar to the Settrington Cup held at Goodwood Revival, but if you want to get straight into rallycross skip to 4:16 and some unexpectedly glorious slow-motion four-wheel action awaits you. Sit back, sip on the cuppa and enjoy the yumping.


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  • GibsonSG 12 Oct 2017

    I love those old Ford videos. The slo-mo part with sloooowed dooown music as well was brilliantly cheesy!

  • Ftumpch 13 Oct 2017

    Yumping sounds more like sothething Ian Dury would get up to in a Cortina...

  • Maldini35 13 Oct 2017


    More of these films please!

  • Turbobanana 13 Oct 2017

    Ftumpch said:
    Yumping sounds more like sothething Ian Dury would get up to in a Cortina...
    "Yump" is a traditional rallying term for a jump, so named presumably because Scandinavians pronounce "j" as "y".

  • J4CKO 13 Oct 2017

    The MK1 Capri was a great looking car.

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