XJ220s at Silverstone Classic: PH photo gallery

At the recent Silverstone Classic, to celebrate 25 years of the Jaguar XJ220, more than 40 examples of what was once the world's fastest car gathered at the home of British motor racing. This was the largest recorded gathering of the 90s supercar anywhere in the world, and was certainly a sight to behold, particularly when the cars paraded the GP circuit!

The parade, which was organised by renowned specialist Don Law Racing, even included the #50 car that won its class at the 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans, only to be disqualified shortly after! David Brabham, who raced the car in 1993, was at the wheel during the parade. Cars even came from as far as Japan to join the celebration, which dwarfed any previous known gathering of XJ220s.

Notable cars include a silver V12 AWD prototype which I believe has scissor doors, the one-off V12 car converted by Don Law Racing, and a special order green car previously belonging to the Sultan of Brunei. However, most incredible of all was the Ford Transit van fitted with the XJ220 engine which was used as a test mule for the production car!

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  • ChocolateFrog 12 Aug 2017

    That transit was on an old episode of Top Gear which was on DAVE last night.

    Raced against a Maloo, never realised it was actually a test mule though.

  • Dynamic Space Wizard 12 Aug 2017

    There's a thread here with loads of really good photographs: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?t=16...

  • AndyJStevenson 12 Aug 2017

    Which ones got the v12? And what's the story behind it? I knew the prototype was v12 4wd but thought that was the only one.

  • DP33 12 Aug 2017

    Great looking cars - forgotten how good the racers looked - even in the unipart warp paint.

    The V12 variant is intriguing - saw what I thought was the one and only on the NEC stand in 1988 - no idea that someone actually followed through...

  • VR6 Eug 13 Aug 2017

    The xj220 transit story is a good read. .worth tracking down....its only the van body stuck on the jag chassis. ..they used to use it as an actual daily driver to iron all the gemlins out preproduction. ..one guy tells a funny story hunting down a cosworth on the m25 and seeing his face as the rusty van blew him into the weeds but at that time the cosworth would of been king😊

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