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You may recall our recent album from the Supercar Owners Circle tour of the Swiss Alps. It was an amazing display of some of the greatest cars ever made, both past and present. Well last month, with the help of that very same owners' club, PH was granted exclusive access to an even greater spectacle, one of the most breathtaking collections of automobiles on the planet.

Located in a gated complex in the Abu Dhabi desert, the SBH Royal Auto Gallery, owned by the Royal family, is one of the most exclusive private garages in the world. It's the kind of garage you would have on Gran Turismo, where money is no object and owning seven Bugattis is completely normal...

Supercar Owners Circle took a small convoy of cars to visit this mysterious collection during the Abu Dhabi GP weekend. The rally, which started at the Burj Khalifa, was merely a prologue to bigger and better things in the region, though it still featured the likes of a red carbon P1, a 918 and a Huracan Performante. The convoy was met at the gate by a black Vector W8 which guided us through the palm trees, past the drift circuit, and to what could only be described as supercar Mecca.

Once inside we were greeted by almost every modern hypercar you can think of, all of them unregistered, with delivery miles and in immaculate condition. The entire place is the ultimate man cave with foosball tables, a swimming pool, and even a private bowling alley, but none of that matters once you see the cars. A LaFerrari Aperta takes pride of place, with the one-of-six Pininfarina Sergio behind it. Lined up next to them, all in red, are two LaFerrari coupes, an Enzo, F50, F40, 599 SA Aperta and 599XX track car.

Elsewhere sit an MC12, SLR Stirling Moss, CLK GTR, Reventon, Centenario, One-77, P1, 918 and XJ220. Starting to get the idea? Facing the Ferrari corner, in a kind of Italy vs. France showdown, are the Bugattis. An EB110, Chiron, and four Veyrons making up this section. These are no ordinary Veyrons either, with some of Bugatti's most limited editions, like the Pur Sang, Sang Noir, WRE and WRC, on display.

There aren't many old cars in the collection, with a lonely 300SL representing the classics as best it can. However, this is probably made up for by an exact replica of the 1885 Benz Motor Wagen commissioned by Mercedes resting nearby.

After drooling over every car we've ever dreamt of, we are taken to the annex. Here there is a selection of cars that are registered and do get used. These include another F40 and a Ford GT, a Speciale Aperta, F12 TdF and a fifth Veyron. The overwhelming theme here, however, is 4x4s. There are tens of Land Rovers, Land Cruisers and Dodge pick ups, all with sand tyres to make the most of the surrounding landscape. In one corner sits a camel, a Honda F1 car, and a bizarre one-off Mustang 4x4 based on a Ram pickup truck and powered by a 6.4-litre Hemi V8. Only in a place like this could such a thing exist.

The SBH Royal Autogallery is every petrol head's dream. It is rarely open to the public, however, so hopefully this insight into the wonders of Sheik Sultan's collection is enough to feed your supercar needs for the moment. Let us know which car you'd choose. We'll give you a minute, it isn't easy...

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  • numtumfutunch 15 Dec 2017

    Seems a shame he's so far up the guest list for many normally unobtainable cars yet chooses to lock them away apart from on one or two days a year

    Tell me Im wrong.....

  • austinsmirk 15 Dec 2017

    If he's on ph, he win's "best garage on ph".

  • muckyman 15 Dec 2017

    to have all those just sitting there, rarely seen and never used.
    What an utter waste.

  • Davey S2 15 Dec 2017

    Does nothing for me.

    I'd rather see half a dozen nice cars with road grime and stone chips.

  • Deerfoot 15 Dec 2017

    numtumfutunch said:
    Tell me Im wrong.....
    You're not wrong.

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