Renault Megane RS Trophy on sale from £31,810

We first saw it in the summer, we drove it in November and now, the Renault Megane RS Trophy has gone on sale, priced from Β£31,810. That, those of you with encyclopedic knowledge of the new car market will have noted, leaves it Β£4,315 pricier than the regular Dieppe-tuned RS and, more significantly, Β£285 above the Honda Civic Type R. But when you consider the extra kit included in this most potent version of the RS Meg, it looks like pretty good value for money.

Tick the option boxes for 19-inch wheels, the Cup chassis and bi-material brakes on a non-Trophy and you'd have already added Β£3,350 to the list price, but the Trophy brings bespoke extras such as a faster spooling turbo and an accompanying extra 20hp from the 1.8-litre four-cylinder, plus there's a new exhaust with valves and Recaro seats inside. Oh, and you get Trophy badges. Yet it's the way the changes combine to enhance how the car drives that helps explain the premium.

Of course, that starting price is for the manual car, with the EDC automatic gearbox costing from Β£33,510, which extends the gap a little further - to Β£5,530 more than a normal EDC RS - presumably thanks to it being further developed to offer quicker shift times. With EDC, the Trophy ranks as Renault Sport's most potent series model yet; it has 310lb ft of torque, 15lb ft more than the manual version, which can't take the extra grunt.

Interestingly, the claimed 0-62mph times of the manual and auto are an identical 5.7 seconds, a tenth better than the standard RS Megane in either guise. As we found out on our drive, however, the engine and gearbox improvements provided to the Trophy are more appreciated once rolling, where the powertrain feels properly responsive and the gearbox a far, far cry from the sluggish unit we first met in early versions of the Clio 200 Turbo.

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  • redroadster 17 Dec 2018

    Great looking car and nice seats which hold you but Dont pinch you ,unlike ford st seats ,if they get next Clio looking like this would suit size of car I need .

  • Ultrafunkula 17 Dec 2018

    The only thing that makes me think twice about these is manual gearbox criticisms aimed at the standard RS. I wonder if the box has been improved for the Trophy?

  • Alex_225 17 Dec 2018

    The new RS Megane has really caught my eye, far more than the previous 250 models and those that followed. Despite being a four door, I think the look of it is great.

    I suspect like many RenaultSports it'll drive great and despite being that bit more expensive than the Civic Type-R, at the age of 36 I wouldn't feel daft driving this like I would in the Civic!

  • Paddy78 17 Dec 2018

    I know they are very different cars bought by very different people, but £31k for this seems like an absolute bargain when the new 340i is nearly £50k (As posted in another PH article).

  • the_hood 17 Dec 2018

    Paddy78 said:
    I know they are very different cars bought by very different people, but £31k for this seems like an absolute bargain when the new 340i is nearly £50k (As posted in another PH article).
    As you've said "different cars bought by very different people". I'd add in a completely different class. The price is only a bargain if it's significantly cheaper than it's rivals, which I don't think it is.

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