Reader's Car of the Week: Alvis Stalwart

Do you remember gazing out the window on your way to school? Seeing something that piques your interest enough to do some research on? Well PHer LewG, who you might remember from his Daimler Ferret build thread, first took interest in the Stalwart in 2003.

One day, the 'Stolly' just disappeared; well, at least until recently... LewG was looking through military auction sites and actually found the one he used to see on his way to school. After some discussions with the owner, a deal was struck and it was his.

This six-wheel, nine-tonne amphibious vehicle is powered by a Rolls-Royce B81 straight-eight with water jets for those pesky river crossings. Plenty of lubricated hinges later, LewG was able to get a good look at the machine, including its humungous 110-gallon fuel tank.

It gets better, too. LewG's Ferret and the Stalwart were in the same regiment at one point with the latter coming into service in 1964 and being decommissioned in 1988. Many PHers, some of whom worked on Stalwarts in the Army have given many pointers to help get this old military vehicle back up and running. Lots of drained murky coloured fluids later, the behemoth ticked over and ran quite smoothly. Let's hope we get the see this Stolly wading through some water soon.

Congratulations LewG, your Alvis Stalwart is our Reader's Car of the Week. Read the extensive thread here.


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