V12 Vantage (and more!): Reader's Car of the Week

When devising a dream garage scenario, certain criteria must be fulfilled: there needs to be a family car, there really should be a weekend car too, and what's a fantasy collection without a supercar? Welcome, then, to the collection of PHer 'G9 NGR'.

The family car? Mercedes C63 AMG estate. For the weekend? A Caterham Seven R500. And the supercar is an Aston V12 Vantage. Not a bad selection, we'll hope you agree!

This thread was only started on Wednesday but already there have been a host of positive responses. "Christ on a bike. I reckon you've nailed it" replied 'clowesy', with many more similar comments too. Hopefully the request for more pictures will be heeded soon!

But congratulations nonetheless to G9 NGR for a fine collection of cars; your Aston V12 Vantage is our Reader's Car of the Week, though each of them could have been really. The 911 hasn't even been mentioned yet...

Read the thread here.